Thursday, April 20, 2006

NicoleMART is compiling the newest installment in "The Furious Five"

Jump over and help the story unfold five words at a time. Ignore the top of the post where she fixates like a Sesame Street episode on the letter "H" as so far the story does not appear to be about hilarious hairy horses hiding handbags.

**UPDATE** The finished product.

hedonistic holiday
hosting heavenly honeys
having harmonious hooters
heaving hastily homeward
howling histerically
HELLLPPP!!!!!Hysterical happenings haven't halted
(hysterically) - i just woke up!
had heather headed home
holding her handsome harmonica
helping hapless homeboys hurl heaving hardened harmonicas...

(no fair! this is way more fun than mine!)
(oops. signed in with the wrong ID)
(okay, i might have to rip off this alliteration idea for the next furious five. what do you think, rw?)

The alliteration is extremely difficult to sustain for 24 hours, but a built in letter change rule could be interesting.

The first contribution after the top of each hour changes the letter to the last letter in that post for the remainder of that hour or something like that.
buenos noches. i wanted to let everyone know that my lifetime movie moment is over. things are getting back to normal and i'm quite relieved. i'm sticking to diet ginger ale (can aspartame kill you?) for a while, the damn cat came back, and the ant problem (which i don't think was my fault) is now under control (but then again, i did lose the damn cat).

in light of all my past transgressions, i've decided to write a list of all the people i've offended, hurt, or abused in my lifetime.

to someone special - who will remain nameless - the marine corps scholarship foundation thanks you.

onto rw...i "borrowed" your ac/dc and lynard skynard records and took them to getalife's. but when i got ready to leave, someone had lifted them. really sorry. i'll get you backstage when the "boys from down under" come back to town.

at the top of my karmic restitution list is the little boy from fourth grade. he pushed me one day during recess and one of his hands briefly touched my privates. i told him that's how girl's get pregnant (hey, it was fourth grade!). then i told him he was in big trouble because we we're going to have a baby. he cried and cried. he's probably a drag queen in omaha by now. i'll have to find out.
Earl Hickey...I mean Devil Doll,

Do you have a list and everything?
there was also "suzie" when i was in elementary school who i dared to take some snuff from my brother's room. she puked out in the yard.

now that i'm thinking about wonder nobody ever came over to play after a while.
i wonder what would happen if i did show up at someone's door?

now that would be a reality show.
Wow, RW. I think I'm actually going to HAVE to give you co-editor status for THAT idea. That was awesome.

Must you always make me feel mentally inferior? MUST YOU??

Anyway, we still need 40+ comments to meet our quota. Come on, we can do it!
Okay so I admit it -- I cheated. I went and ended the story myself because I was a loser.

But then I UNcheated by deleting my ending. Doesn't that count for SOMETHING??

Please say yes or I'll go to bed riddled with guilt.

Don't leave me like this!
I don't know why you would have to do that since you are also the magician behind the curtain and could always set the clock back and fix it.

Scratch that...your clock is already hopelessly stuck on Alaskan time so I guess I would have jumped in too.

What you should do now is delete the last few comments.

(geez, i miss so much when i go to work. plus had too much beer at applebees lastnight to know how to turn my laptop on!)
Having humped her heavenly huevos he held his heavy head hung.

Can you use other languages or is that cheating?

It wasn't even supposed to have happened so I think probably even made up words would be ok.
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