Monday, April 03, 2006

The racist conspiracy has infiltrated McKinney's staff

If Chef would have just kept his South Park job maybe he wouldn't be sucking up taxpayer money to fly around and open Congressional offices.

This story has nothing to do with this subject, but just in case it dropped off the above link I thought I would bring it to you separately. I know you will thank me.

Expose the Left has McKinney's CNN appearance from this afternoon as well as an exclusive look at the Congresswoman's ID card.

The case has been referred to federal prosecutors for dismissal review. Meanwhile Cynthia spent the day making appearances in various churches to promote the separation of church and state.

**UPDATE** Roberta Abdul-Salaam says the policeman should be in jail and would be if Cynthia were white. Are all the nuts in Georgia these days?


McKinney is so dumb. You have to work to be this dumb. Do you still think she has a chance of being re-elected after all of this?

So do I.

BTW, good blog pimping at ml's place!

Did my throw in story about the in flight hand chopping get any more coverage in South Carolina? It begs for a few more details.
I enjoyed how McKinney kept repeating in her interview with Blitzer that Glover and Belafonte were with her at events.

She really is pathetic. Wait a minute that would indicate I may have feelings of sympathy. NOT!!!

I think you can see her as pathetic without sympathizing. At least I hope so because I think she's pathetic too.
"McKinney smiled as her supporters heaped praise on her leadership and her new look, her trademark cornrows replaced earlier this year by a curly brown natural style."

We'll have to ask JoRo or JoRo's nickjacker if he agrees.

"They also ridiculed the use of pins to identify members of congress."

I've got an idea! Why don't the Dems carry dual-use protest signs with their photos on one side, and a phrase describing their pet cause on the other, instead of boring old pins.

"McKinney made a statement listing accomplishments of her office and scolding the local media for concentrating coverage of the slapping incident."

Slapping is a new way of describing it. Did she poke, punch and slap?

The amputation story was not overlooked here in SC, and was the subject of gloating by the media in nearby Savannah. "Here in Georgia, we've finished the job!", gloated TV talking heads.

South Carolinians were also miffed because they had clearly been one-upped by their cousins in North Carolina.
Russia had Zhirinovsky, Australia had Mark Latham, Canada had Roseanne Skoke and United States has McKinney. Every country, it seems, has its resident dumbass clown...

Did these other stories say how there came to be a knife that could cut someone's hand off on a plane?

The Columbia, SC State newspaper had a writeup with a little more info:

Woman cuts off woman’s hand

Marquisha Jackson did not cry after her left hand was chopped off with a knife during a dispute Thursday with another woman, a witness said.

“She didn’t even know her hand was gone,” Damekah Riley said. “She did not scream. She was very calm.”

I can only assume that it was a very, very VERY sharp knife. And the victim was drunk.

DING DING DING...I feel much better now. I read that story over and over and I saw during a flight instead of during a fight.

I just figured if a plane was involved it would be more of a story. I do think I agree with both parts of your description.

Shows you how vague the English language can be. When you asked how her hand was sliced off "on a plane", I assumed you meant "Straight through", "at a straight angle", or something like that.

Aircraft never entered my mind!

And "fight"? "Flight"? Yeah, whats a letter betwee friends?
Off topic: Does anyone know why Sen. Specter is now against his own bill now? Last week he was for it, now he's for changing it drastically?

If anyone knows please let me know.

I think that the Republican leadership asked him to change it, but now the Dems won't let him.
BD - Thanks!
I doubt anything will happen on the immigration issue. From amnesty to busing back to Mexico, the rhetoric is a spectacle to behold.

Like Tom leaving the building with staff cheering. Another piece of history by the GOP.

Yep, DeLay's gone, and now the Dems will have to try one more time to come up with an agenda beyond "we're not the culture of corruption".
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