Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The real question is, is this Shakespeare or an audition to host...

...the Al Qaeda version of Deal or No Deal.

But Novak pointed out that Moussaoui has behaved perfectly in front of the jury since the trial started March 6 and only yells out "sound bites" when the jury and judge leave the courtroom. The latest of those came during a morning break yesterday when Moussaoui called out, in his thick French accent: "Crazy or not crazy? That is the question."

Oh, he crazy. Crazy like a fox. I'm not sure whether or not I want him offed. Maybe growing old in a box would be more satisfying.

Either way, I'm not losing sleep over him. Whatever happens happens.

I'm more interested in thinking about MY little vacation. You like beach?? Me go to desert mountains. Climb big rocks. Paddle rapids. Ugh!!

It makes you wonder just how crazy some of these guys are. On the one hand you would think the rest of them wouldn't want Moussaui or Richard Reid anywhere near them, but they're dead. Maybe they were just as crazy.

I think in this case it might be a good idea to give him the death penalty and fast track the appeals process. He only gets a quick bang as a martyr if we let him ride the needle, stashed away in a cell he will be used as an excuse for kidnapping from now on.

PS: If that last paragraph is language practice in case you run into desert Indians, I would try Berlitz.
Your approach sounds as good as any. Maybe we could give him a fake execution? Tell the world he's dead, but let him know that the US will make every effort to insure that he has a long life... so he can see how quickly he's forgotten? Like all the other "martyrs"?

Just thinking "out loud" here...

Does Berlitz have classes in Navajo??

Try this, I got there through a Berlitz search. Whoda thunk it?

In preparation for your trip into the wilderness, the most important word to learn first is "Hello!". That would be "How!" where you're going.

RW & Seneca,

He speaks 4 or 5 languages and has a Masters degree in business. All that despite a terrible (who cares) childhoood. Just imagine what great things he could have accomplished if he hadn't been a victim of Francophobic racism.

He did make one statment which I agree with - His million dollar liberal lawyers were recounting his terrible childhood and he shouted out something about "American rubbish!".

Death on the uberfast track and don't let anyone tell you that he'd better off alive and not a martyr.

It figures... a course in Navajo... which is supposedly very difficult to learn (remember Code Talkers?).

I'll just have to go with the stuff I got out of Tony Hillerman novels.

BD, he'll be a classic Islamic martyr either way... i. e. after the trial everyone will forget his name. I'll go with whatever the jury decides.
Buy Danish,

The only thing that lingers in the back of my mind about this one is that I'm not sure if they could have convicted him without his confession and I'm not sure they would have gotten the ruling that he was eligible for the death penalty without his testimony.

I think an escape attempt gone bad might be the way to go here.

Navajo may be even more difficult than French. Maybe you should go to Europe instead?

Hello in Navaho is "yá'át'ééh"

Good luck!

If the kind of Navajo you have to learn is anything like what BD just said you can practice here.

For what ever it's worth, I won't ever forget his name (although it is tough to spell).


The confession was a stroke of luck. Made up for the streak of bad luck that I want to personally thank Jamie Gorelick for.

Yin yang. Or is it ying yang?

Whatever goes around comes around works for me.

I worked several summers with the Navajo at Ganado. I really enjoyed being there but never learned the language. It is one tough language. Heard a code-talker make a speech one day at Window Rock.In English, fortunately. He was a proud, old veteran. There's a memorial there to many Navajos who were killed in the service. We kinda forget about them. A female Hopi soldier was killed early on in Iraq.

Anyway, sounds like you are going to Grand Canyon. Give a little salute for me. It is so beautiful in a mystical way. I love it.
hello all,
RW, I think someone stole a viking kittie...

seneca, don't do a Young Guns, the cacti are poisonous.. I like your idea of making everyone think they fried him, then they can let him sit in a box and think about it, for...ever.

Close enough. I'll be in Moab, Utah, which will be a distinct change of pace from the Low Country.

Jay not jay,

I'm sticking to tequila and will avoid the peyote!

Buy Danish,

Thanks for the bon voyage. Later!

Moab huh? And here I thought you were only worried about rocks and rock dwelling critters, be careful. More importantly have a great trip.
So that's why Eric has to deal with all those cop cars and news vans every day? So Moussaoui can sit and make ridiculous jokes?

(See the kind of heavy hitting commentary you get from me? Aren't you glad I respond to your posts?)

I suggest that we hold all future terrorist trials at Club Gitmo just for Eric's sake.
There's NO way he came up with this. Just not buying it.

Hey, you STILL haven't explained where the hell you're going, dude...

Or maybe you have and I just missed it. Drat me all to heck!

I discussed it here. Although I've had a tiny delay caused by some ridiculous anti-crime program where the local police are insisting that various outdoor home repairs be done to every home in my area within the next two weeks.

The crazy thing is that our area will now be crawling with illegal aliens for two weeks. I'm sure that's going to be really helpful in crime fighting.
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