Monday, April 24, 2006

How did this get in the Boston Globe?

Of course, the answer is that just enough tidbits of red meat remain for the detractors to latch onto, but the overall story shows what a focused and effective leader Donald Rumsfeld is and reveals some of the agenda of his critics.

Hat Tip: S-O-S

Very interesting article. Paints an intriguing picture of Rumsfeld and his leadership.

Sorry to get off subject but would you please go over to and straighten them out?

I thought it was my computer, mouse or something but others are complaining too. They must be trying to run us off. They are about to suceed.

They need the wizardry of one RW the greatest.
Isnt' it "ironic" how the true "progressives" are conservative Republicans, while the Left are still stuck trying to implement or continue the failed dreams of the distant past.

Conservatives are interested in preserving those traditions that form the heart and soul of Western civilization in general, and American culture in particular. But in every other avenue - economic policy, energy, defense, the environment - you name it, we are the avant-garde revolutionaries.


I thought that HUGE has filed a hate crime complaint and the AJC cut us off, but it is just broken again - which does not deter Huge from yakking away to nobody.

I think it's hopeless. Somebody we know (right between our comments) has pissed them off so bad they may never fix it.
i like the photo of rummy, sort of john wayneish. it makes him look larger than life.
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