Friday, April 07, 2006

Harry Reid's magic train

Don't you just wish you could zip back and forth from Disneyland to the Vegas strip? Let's hope so since you've already spent $54 million and haven't gone any further than planning studies and Harry Reid's campaign warchest.

But Reid has pressed ahead, earmarking $9 million between 2000 and 2004 and winning a $45 million authorization in last year's federal transportation bill. It's just one small example of how congressional leaders can keep projects alive and how difficult it will be for reformers to stamp out earmarks -- the hidden pots of cash that lawmakers tuck into spending bills for favorite projects or constituents.

MagLev, which uses the attraction and repulsion of powerful magnets to power a train hovering inches off the track, enjoyed a brief burst of federal support in the 1990s. Clintonites praised it as a new and efficient option for short-range travel. But since 2001 the Bush Administration has not sought funding for MagLev projects. "The Administration believes that the money could be better spent on other transportation needs," says Steven Kulm, a Federal Railroad Administration spokesman.

Poor Harry, he only wants what's best for us. Oh and his checkbook.
But Reid's faith in MagLev has been a plus for him: Companies and individuals tied to the project have given him $28,749 in campaign funds since 1999, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. And with Ensign facing his first reelection campaign, MagLev fans are opening their checkbooks for him, to the tune of $23,248. For now, MagLev keeps hovering along.


Have you heard about the UN renovations? Hundreds of Millions just to make plans. Nothing like a bunch of third world dictators to spend our money.

Donald Trump, who I believe on this issue, is incredulous.
Buy Danish,

Didn't John Bolton have a renovation idea for the UN? Something about removing 10 floors with nobody noticing.

Trump may be right, but he may also have his eye on the location.

It would be a great location wouldn't it! Trump said his architects could do the job for much, much less.
Buy Danish,

If you haven't seen South Park's take off on the cartoon wars it is starting on Comedy Central right now.

UN-Trump Tower, I can see it now.
Link from the AJC
RW, that's funny as he'll! If you can quote the fish wrapper, you're way ahead!!!

Wouldn't it be great if we could get the statue to "draw" an ml cartoon?
***Madge was here***
Madge I hope you clean up after yourself this time, we were ALL soaking in it by the time you left last time.
reid... he's a winner.

rw- thanks for the invite. i will try to keep up, but my knowledge of politics is slim.

We very seldom actually talk politics here anyway. The topics are just a front for some friendly banter in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by!
ok. i can banter. you can stop by mine, but don't be tired while viewing... you may smack you head on the keyboard!
A nine-year-old boy goes up to his mother and asks, "Is God male or female?"

After thinking for a moment, his mother responds, "Well, God is both male and female."

This confuses the little boy, so he asks, "Is God black or white?"

She replies, "Well, God is both black and white."

This further confuses the boy so he asks, "Is God gay or straight?"

The mother starts to get concerned, but answers nonetheless, "Honey, God is both gay and straight."

Finally, the boy's face lights up with understanding, and he triumphantly asks:
"So: God is Michael Jackson?"
that is so unfair! tito, get me a tissue!

I thought Neverland was closed.
i had bubbles dig secret tunnels.
Let me guess, you gave the instruction and Bubbles said, "I can dig it."
he worked for bananas and jesus juice. i love my monkey!

i must sleep now, the kids have worn me out.
That's not a pretty visual, here's a bedtime thought:

A Buddhist monk says to a hotdog vendor: "Make me one with everything."

So the hotdog guy gives him a frank with all the works.

The monk gives him a ten dollar bill.

The hotdog guy pockets it.

Monk: "So -- where's my change?"

Hotdog vendor: "Change must come from within."


Darn it all - I missed South Park and I could have tivoed it too. Boo Hoo. I'd pay to see that episode.

Those Czech statues don't clearly depict Christians pissing on eachother. That's not art! What's wrong with that sculptor?

A crown of thorns might do the trick.
A floating train, eh? Reminds me of crack.
Buy Danish,

It's a two part South Park. I'm sure they will show episode one again before they show episode 2 next Wednesday. They are trying to stop "The Family Guy" from showing Mohamed. It's freakin' hilarious!

El Patro,

Been smoking crack on a floating train lately, have you??

Thanks for the tip. I'm off to try to set my Tivo now.
Buy Danish,

I don't use TiVo out of big brotherish paranoia, but if you can specify Comedy Central do it. If it searches just for South Park episodes you are going to have dozens before next Wednesday.
Buy Danish,

Here you go. Part 1 and 2 will run back to back Wednesday.
how many syllables are in original? four?
moonbeams dance quiet
r w the original
the night does pass slow
Wow! You are really drawing a crowd from outside the usual suspects. I'm happy for you. When are you going to start raking in the big bucks?

I really stopped by to see if it was you jerking me around at ml's. I sure hope not, or I would have to bang your head up against the screen from outside in.

I sure hope I haven't started a fight at Nicole's with Ryan B. I won't go back so as not to instigate. It will take a lot of discipline but I know I can do it.

Thanks! I think I got it. I found the episode "Cartoon Wars" and now I have it set for a Season Pass...
Double D!!!!

I guess the only question that remains is, how many syllables in "w"?

That is most assuredly not me at ml's. I'm not sure if Nicole is all that thrilled with Ryan B either.
i figured i could count w as one syllable pronounced as "dub."

have you tried to go to getalife's blog? something very strange happened the first time i tried.

"dub" works. I just went to getalife's blog and the only strange thing that happened was that getalife's blog opened. Blogger/blogspot is subject to all sorts of oddities though.
so i'm all alone this weekend and i'm quite bored. i got up early, hit the treadmill, went window shopping at the vintage stores, came back, and started catching up on this past week in blogoshere land. just a few observations and such...

1. is ml's place just bat sh** crazy, or what? i don't post anymore, but i still glance every so often.

2. i just read that dusty is a woman. for some reason, i just assumed everybody to be male. how small thinking of me.

3. ummm, ok. just who is this "nicole" everybody keeps talking about? i'm not being jealous - yet.

I wasn't talking about you being the spammer, I was thinking you might be the "suspiciously" compliant spammer.

Well I was going to tell Nicole what I thought of RB but somehow, I knew he would see it. I wonder why I would think that?

ml's place has been infested by spammers.

This is Nicole. She seems to have a fun and harmless place, but it might also be an odd cult that revolves around a shopping cart fetish. If you visit be sure to mention my name, otherwise they might try to draw you in to the cult.

I just mentioned, on the weird coke thread, that RB had run you off. It'll be interesting to see the reaction.

The compliant spammer seems to be trying to gain cover. If you noticed they still took a cheap shot at those of us "consumed by anger". I suspect that he/she/other will use the conversation with you as proof of their greatness and tolerance during a future encounter.

I don't think @@/OO got scared of ryanB. I think she got BORED! ;)
Wait, it's now referred to as the "weird Coke thread??" I don't know how I feel about that...*sniff*

If it makes you feel better I have always referred to it as the weird coke thread.
however did i get so out of the loop?

i kinda like nicole's place - it's very tidy and neat. no offense, rw. your house is uber cool, a squatter's paradise.

at least there aren't farrah fawcett posters on the wall like at getalife's (just kidding, bro').
hey rw, two quick questions: how do you post a link? how much does one of these blog things cost?

i think this latter question is queen of sheeba's worst nightmare.
Follow this format on the first line for linking. With the exception of where it says http://URL. You probably already have the http:// when you copy the URL.

These blogspot blogs are free.
it says tag not allowed. this sucks.
Whoa, how did you know I really had a Farrah poster on my wall when I was young?

You should do a blog devil doll, party at your place.
this is soooooooo cooooooool. i'm not going to get in trouble for posting other people's stuff am i?

If anyone gets upset just do what I do and blame getalife.

Funny I never pictured you as a blond, the rest is pretty accurate though.

This one?
It is all my fault, being a vicious lib and all.

Here is another free blog.

Free music too

You are correct. You too?

No I think I'm a little older than you. I had the hots for Jaclyn Smith.
Farrah should play Mother Theresa not Paris (reminded me of Paris praying).
yeah, i'll have to do something with the hair in the pic. the length is right, but i've never been a blonde - as for for brown, brown with highlights, red, pink, brown with pink, etc. but never blonde.

I think I'm partial to the brown with pink highlights.
i'm off to pick up some eats and maybe a six pack of samuel l. jackson beer.

getalife, we'll have to discuss the farrah fawcett thing. you know who i thought was hot...erin gray and lindsay wagner.
just finished eating. now i'm working on dessert beer

why did you teach me how to do this? it will get ya' drunk mother f*****.
Ah, fame is so fleeting. Devil doll thought I was a male !!Oh, sugar 'n' spice 'n' everthing nice. I should have worn a red rose in my hair and named myself Daisy Mae or something.

How much we learn too late. (Was it Al Gore that said that?)
mea culpa dusty. i should have known - like dusty springfield.

to be honest with ya' (look over both shoulders), i don't really read the ml site. i just kind of skim it.

i figure us libs aren't going to be persuaded by the conservatives and vice versa. why not just have fun? i think rw is the best - i don't care what his politics are. the guy likes roxy music for gosh sakes. and captain beyond...who outside of the deep purple fan club knows them?

so, dusty, you live in atl? how old are you? sorry, just a general age is fine - 20s, 30s, etc.
ok dusty, i'm guessing 35 years ols and living in sandy springs. you work in telecommunications. how am i doing?
rw, sorry you can't imagine me as a blonde. maybe the shonen knife song "twist barbie" will help:
"Blue eyes, blond hair
Tight body, long legs
She's very smart
She can dance well
Bang bang bang, Twist Barbie
Oh! Sexy girl!
Blue eyes, blond hair
Tight body, long legs
She's glamorous
She's welcomed by boys
Bang bang bang, Twist Barbie
Oh! Sexy girl!

I wanna be Twist Barbie
Naritaina, naritaina, naritaina!"

i love that japanese punk sound.
Dammit R.W., you just missed your second opportunity at the hundred at Nicole's. Guess who got it?

Hi dd, I don't believe we've met. The last time I visited you were redecorating. You actually had me looking for a damn chair to sit in.
Now I find myself checking to make sure one is there in my 3D world.

Short visit though, I'm gone.
devil doll,

Oh, a quick mind at work. How delightful! But never ask a lady her age. She might tell a little, white lie.

As to my professional expertise, the field is laboratory medicine.

And you? More education in Washington? If so, in your spare time, please straighten out those politicians, 'specially some from Atlanta. We would be eternally grateful.

I see you also sing. Japanese punk? Color me drab.

The Deep Purple fan club?? Captain Beyond basically came out of Iron Butterfly didn't they?

The twist Barbie thing even has you typing caps..I'm impress
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