Friday, April 28, 2006

Fluffy, fluffier, fluffiest

Back by popular demand it's the Led Zeppelin Viking Kitties. Actually the demand was made mostly by the nicoleFACTOR who insists that other blogs run a Friday puff piece preferably featuring kittens. No word on whether nicoleMART will still be discussing International Geopolitics today.

More fluff from the world of sports.

very fluffy, fluffy.
Hey look, you should be blown away that my THURSDAY post was such a [inadvertant] heavy hitter. I wasn't expecting it to turn into "Hardball!"
Nicole I was pretty surprised to get so personally attacked at your place, especially by such an adorable Golden Retriever.
Attacked at Nicole's place. I must go see.

That's me singing.

When I saw the topic I knew there would be trouble.

Trouble...thy name is RW.

From our experience on ml's site it was pretty lame, but I HATE condescension. I'm afraid I just left a double dose of sarcasm for Steve O. Poor Nicole!
You're right -- poor Nicole. I was hurt. My friends were fighting each other. It WOUNDED me!!!

That's it. Only fluff pieces from me for the rest of my life. Or until I can't take it anymore.
I thought you aspired to be a professional fluffier? You should never tire of fluff pieces.

If Steve O debates on open blog sites I doubt he was any more bothered than I was, but it can be horrifying for unsuspecting observers which is why I tried to move the conversation to a different blog. I went to his site which seems to get into VERY deep gutter politics, but doesn't have any opposing views so maybe he doesn't like it when a different voice gets out there.
Well isn't that a coincidence. I'll tolerate anything but condescention (N-GA, Huge, Hiram). You can change your name, but you can't hide your condescention.
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