Friday, April 07, 2006

Open thread for April 7, 2006

Does anybody know what the hell is happening at ml's place?

If not, does anyone know what McKinney apologized for or who she apologized to?

Alright, I'm here to ask a question. How much inconvenience would it cause if we all went to "Blog & Tan" and trashed his site. Could we be blocked from doing that? He's on E-blogger. When I go over there, I am already registered for comments.

I don't know how men's minds work. Would this threat of holding another progressive's site hostage have any effect?

Of course, Huge could be Midori and we know she has no conscience.

What if they retaliate here and shut RW down. Then we'd be lost! If RW says to do it, then I'm game.


I recall that she expressed "regret" - I don't remember an actual "apology", but I'm too lazy to look it up.
Buy Danish:

I considered that possibility. Maybe R.W. would be big enough to "take one for the gipper". Just kidding!

I'm betting that R.W.'s ego isn't as HUuuuuuuggggge, no matter if he didn't switch the sombreros in my link. Sorry, gotta have my fun where I can find it. Can't find it next door.
OO, Buy Danish,

Obviously you guys should do what you want, but keep in mind that you are just pumping up his traffic stats. If he is advertising you are potentially putting money in his pocket.

Not to mention that kind of crap is what their side usually does. Look at ml's place. You get some moron trashing the place while another "huge" pretends to take the high road and blame conservatives. Trash one site and it will be dragged out as an example of what conservatives do from now until eternity.

If it comes down to egos I doubt that RW cares.

I wish that "Huge" had a website so I could spam that. What a sanctimonious bore.

I won't even visit then. No way am I giving one dime to their propaganda machine.
Buy Danish,

I don't know if that's the case or not with his blog. I went there once, but didn't stay long because of how obnoxious the color scroll was when you tried to read anything.
Was "Blog and Tan" the one that dropped that load of Spam on ML's blog?

I haven't commented on his blog, because he seems on some issues so far left he's about to cross into the far right. And I do not feel like getting into those types of conversations.
I didn't conclude that it was Souldrift. I didn't bother to read enough of it to look for clues as to who the POS is.

I figured that OO did the research for me. If you ask me, I think Huge had something to do with it as they both showed up at the same time.
It looked like whoever did it was just pasting in entire threads from kos. It's either funny or suspicious that "huge" immediately comes on and wants you to discuss whatever it was he said. How the hell are you supposed to find it much less discuss it.
My personal opinion is that we may be looking at Souldrift alone, N-GA and Souldrift, or N-GA who was once JJG and DavidU who is actually finch, R.W. who is Captain Marvelous or something, OO who was once Objective Observer, but is now @@ and I don't know who the hell is Andy anymore. Buy Danish may be Dusty or vice-versa. I'm so damn confused.

You're right R.W., I did point out that conservatives would be far too respectable to do such a thing. It was a hostage taking threat, nothing more.

It's ironic that Souldrift's site promotes "civil" discourse.
It's funny, on the rare occasions that I join in over here, I always see DavidU's picture, and I tend to type quietly.

DavidU: Does your picture tell us to whisper or is it the Austin Powers pinky to the corner of your mouth thing?
OO aka @@,

Civil discourse by who's definition. Most "progressives" call anything they disagree with hate speech so that they can marginalize anyone else and claim the high road of civility for themselves.

I'm not Dusty, but I am BBE, various forms of Danish, and the Empress/Emperor of Elba. It's an anti-hijacking tactic.

As for David U being finch? Hmmmmm, now that you mention it, I wonder...

Finch is well..........finch.
oo- None of the above...

It's me pondering those really tough decisions one makes as an adult; like do I Super Size the Value meal or not?
finch is also Seneca.
DavidU: Oooohhhh! Tickling the chin. Now I see. I ponder alot myself. It drives me crazy, but does allow the mind to expand, or encourages wandering, I don't know.

I think mine is an occupational hazard working with so many non-verbal kids, you spend a lot of time pondering what they're thinking.
Nope, I'm not DavidU. And he isn't me!

You're good at parsing. Would you mind reading ml's blog today and giving us a report?
It must be tough for those guys next door to go through life without being able to take a little ribbing. A little fun between a couple of liberals and some conservatives at their expense, and they're back with what they consider humor. It's "mean" humor. Off to mop.
I didn't know there was a question to be answered on this thread.

"Your" Cynthia, I think, apologized to the congressional leaders and the Political Black Caucus for embarrassing them. There was no apology to the Capitol Police if that's what your wondering.

I watched Tony Snow and Juan Williams last night. Tony basically said in her district, she will continue to get elected regardless.

Juan said that this district gerry-mandering to rig voting districts needs to stop. Juan and I agree! It is not fair and balanced.
RW + Co....

I'm not going to begin parsing the crap left by I'm a Wanker and his/her little friends. Talk about party poopers. I'll stick my head over there after dinner. Maybe!

And I'm not visiting Blog and Tan, just on principle.

I agree too (and not just because they gerrymandered back into CyMC's district). Iowa has a strict geographical setup which I'd like to see here.
When you think about it R.W., it is rather like robbing you of your vote. It happened in my district years back and now we have a "short sheriff". We have good leaders as well. The commissioner in my district is pretty good. I'm schmoozing every chance I get.
"How much inconvenience would it cause if we all went to 'Blog & Tan' and trashed his site. Could we be blocked from doing that?"

I feel so honored!
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