Monday, April 10, 2006

Killer Hurricane-Anatomy of Katrina

This is an excellent special on the Discovery Channel about Katrina in particular and hurricane patterns in general. Definitely worth watching when you get the chance. They even leave all the various blame games out and deal with the actual topic. It's very refreshing, not to mention highly informative.

you mean i could watch something with fingers being pointed in all directions. i could become educated? that would be great!

Thanks, I have set my TIVO.

I too found a great tv find - The Military Channel. They had a great show on last nite about the special forces in Afghanistan when Karzai was a rebel leader of the Northern Alliance.

Very cool stuff and a good look at the local culture that we have to try to work with to find the elusive Bin Laden.

This show didn't have fingers pointed in all directions, they just stuck with facts. They also had someone called a (paleoclimatologist?) or something like that, that did forensic studies of past hurricane activity covering thousands of years.

Buy Danish,

The Military Channel has a pretty intense documentary called "Gunner Palace" that runs pretty often. A little to much rap music that doesn't seem to be a real part of the outfit being filmed, but very good.
I saw the promo for "Gunner Palace" and noted the Rap Music with horror. Since I can't bear to listen to Rap, so you'll have to let me know how big a part it plays in it.

It better be worth it!

P.S. Can you believe that RPV still doesn't get the simultaneous six way joke!
Buy Danish,

Nobody ever accused a leftist like RFV of being perceptive.

As good as Gunner Palace is, the overbearing rap music almost makes it unwatchable. There are parts where it really helps to portray the intensity, but mostly it gets in the way.
I think I'll pass then! I don't want to go insane.

There was a great slice of life in last nites' show as they prepared to attack a bridge held by the Taliban in November 2001:

"We haven't slept in 4 days or eaten for 3. We attack tonight".
I see the "Killer Hurricane" program doesn't air next until April 20th. Darn. I'll be in one of the reddest of red states then (yes, crimson compared to SC!), but I 'asked' the Discovery Channel website to send me an email reminder.

I've always been fascinated by hurricanes.

As unbelievable as the pictures of Biloxi and Gulfport are in this show, they don't do justice to the reality. You'll love the swamp sediment analysis, the dude doing that thinks 1500 years ago we were having some real hurricanes. Which Bush ancestor do you suppose caused that?

It wasn't the Bush ancestry. I know 'cause Jimmy Carter was there to monitor the muck. He said it was the attack rabbit in Lake Ponchatrain that caused those evil hurricanes.
I've been hearing the levies in Cali are expected to overflow. Another disaster or much needed irrigation? If it's a disaster, we know who will get the blame.

Most people think Jimmah's killer rabbit was actually a nutria and Louisiana is full of them, so you may be onto something.

I cannot remain neutral about the nutria. It is a COYPU. Anything name coypu is bound to be diggin a hole (just to hide when others call it U U Coypu). Babies are called pupus. Jimmy didn't tell us all these facts 'cause he is secretly feeding them peanuts. He may be a little pupu also.

Not to mention them being herbivores that have eaten away the wetland plants causing the natural barriers to break down. So this might also be the fault of those fur wearing Louisiana politicians like the Landrieus, Babineauxs, Blancos, etc. Maybe even Nagin who is hoping to one day have a Coypu city.
I am a Discovery-Aholic. I will check it out.

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