Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just your everyday traditional Islamic garb

The mad mullahs of Iran must be proud of the way their flag is being portrayed here.

I want to comeback as one of those Flags when I die.

I'm not really picky as to which one, I'll be willing to come back as the bikini flag from Spain. BTW thats the one right behind the soccer ball.
Well right behind the girl with the soccer ball's left hand is the Iranian flag. I don't think this will be a fashion trend in Tehran. If you go to the original link and explore there is a suit that is a soccer ball. (158 I believe)
Actually it is 195 & 196, 194 is interesting too.
RW - I meant right behind the ball (Red and Yellow stripes)

and yeah I'm guessing whoever tries this anywhere near Tehran would get the same treatment as Deeyah.

I knew what and where you meant here. I'm still not sure what you mean on the thread below this one, but I don't do mornings well. I'm sure things will clear up when we get to a more normal time of day.

All that's missing is the turban with a bomb hidden in it.

How can we get them to riot over this? I'll even donate some flags.
Buy Danish,

I guess if they did riot over this they would burn Chinese flags. Along with ours and Israeli ones, of course.

They might burn the girl wearing the Iranian flag.
I know you won't agree with me, but I think those girls are way overdressed....

I might agree completely with you.
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