Sunday, April 23, 2006

I don't think I'd have told that part.

Remember all the fuss a few days ago when President Bush said he was a decider? Well the New Orleans Mayor, school bus commander, and candidate for reelection gives a glimpse at his other pursuits.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a plan -- it's your plan," he told the crowd amid cries of "four more years." "It's time to implement the plan. I am a doer. I am a pusher. I am a maverick. I cross the line occasionally, but I am you."

Whatever it takes I guess.

i was just joshing about the power walking thing.

i sat aside this whole weekend to catch up on work reports and school papers. guess how much i've accomplished? damn this internet! i need my own computer and my own web page or blog.

will people pay you to run a blog?

Was that you that said I was power walking? It's more like walking walking, but OK.

If you have a blog that's good enough you can make money with ads and tip jars. I think people run from those fast though so your blog better be really catchy.

Did you ever tell Nicole what a Publix is?
Double D,

Never mind, I went over and saw what you meant. Why didn't you tell her I had you sitting on the front of the cart?
Oh, like you haven't known to apply the peer pressure at points, RW.

I mean, just today you were admonishing me to make friends with inmates. If that's not a questionable decision then I don't know what is!
lol. it was nicole that brought up the power walking.

do you really walk five miles? that's pretty impressive - all kidding aside.

maybe my web site could have a p.o. box for donations? vote on a tattoo and i'll get it done!

i'm thinking of coming back to ml's. what do you think? are things peaceful over there? maybe i'll propose shirts and skins - team on team mayhem. i'd like to play on a real conservative team for a while. i'm pretty good with the put downs. andy and me would make a good team, or match. is he still there?

where's getalife? what about finch? still no buff, i bet.

how did you find nicole's btw?

Did you pack enough questions in there?

Yes to the walking. ml's has calmed down some, but has a few wankers name-jacking right now. Come on back over, we're the skins team and a double d is always going to be welcome.

Andy is there as "Liberals Suck and Lie" or today "El Liberals Suck and Lie". getalife is there now, finch is on vacation (he's Seneca here), buff is still playing poker, and Sonia introduced me to Nicole.
are there blog sites where you can have music playing in the background? not that cheesy casio tech stuff, but real songs?

i'm excited to learn more about computers. i really like nicole's setup. do you think she has to pay for it? that ashburnite chick has a nice place, too.

i actually had an experience in ashburn, va about two years ago. like most of my fun stories, it involves alcohol, fighting, and a possessive girlfriend. i'll have to share sometime.
finch is seneca? i can't keep you dude's straight.

is buy danish a girl, too?

as long as i don't have to be skins, i'll be happy. these gals don't come out for anybody - except...making money on the internet. dude!

just kidding.

I thought you wanted to be on our team? I guess we can be shirts. Buy Danish is female so she may appreciate that too.

finch is Seneca here because finch was already taken.

Now are your gals coming out on your web site along with the tattoo choices. If so you can collect for the tattoo and again for placement.
i just read the last few posts at ml's. i see what you meant by the name jacking - not too hard to figure out.

i can't believe i'm so bad at recognizing gender.

who else would use a name like "finch?"

whatever happened to sonia?

as for body art...the only tats i have right now are on my arms, lower back, tush, upper thigh, and lower neck. can i make money with this? maybe if i explain it to myself as female on second thought, maybe not a good idea.

the only part of my body that hasn't been pierced at some time, isn't goin't to be. know what i mean?

i don't want nicole to think i'm a freak, you know.

What a great body art tour, hardly needed video at all.

finch is actually his name which makes me wonder why he doesn't capitalize it. He uses caps so it's not your time saver method. Sonia's site is still up, there's a link on my sidebar.

So all that stands between Nicole thinking you're a freak and not is piercing that last body part? Have you noticed what they are doing with animals over there?
who would name their kid finch?

as for the piercings...i don't wear the one in my tongue much - muscle tissue doesn't grow back - so i hear. plus it clanks on your teeth and can give you a headache. the eyebrow i don't care about. i still like the nose, however. nothing like a hoop ring to tell others to stay the f**** away.

i may have settled down over the years, but i still gots to keep my street cred.

finch is his last name so the family didn't have much choice. The only problem with the hoop nose ring is you better be able to ditch it quickly or defend it when trouble breaks out.
I just read the other day where Nagin was telling the voters that they shouldn't change Mayors mid-stream. Maybe not those exact words, but same meaning. Mid-stream might have been my own embellishment.

Interesting. A cousin was at the reunion today. Lives in Biloxi. Water came through the first floor. After the water receded, he got out and cleaned up his yard. Many of his neighbors lost their homes. CBS & CNN showed up and wanted to film the neighbors in front of his house. He caught on real quick. Fox & NBC filmed the devastated homeowners in front of their own "devastated" homes.

He said there are over 900 people presumed dead. That number on top of the confirmed dead. He said NO gets all the attention though.

Anyway. Once Semper's cousin gets the individual's name and fax #, you can send your resume. He said it would be best not to use his name because he has made enemies of some of his supervisors. Troublemaker.

He may be dropping in on the blog. He's intrigued. VietNam Marine Vet.
I am always late to the party. I have been reading about not capping my typing - and yes it was to save time because i can't type, but I do not want to be considered a slacker so I wil try. What is name-jacking?

Thanks, I guess I'll have to put together a resume. I've been working on my own for 13 years and with Siemens/Tel-Plus for 10 years before that, so I don't really have anything up to date.

For some reason I always do these things backward. Siemens hired me and then said they needed a resume for the file so I threw one together back then.

I thought maybe you knew, but my daughter had moved to Biloxi at the first of April last year to open the Starbucks in the Hard Rock. She got out on Saturday before the storm. Her apartment survived, but everything around her was gone and of course Hard Rock didn't open.

Don't use caps on our account. Devil Doll types without them so I tried to respond that way once and couldn't do it. It's what you're used to I guess.

The political cartoon blog over at the Atlanta newspaper site doesn't use any kind of registration so when the liberals are losing an argument they just start posting crap using your name. It's usually pretty obvious, but I guess they think it's amusing.
thank you. i type must faster when i just pound away! also thank you for the info. i am pretty inept when it come to the uses of your internet, but i am trying to learn. older people are a little slower!

That should have said the first of August. At least I got a month that started with an A.


I don't think it's my internet, I think Nicole said I was the internet so I guess I'm like the network that carried Bill and Ted through their Excellent Adventure.
you have children old enough to move out? i have one just old enough in years but not finacially to move out.

My children are 26 and 25 and you talk about age.
wow! mine are 18 and 13 (girls).

so that either says there is hope for me or i am retarded! either way i will continue to learn. do you know what nicole is complaining about on her post today? what is all this stuff about credits and such?

I don't really know. It seems like a place where you resister your blog and you have to surf so many other blogs to get your blog to the top of some kind of list.

It seems to me like it would be just one more password for me to lose.
no doubt. i have a hard enoung time remembering my own password. i find this really can eat up your time too. i am suppose to be getting ready to take another trip tomorrow. have i done anything... no!

Well you better get yourself ready to go. You have an all new Deal or No Deal tomorrow. Although I guess you have 3 more hours than I would have.
hey btw, i picked the right case last friday. it was in #1 and that is the only one i picked. the site or my computer froze so i only got in maybe 4 picks, but all number 1. i didn't win though. i think the phone (cel) company has it fixed so only "text" people will win, not el-cheapos like myself who do it for free on the net. maybe monday will be the night. if i win i will have to send you some money for your help. have a good night.
hey, i forgot to tell you i added you to my blog list on my blog. hope that is ok?
The case was number 4 over here Friday and I had it on 5 picks, but I think you're right. When we enter from the computer it just says thanks and throws our guess away. Night!

I saw that over there thanks. I've had a link to your site over here for awhile, but I wasn't polite enough to ask if you minded.
thank you. i don't mind, but i don't ever talk about anything that interesting, just random thoughts rattling around in my head. i have only had maybe 6 different people post comments. thanks for including me in your space, i enjoy the banter you share with others and all of the knowledge that you and many of your commentors supply. it makes for good reading and plenty of laughs.

My main page must not be updating properly, I didn't notice your comment. There are some top quality people that comment here and you are most definitely included in that group.

Among other things you are the one that told us about "tree hungers" :-)
you know us freaks in cali!

tree hunger central!

I'm waiting to see you over on the AJC Luckovich blog. You and I have a lot in common. I have no compu-tech skills, and I'm learning a lot about the political machine. Come on over, "elbow" a few liberals with us.

Drop in and watch for a couple of days, see how things work.


I saw a show on the History Channel the other night about Tombstone, the Earps and the Clantons. The Earps and Doc Holliday were Republicans, the Clantons Democrats. I'll bet you could come up with something real interesting and creative for your site on the topic.

I'm not sure I could do that very well since I probably know every line in the movie "Tombstone".

Everything I wrote would be jaded by Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holliday.

"I'm you're Huckleberry"

"I'm afraid the strain was more than he could bear"

"Wyatt I am rolling"

"And you, music lover. You're next"

See? But it is a reasonable comparison. The Earps roll into Tombstone and figure out how to make money while some of the local government officials say they should do more for the town because they are making so much money. The Clanton's think they have a right to take that money, I guess because they didn't "have the same opportunity" (You know how hard it was not to type Clinton?"

Meanwhile the county sheriff (Beehan in the movie) must have been a Democrat too because he was a great poser, but completely ineffective when the real trouble started.
oo - thank you. i have added that site to my favs so i can look around. if i can handle the pressure i would love to bash libs. they have ruined my state and are ruining my country! although, most of my ranting is simply based on my own opinion and not so much about factual details. does that make sense? i definately am not as well versed as either you or rw when it comes to politics.

rw as for tombstone - killer movie. i used to live at the colorado river on the ca/az border and there is a town named earp. i am sure you can locate it with your mad internet skills.

This place? Tombstone was a great movie, but Kilmer stole the show. I thought the best scene Kurt Russel had was dragging Billy Bob Thornton out of the saloon by his ear after slapping him silly.
very funny... yes to both of yor comments. BBT really got bitch slapped!

You just paid me a tremendous complement when you said I was as smart as RW. I don't know "squat" about politics. I'm learning from LS&L, RW, Buy Danish.

I'm a novice. I can be nice sometimes and I can be mean at others, but nobody really knows when I'm being mean. They'd have to be smart to know that. RW has caught me though.


Don't get a swelled head or anything.

My head was almost Ted Kennedy sized after the first of that post, thanks for bringing me back to reality.
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