Saturday, April 29, 2006

Here a poll, there a poll.....

If this story doesn't convince you that there are either too many polls or that anyone that relies on polls is nuts then you may be beyond help. Does anyone remember when CNN was a serious news outlet? How odd is it that they were run by that notorious crazy man Ted Turner back when they did care about real news?

Sadly, I'll wager there's a germ of truth to this survey. It's all in the marketing, dontcha know... but why the presence or absence of Hillary's maiden name should make a difference at all to anyone is beyond me.

I'm glad Fox recognizes Ted's oddball genius. I'm surprised it didn't mention his legacy in formulating the satellite distributed 'superstation' (WTBS) business model, and his creation of the cable news business. Rupert Murdoch owes Ted a (non-alcoholic) beer!
A name by any other name is a "democrat". I'll go with her voting record. The name thing is kinda "flip-floppy", just like her.

She's not just a Democrat, she's Hillary. There's a lot of mainstream liberals (like me) who wouldn't pee on her if she was on fire.

There's a possibility that those omissions in Ted's biography have more to do with the fact that I linked a story about the rise of the Atlanta Braves from Fox Sports than some nefarious plot by Rupert Murdoch. I linked it purely for the wackiness factor. (oops...unintentional O'Reilly or Nicole reference)


Now that he owned the club and was thus responsible for its fiscal health, Turner promptly resorted to the last refuge of those who own crappy teams: stupid promotions. In Turner's early years as Braves owner, he tried such gimmicks as motorized bathtub races, ostrich races, promotions that allowed contest participants to search for the keys to a new car inside a giant bowl of salad (seriously), wet-T-shirt contests, mattress stacking competitions, and—my personal favorite—"Wedlock and Headlock Night," which entailed a mass wedding on the diamond followed by a wrestling match. In any event, he was on to something. Although the Braves continued to struggle on the field, the team under Turner gained a cult movie-like novelty appeal, and people began showing up.

What this poll tells me is that if it is accurate then anybody who governs based on poll results is a fool. (See January 20, 1993-January 20, 2001.) It might make them popular as a politician, but tends to destroy our vision as a country.

I did enjoy reading about Ted's crazy promotions. Who'd he think he was?? Bill Veeck??

I remember that wild and crazy disco night. Were you still in Chicago then?

On another note Veeck has this one dead on:

"Crowd control?" says Veeck, displaying a wisdom that comes only with experience. "That's a misnomer. There's no such thing as crowd control. You just bank on the crowd never thinking with one mind."
Good Lord, how could I forget Charles O. Finley? Thanks for reminding me.

True confession... I was working for the radio station that sponsored the "Disco Demolition" at Comiskey that night. Yeah, I was there.

Did you get my e-mail re: bellsouth employment. My e-mail server gave me no "sent" confirmation. Leave a message here if you didn't.

I hate computers and everything that is involved with them. It's my stupidity. They just can't seem to overcome it. What's wrong with 'em?

Have you not been reading ml's blog. Before I answer any poll questions, I have some of my own for them.

"Are you wearing underwear? If so, what kind"? and so on and so on...
I won't play the game, I'll cast a thoughtful vote and "thoughtful" doesn't equate to "Democrat" no matter what they want to claim.

I got your e-mail. Thank you! What a glowing review of the company it contains ;-)

I promised to stay off ml's blog for the afternoon so the "progressives" could have their thoughtful conversation. I don't want to read it until they have had the whole afternoon to tilt at whatever windmill they are after.
Oops, left and had to come back. Still waiting to hear from friend in Administrative Position at Bellsouth about getting together this weekend.

The cousin is a riot. Another Andy don't you think. I forgot to e-mail him about how to get on the blog. I'll do that now.

The big question is, would you pee on me if I was on fire?

That sounded kinda sick, didn't it?

My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Kauai and took a day trip on a boat that took you around the island. One part of the day the boat anchored for us to snorkel off Nihihau. The people running the boat told everyone to be sure to stay away from sea urchins because the only treatments were ammonia or urine and they didn't keep ammonia on the boat.

As a good conservative I am always willing to help those in need.
Okay, RW... you did it again.

Now come here and clean up the coffee I just sprayed all over my monitor!

As for you, @@... you are far more worthy of lifesaving efforts than Hillary will ever be.

Anyone check out ml's blog lately? Lots of famous visitors... the Clintons, famous newspaper people.. it's quite the A list.

I just looked in over there, maybe there is a computer terminal at the entrance to the correspondents dinner logged in to ml's place.

As weird as it is, it's kind of a relief to see the A list celebs instead of the D list jackers.
Been on the road.

Was up RW?

@@, you have been on fire!! Keep it up!

Seneca, good to see you back. Good to know there are some moderate people of the left wing persuasion (is that PC enough?) j/k
Jay not jay,

You didn't run into any of them Smokeys out there on the road did you?
No, RW, just a Bear in the air: even the CB freq. is being tainted. Like cocka roaches.
"Georgia State Trooper: [during the final chase, the motorcycle cop has landed in a ditch with water] Son, don't you know this ain't saturday?"
This guy?

Cledus Snow: [whistles]
[hears a police motorcycle siren]

Cledus Snow: Oh, no! Hey, Bandit, Hey, Bandit, listen to this!
Cledus Snow: [siren blares out of Bandit's CB] You know who that is? That's Mr. Evil Knievel. He snuck in my back door, son, when I wasn't lookin'. You better flip-flop back here and gimme' a hand, son, or we gonna be in a heap of trouble. Please roger that transmission!

Bandit: Hold on to Fred, son! Here comes the cavalry!

Yes RW,

/as i clean the 420 Ale off my monitor
We are messing up a lot of monitors on this post. It must be that great picture of Hillary.
RW, the "O" face would be good too.
How do you decide when to make a comment with your name in blue and when not to?

And although I'm a little scared to find out the answer, what is Hillary's "O" face?
I apologize RW, I'm not really sure why it changes. The "O" face is a silly reference to "Office Space". There is a wonderful picture of Hill doing it. I'll see if I can find it. BTW, Sonia could probably "kick it" on this one.
Sonia has a pretty interesting post about partying up right now.

I'm fading out here, turn the light out when you leave or devil doll will start complaining. Nite!
Nite, nite. God bless us our souls.
O.K., if we're sharing stories about peeing on each other. Here's mine. Playing with the hubby in the ocean. He looks down, tells me "don't move"! My imagination overtakes me. "Shaaarrkk", I lunge for the hubby, landing right in the middle of a bunch of jellyfish.

I'm stung all over. Hubby carries me to the room, calls emergency #. No ammonia available. Husband pees and applies while I'm passed out due to hyperventilation. Three hours later, I awake and wonder why I smell so bad.

We rescue the thread from Seneca's crude Hillary reference and you drag it right back into the trough.

I better post something new.
But before you go! Well excuuuuuuuse me! O.K., my contribution to the thread.

"Here a pol, there a pol....". I hope your last name is not Walshaski or something. But it is apropol for the thread don't you think?

I really "hate" ethnic jokes no matter if they're funny or NOT.

You're a tricky one, I scrambled back up to the name of the thread to see if I had spelled it that way.

As for the other topic, it may not be your fault or even Senecas. Double D started this whole thing earlier with her fascination for mens room troughs.
You're against everything I stand for, aren't you, RW?? I love polls! Though not usually political ones.

I'm not touching that with a ten foot po...., well I'll just leave it at that.
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