Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I bet even the MSM doesn't believe their spin on this one.

I've been very critical of Scott McClellan as press secretary and I'm glad to see him step down. I'm sure he's a good man, but overmatched in his job. That being said it's interesting to see the press trying to act as if Karl Rove has somehow fallen out of favor. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. After all the breathless reporting of the impending electoral demise of the Republicans, it's got to hit them sooner or later that Rove is going to be working full time on political stategery. Were I a Democrat I'd be a little nervous, since I'm not I'll just say, "Rove you magnificent bastard!"

i hope that it works. i do not want to see dems gain anymore power. they always cry the loudest and point a finger faster.

I almost wish you guys would have let Gray "out" Davis finish his term so the rest of the country would have a model of complete Democrat power to look at.
are you kidding. this state is so f'ed up it is not funny. we pay more taxes, fees, services and any other shit charge they can think of. if it weren't for all the tree hungers in the north and the self absorbed actors in the south, this might be a good state. at least i am in the middle of the state, ag country, and we vote red! besides, letting idiot gray finish would have done nothing. as long as "we" are paying to have people not work, pop out kids, save every tree on the planet, allow gay marriage and keep the tour buses from mexico, dems will think all is well. i am stepping off now.

I will try very hard not to mention Cali politics again, I promise. Are you anywhere near Gilroy? I think they made me eat garlic more ways than Forrest Gump had shrimp recipes there one time.
i am about 2 hours south east of gilroy. you are the internet so find visalia. we are always number one or number two in ag production, mostly dairy (thankfully nowhere close to my home). gilroy used to be the home of indian motorcycles (2nd time). you can always talk cali poli. you are very well informed on these topics. i find it hard to dig too deep because it just pisses me off how stupid some people can be.

Are you ready for Earth Day in Visalia? Do you think the City government knows April 22nd was picked to mark Lenin's birthday?
i guess you found me. i have never seen that site. thanks, now i will be well informed to what is going on in my town.

You're welcome! I am the internet you know.
i do know this fact. dude, when do you ever sleep?
Actually now sounds like a good time for sleep. Thanks!
good night!

Where is V-town in relation to Vacaville? I've still got friends out there and they're ranting about the "state of affairs" too. J/K OO likes to play with words and phrases.

When did they start eating the ^^^ trees? I thought they worked overtime to save them.

RW: Is Bellsouth an option for you?
I know they're fixing to merge in about 12 months. People are jumping ship. I have a friend in management, but I'm thinking you may be looking for something else. Actually, I have a cousin who is a "telephone guy" just like you. I came over to see the "Gone Fishing" sign.
BTW, I should respond to the topic. I'm thrilled Scott McClellan has stepped down. He was never equipped to handle the hounds. I'm thrilled "The Architect" is going to begin the building process. We'll have to wait and see if the foundation is sound. Under the Democrats, it would definitely crumble.

Bellsouth would certainly be an option.

My Gone fishing sign has been delayed by some overzealous Gwinnett county authorities that have decided there aren't quite enough illegal aliens in my area, so they have gone around and nitpicked outdoor repairs that must be done immediately.

I'm torn between doing the repairs or demanding an open records dump of all citations and causing a huge stink about selective enforcement.
RW, Sorry for the holdup. I hope you are able to enjoy more days at the beach than I did, but hey, I'll take anything I can get.

Alright, family reunion with my cousin (telephone guy) this Sunday and dinner with my friend in management next weekend. I'll see what I can do, no promises, just effort.
oo - vacaville is north and no they do not eat the trees! they just piss me off so much that i can't spell.

It is a favorite pastime on the AJC blog for the liberals to correct us on our spelling. They are so much more intelligent than the rest of us, you see. I was just picking on you!

I think that if your point is made it doesn't matter "weather" you spelled it correctly. Get my point?
oo - thank you. poking is good sometimes. what is ajc? i don't get around in blogland that well. until recently i only wrote my own stupid stuff and let a few friends read it.

If you go up to my newest post about the angry left there is a link to Mike Luckovich. That's the blog OO is talking about. It's a rough and tumble place with lots of shenanigans going on, but fun nonetheless.

In fact here is that same link.
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