Monday, April 10, 2006

Memo to Pravda: I bet we have a plan for Moscow in a desk drawer too.

Of course having a plan sitting in the Pentagon for any eventuality is the smart thing. What I really love is the name of this Iranian news organization.

Iran has not had any distinctive reaction to the above-mentioned statements yet. The Vice President of Iran said that the country had achieved bigger progress in the field of atomic energy and promised to expose the information on the matter in the next couple of days. The vice president emphasized that Iran was still determined to cooperate with the IAEA, Teheran-based news agency IRNA reports.

Who do they think they're fooling?

Okay, RW. Where you been at all day???

And you know I can't comment [very often] on this lofty, politcal stuff. Where's my fluff piece??

There you go talking about fluffing again. I really couldn't think of much to say about breakfast breath since I usually get up about noon.
I'm surprised that people are surprised that the Pentagon has a plan for military action against Iran. It certianly doesn't mean the US is committed to an invasion, no matter what Seymour Hirsch says.

Heck, US officials have drawn up a plan to invade Canada!

No doubt as punishment for introducing the twin scourges of ice hockey and curling to our virgin shores.

When I worked in a New York news operation during a previous life, we got a kick out of IRNA (Yo! It's your girlfriend, Jack! The one who wants us dead!). Seems to me it was started up in Tehran after Kohmeni drop-kicked the Shah in 1979, I believe. I think it stands for Islamic Revolutionary News Authority, or something like that. A "disingenuous" title that ranks up there with "Pravda", which means "truth" in Russian, if I'm not mistaken!
i like plans... very much!

I just like the name because it almost spells IRAN. It's one of those things you don't really want to check.


The last DOND on the East Coast last week was case 4, so maybe you will have case 1 Wednesday.
i will try that... case 1 on wed. some dude from stockton, ca won here. did you see who won in ga?

Somebody from Little Rock, AK.
wieners all over the place. do you think that they make shows for eatern time zones and west coast time zones? maybe we will have to start keping track of who is on and when.

They claim to do three shows for time zone changes. They combine Eastern and Central, so I guess they split up Mountain and Pacific or have a separate one for Hawaii. They probably have the same show with a different home game.
Hell, if Bush doesn't have a plan, he's a dumbass. If he does have a plan, he's a dumbass. He can't do anything right according to the left. Screw 'em.

That is the most profanity I have used in quite awhile.

Excuse me while I go read some of your other articles.
OO- Finally! One of you Republicans understands and sees the light.....The man is a dumbass. j/p ;)

Now with your smile and a wink, that's funny.
Jebus, must you rub in your lackadaisical work schedule again?? You with your cold onion rings and warm beers.

You talk about fluffing and then say I have a soft schedule? Any fluffer worth her name could fix that!
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