Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"I have a real daytime job" -Donald Rumsfeld

What happens when a reporter decides that one of their questions they ask each other at lunch deserves to be asked in public?

RUMSFELD: You think I'm going to stand around reading your books and disputing things in them or validating or not validating? I have a real daytime job. You would do nothing else but that if you did that. The fact that I haven't disputed something -- I mean, if I disputed all of the mythology that comes out of this group and the books of the world, I wouldn't have any time to do anything else.


I just love Rumsfeld. Named my last dog "Rummy" after him.

We need an entire army of superheroes to fight off the minute by minute "mythology" that the Left produces.

I'm thinking "The Incredibles".
buy danish,

Rumsfeld does come across as a sure thing. No fooling around. What he says, he means.

No wonder the left doesn't like him. Their constant barrage is brushed off. I like to watch him at his "real daytime job".
Hi there, RW. How goes it?
he is a no bs kind of a guy.
Buy Danish;Dusty;Nicole;MGC,

My computer was taken hostage. I think it's back among the living, but I wanted to say hi to you all in case it dies again......

Help me I'm melting...melting......
I will send flowers. Sniff!

I assume that you are okay as you are in fine form over at MLs tonight.

Thank God you showed up! It must be a full wanker moon or something (a Spring Break pass from the asylum?) because they are all out and about.


You will never hear Rummy or W discuss what the meaning of is is.

Thank you for the lovely floral arrangement. That was very quick!

Buy Danish aka BBE,

They do seem to be having quite the moonbat swarm tonight. The full moon for the rest of us is two days away so maybe this will be an extra bad one. With Easter coming up they are also rebelling against religion you know.
Well, good night all. As buy danish said, there is a wild crazy crowd over at ml's place. Don't want that gang stepping on my new K-Mart white tennis shoes 'cause they are part of my Easter outfit.

Is finch Lucy? Tell me tomorrow as I have to get up early and get my kid ready for his CRCTs.
Buy Danish,

I don't think finch blogs in drag. Goodnight!

Goodnight Dusty!
So, if Rummy wasn't Secretary of Defense, he'd probably be in "Waste Disposal." He's good at it in his present position. He should be paid more.
Shhh RW,

I sent you a little message this morning. BUT IT DIDN"T SHOW UP.

I waited tensely. I did not whisper or whimper. I did not TOUCH my computer. I knew it was waiting to pounce on me 196 times. Maybe my mouse is eating cheese. Is it safe now?????

I think it's safe if you want to try again. If it pounces I can always fight it back.
RW, I like your Rumsfeld spirit. Always fight back. So I will repeat my message of vital importance.

Would you mind sending me some of that lovely floral arrangement? I need flowers on my purple Easter hat.

Thank you.

Here you go, let me know if you need a different shade.
Ah, RW, those are beautiful. They will compliment my Martha Stewart dress of army green with black stripes. It is an original she did in prison.

You will probably see my picture in the fashion section or in the post office. I will see that your name is included.
I can assure you, DD, that I am NOT Lucy, and don't play her on TV, either.

I'm waiting for Rumsfeld to leave office so he can be the guest host on Saturday Night Live. Now THAT would be funny!
Indeed, Seneca, while we are suggesting good shows, how about a new version of The Three Stooges.

Pelosi, Boxer and Shumer have already had many rehearsals in Congress.

In shobiz, they'd be a "lead pipe cinch".

I can't figure out if Lucy is a real liberal or a fake liberal. It's hard to tell sometimes, like when NCLB posted that "Why Mommy is a Democrat" book I thought it was a joke.
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