Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's Hard Out Here for a Pump.

Another winning and topical article by Ann Coulter that I will excerpt shortly. First I need to explore this unfolding synergy between Ann and Academy award winners Three 6 Mafia. Their song that won the Oscar was most certainly the inspiration for the title of this column, but it goes deeper than that. Three 6 Mafia is an obvious reference to the numerical sequence 6-6-6 and Ann's new book, Godless will be released on June 6th or 6-6-6. And now...

I would be more interested in what the Democrats had to say about high gas prices if these were not the same people who refused to let us drill for oil in Alaska, imposed massive restrictions on building new refineries, and who shut down the development of nuclear power in this country decades ago.

But it's too much having to watch Democrats wail about the awful calamity to poor working families of having to pay high gas prices.
Imposing punitive taxation on gasoline to force people to ride bicycles has been one of the left's main policy goals for years.

For decades Democrats have been trying to raise the price of gasoline so that the working class will stop their infernal car-driving and start riding on buses where they belong, while liberals ride in Gulfstream jets.

The last time the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the presidency was in 1993. Immediately after trying to put gays in the military and socialize all health care, Clinton's next order of business was to propose an energy tax on all fuels, including a 26-cent tax on gas. I think the bill was called "putting people first in line at the bus station." This is the Democratic Party. That's their program

everyone is complaining about the profits that the oil companies are getting, but only non-libs are questioning the profits i.e. tax revenue, that the federal govt is getting with these high gas prices. and the dems want to keep taxing us so we can pay for those who don't work. if they don't work what do they care about gas prices, they can sit on the porch and have the postal service waste their gas delivering their welfare check.

Don't you know that all companies should exist simply to give a "living wage" to as many people as they can cram into their building, give their product away to the "less fortunate", and give the Federal Government any nickel they happen to have left over.

When the hell did making a profit become evil?
i love making a profit and i am far from evil, so i do not know. i don't even mind paying taxes that make sense and do something to run this country in the "right" direction... just not all these stupid liberal "tree hunger" causes. and damn it, learn to speak f-ing english as you collect your welfare check!!!
Damn foreign language speaking tree hungers!

I left you a couple of maps on the thread below. I noticed getalife stopped by your site. He's being a little modest only mentioning his heart surgery and his name is Joe too. He's a vicious lib though, watch him.
thank you for the maps, i saw them. i commented and told you where i live (tulare county = RED).

i sort of figured getalife joe was a lib due to the photo's that he posts. we can't all be perfect :-)

He's a good guy and he actually seems to like being called a vicious lib. I'm not sure he would like it as much without the vicious part.

I'm going to leave the internet in your hands for the rest of the night! Take good care of it, btw South Park was making fun of Al Gore and his cries for attention this week. Funny stuff, Al is saving the Earth from "Manbearpig" Goodnight.
never seen south park (i know i have heard what i am missing)

goodnight friend.

This Ann Coulter column is one of her greatest, and that's saying a lot. I love Kerry's pimp name, "50 cent a gallon". I SO hope he runs again.

I saw the al gore South Park last nite with my boy who turned 12 yesterday. He loves South Park and *gets* it (I'd love to have him go head to head with rushncap). He also does a great imitation of Cartman's voice.

Of course I have to constantly remind him about the bad language and remind him that certain things are *disgusting*. He loves the J-Lo/Ben Affleck one and likes to sing the "Tacos, tacos, I just love my tacos" song.

Does the fact that I let my kid watch South Park make me a terrible mother? I look at it as my version of "Why Mommy is a Democrat".

Finally, the next time someone jacks my name, I may use "manbearpig". Dusty should use "filthy Mac Nasty" or whatever it is that her husband uses.
Buy Danish,

It doesn't really matter what you use as a name, they've already jacked Andy's new name today.

Maybe your pal over at "internet support" can give some instructions on how to change your name and fix the whole problem.
How come Andy never comes over here?
BD- I think Andy likes the drama over at ML's.
hey rw. how's it going?

I guess it depends on what the meaning of it is!
shhhh. it's me. talk real quiet. i just read up top that andy's coming. if anyone asks, my new name is rusty. rusty shackelford.


[deep voice] any of you guys want a beer? i brought a 12 pack of pbr's.
A vicious lib indeed. The welfare rhetoric has to include the billions spent in Iraq for Iraqi welfare just to be fair and balanced.

As a vicious lib, I would prefer my money be spent on Americans.

BTW, I think Andy is wanking over at ml's.

What happenned to devil doll's blog?

Didn't you have a blog a few days ago?

He may have been doing some, but I think that deal with rushncap was a set up. Somebody posted those just to blame Andy.

It's the same way Midori got caught, but I also think that Midori just got jacked.
ok, i'm here. how do like the rusty shackelford?

my blogo went freako. a little someone special set it up for me as a suprise. it looked good for a while, didn't it? it had bullets and links and all kinds of things. in the end, we had to shoot it to put it out of its misery. sniff, sniff.
double d,

Did you grab that beer before Rusty got away? If so toss me one. The blog was looking good, there was really no need to kill it. If you want to play with it again try using a domain name you don't really want to practice on and then you can use the one you like when you are ready.
Speak of the devil.

There are many here to help if you would like to try again.

I liked the way you had the music links, I had to put some on mine.
y'all just leave me a brew for when i come back. i need to go get some jogging in.

i tell you the blog disaster story later - the fujiaki family might never be the same.

also, i want to ask about the men's room. are there really troughs?

What's wrong with troughs. The lower level mens room at Georgia Tech's Grant Field used to be just a wall with a drainage trench at the bottom. (And that was really the mens room with a door and everything. Some engineering school)

Off topic I know, but who the H is this Hiram guy at MLs? Am I over reacting by deciding that I can't stand him - and its only been less than a day since he showed up?

I wish Andy would follow the beacon and come over here.
Buy Danish,

He sounds a lot like a couple of different pricks that used to show up all the time. One named Geezus always called Andy, cAndy.

These people show up with a new name and come in with guns blazing so you know they aren't new and this Hiram idiot got jacked before anybody had a chance to even respond so I suspect he jacked himself. (as disgusting as that visual is)

Wait if I'm talking in visuals I could be the next "kimberly"!!

Well at least there may be a pun to be found in cAndy. sAndy is so... nothing.

I did find it curious that Hiram posted his (her) sAndy stuff soon after we were treated to Lil Kim's pResident. Kim is quite the inspiration!

Was Midori confessing or did I read that wrong?

Things seem TOO quiet. ..before the storm or something?
Buy Danish,

I just had Hannity and Colmes on and wasn't paying much attention. They had a guy on from Greenpeace talking about the wind farms and in the background they were playing an animation of Ted Kennedy playing "whack a mole" as wind mills popped up.

I looked on Greenpeace's web site and didn't find it. Did you happen to see where that video came from?

I don't have a clue. I think there are more fake posts than real ones today.

I don't think Midori has ever admitted to anything so I think she was jacked too, but I'm not sure I even know or care anymore.
First off, I'm mad that your title was WAY more inventive than mine. But I'm not much for wit on short notice.

Second, I'm gonna need you to start calling out which area of your "Fluff Pieces" actually contain said fluf. I already told you that I'm mentally addled.

I know you are so sick of me by now... ;)
nicoleFACTOR OK it wasn't really a fluff piece, but it was fluffier than yours. ;-)

PS: The title of my post was also the title of Ann's article, so I didn't have to work too hard.
I only saw the first part of H&C and drifted off as it was all about the alleged Duke rape fiasco, and I have a low tolerance for most crime stories ever since OJ.

Could it have been JibJab? Wish I'd seen it.
Buy Danish,

It wasn't good enough to be jib-jab, if you TiVo the replay at 2:00AM it was in the second half hour.

I know that because the best show on television, My Name is Earl, was on from 9:00 to 9:30

If I ever get in a fight I am calling on you. Thanks for the good defense. I felt much better.

You sure you don't want a sip of the good "M"? We'll toast the obsolete wankers. Here here!!

I might try the Blackberry.

You were holding out on me with that flavor.
I'll try to set the TIVO but its a pain to do it just for one show.

I've never seen My Name is Earl, but if you like it I probably would to. Thursdays at 9?
Buy Danish,

You really should set it for My Name is Earl. One great thing about the show is there is the general concept of Earl clearing a list of things he did bad in his life to please karma. Every episode can stand on it's own so you can pick it up anytime.

The H & C video isn't worth going to a lot of trouble for. It just has Kennedy standing in the water (I think) and windmills keep popping up. He whacks one with a hammer and another pops up. I'm sure we can find it on the net somewhere.
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