Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The latest French surrender

Now will the Muslims that rioted back in the fall start their car burning operation back up? That was what led to this newly scrapped law.

Goodness, looks like the "liberals" in France act just like good ol' USA liberals.

Fortunately, WE have a strong president..."and that makes all the difference".

I don't understand why all the employers don't take to the streets and counter protest. Surely there are more of them than these "anti-precariousness" deadbeats.
Buy Danish,

The employers will protest the only way they can, by not hiring the kids.

How's the tourist trade in France? Paris in the springtime is a nice thought. Well, it once was.

All the good French characteristics can't be lost. No more tres beau, ooolala and yum yum yum?

Paris probably has a window of normalcy coming up between the time the French kids decide they've won and the Muslim kids decide they got screwed. I'm more likely to visit Paris, Texas though.
i would like to piss on the streets of paris... that would be all.
Paris Texas.

I have family there.

Small town but has grown.

Not much to see there.

The French riots prove yet again that the concrete rule, "What's mine is mone and what's yours is negotiable!" is still in effect in Paris. Too bad for the pampered students determined to stay mired in the 20th century. Too bad for the Muslim youth who wanted to earn money by doing something.

Hey, was "South Park" cool or what? I tried to post something on ml's log about the exciting climax, but apparently you can't post anything there containing the word "deficate".

You shouldn't be able to here either. ml's blog went straight to hell tonight. I don't know if it was even you blaming the meltdown on Andy in your name, but I doubt most of that was him. It was too late for one thing and you also have the late night crew proudly talking about the typical Republicans posting.
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