Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pick on Harry Reid weekend continues

Poor Harry Reid (Obstructionist-NV) can't get a break. First he decided his lectern was a chair before deciding it was a car. Now President Bush is calling him out for thwarting the democratic process. Oddly after he gets done whining about how he is being mis-characterized he confirms that his motivations for obstructing the process were politically motivated. Sometimes I don't think poor Harry knows what he is saying as his special interest masters lead him around like a circus pony.

In private as well as public, Reid and Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who heads the party's campaign effort, said they did not want to expose rank-and-file Democrats to votes that would force them to choose between border security and immigrant rights, only to wind up with legislation that would be eviscerated in future negotiations with the House.

Well you guys have done it NOW! Seneca managed to be the 200th commentor on "Back in Blak."

I'm impressed with the organization, persistence and SHEER WILL that was displayed in this effort. Kudos to you and yours for a job well done! :)

I swear on a stack of secular books that I thought I was the 199th! I even hinted over at ml's that you could make it 200!! Or maybe @@ could! Hell, she posted enough!

Woe is me!!
I guess I'll have to settle for the fact that I was #1 on the weird coke thread, known only to Nicole as "Back in Blak"
Oh yeah, back to the topic.

Do you really think the Dems are solely responsible for the Senate snafu? I know that's what President Bush said, BUT...

Fact is, the various versions of what could pass the Senate will be met with hostility by House members whose bill calls for felony charges against not only illegal aliens, but anyone who helps them!

The two sides in Congress are just about beyond compromise as it stands now.

(I'm just trying to be contrary here)

It's not my job to play nice with Dingy Harry. Besides I figured no matter what the Senate did they weren't about to work out a compromise with the House on this one.

Let Monday's marches be led by Mexican flags again and you will see all kinds of support behind the House plan.
oo, sorry i missed you. i've finished decorating rw's place - what do you think?

rw, the caps were from cut and paste. i stick to my avoiding caps as principle.

dusty, sorry to ask your age. i'm in my late 20s. how's that? where is laboratory science? is that fulton or dekalb? as for coloring you drab...i don't have a color in my crayola kit for bitchy.

see, my claws can come out too. if i misunderstood you, i apologize. i already said i was sorry for thinking you were a man. if you'd like to be amicable (i hope), i'm willing, if not...

I think that on principle you should also eliminate the caps from cut and paste. (Although that would ruin the whole ease of operation thing)

I'm pretty sure Dusty was coloring herself drab and didn't mean anything more. I guess we'll see.
Got that right about the Mexican flags.

I hear that the Spanish DJs who were telling listeners to show up with their kids last weekend (so as to minimize violence!) are telling them to show up with lots of American flags Monday.

We shall see, won't we?

Hi, Devil Doll!
rw, i hope you're right about dusty. people either love me or hate me. oh, well. i've never instigated anything, have i? what is so hard to like about me?

seneca, if i had a mexican flag, i'd fly it outside my house. it wouldn't hurt in my neighborhood, lol.

The thing is they told them to take American flags last time, so we know where alot of them stand anyway. Of course if they do show up with American flags our wonderful press will tell us what patriotic would be citizens they are.


I'm pretty sure about it. Dusty doesn't instigate things either.

I bet I could fly a Mexican flag at my house and drive all my neighbors underground or at least confuse the hell out of them.
rw, i thought captain beyond was a fusion of iron butterfly and deep purple. maybe i was wrong.

how about we sing a duet of "more than this?"

History of Captain Beyond. Interestingly that URL comes from Deep, but only mentions Deep Purple after the breakup of Captain Beyond. Was Rod Evans with Deep Purple before 1971?

How do we sing a blog duet? (I bet my singing voice is better when it's typewritten!)
let's sing it baby! actually, i'll leave the captain beyond stuff to you. you da' man.

maybe you're right about dusty. it's hard to figure out the internet such as this here

you taught me, don't blame me.
Yes, there is Reese Wayans (RW) who went on to play with Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Something is wrong with my computer. I can't get video in those links anymore for some reason.

This post Roxy Music Bryan Ferry is excellant too.
excellant is the same as excellent tonight and tonight only!
rw, did you see "lost in translation?" bill murray did a good karaoke. you know i still have a soft spot for the cure and the smiths, too. oh my, junior high is here again.

That picture of Captain Beyond #3 with me (Reese Wynans) in it looks like we were the Village People first.
double d,

I didn't see that yet, I don't stay too up to date on my movies. I have seen some nice pictures of Scarlett Johansson though.

Look at the first goof from it. That sounds more like a good bartender than a theatrical goof.
Rock on
Damn, didn't work.

I thought your name was Rick.

Anyway, there is a mp3 at the bottom of that link.
if there were ever two girls who could tempt me, it would be scarlett johansson or kiera knightley. or both. maybe i should go to bed now. sweet dreams of those.

catch you later.

For some reason your link has a <br/> at the end. If you take that off it works and my name is Rick and I am not and never have been a Reese or a member of Captain Beyond.
devil doll,

These two?
ok, i'm still pissed at the person who was frontin' me. how about this...

"country dj's knows that i'm an outlaw.
they'd never come to see me in this dive.
where bikers stare at cowboys,
who are laughin' at the hippies,
who are prayin' they'll get out of here alive.

the loud mouth in the corner is gettin' to me
talkin 'bout my girlfriend and my hair.
i guess she ain't read the signs that say I've been to prison,
but someone ought to warn her
before I knock her off her chair.

'cause my long hair just can't cover up my redneck.
and i've won every fight i've ever fought.
and I don't need some dip shit telling me that I ain't country.
sayin' I ain't worth the damned 'ol ticket that she bought."

ok, you know who i'm talking to. don't like japanese punk, huh? well, guess what psycho? i wasn't talking to you. if i was talking to you, i would have called aarp. you wilford brimley lovin'...
sorry about that last post. it's the samuel l jackson beer - "how's it taste, mother f*****?"

see ya' next week, maybe.
Hey now...dissing my man Wilford Brimley?!?!?

"You check yuurr blood suugr, an' you check it offen. and CAWLL liberty"

That's one of my DAC favorites by the way.
Hey getalife, how about this?

devil doll,

just read your last comment to me. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I know nothing about "Japanese punk" or any other kind. Therefore I meant I was "drab", a dull tool, a non-listener, etc., etc., etc. Hope that clears THAT up.

If not, just ask Captain Beyond. He knows all.

This blog has gone totally crazy. I only posted once BUT--eiiiyiii!!! That will teach me. I should never post before breakfast.

And now for a big cup of coffee. Just ONE please.

The blog has gone nuts!! Maybe it has caught something from ml's place, I'll clean it up.
Stop picking on my home boy.

Megadeath, that is heavy.

Metallica is much better.
Thank you very much, RW. I was afraid to show my face around here.

I really thought I only posted once but....oh well. Captain Beyond has rescued me.
When I saw Dusty's post this morning, I was just a tad bit I decided to just tip toe back out before I was seen and Dusty went postal on me.

Glad to know it was just Blogger doing it usual good work, and not Dusty.
When I first signed on and saw 45 comments I thought there must be some interesting discussion going on. Imagine my shock when I saw DavidU sneaking out the side door and Dusty talking to herself.
My pristine reputation is ruined! Ruined, I say.

Someone might even think that I am a LIBERAL!

Midori will love me.
Rushncap will cherish me.
NGa will whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

How can I redeem myself, Captain Beyond?

I would start the process by staying away from those three.

But I don't think scaring DavidU is enough to harm your reputation. He is young and impressionable, you could only expect him to quietly hide out when he saw the same post 196 times.
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