Monday, April 24, 2006

Star clouds over Arizona

awesome picture!

I got it in e-mail a few minutes ago and wasn't sure what to post about it, but I love the picture. Here is the explanation:

Explanation: The clouds in the foreground are much different than the clouds in the background. In the foreground are a photogenic deck of Earth-based water clouds. The long exposure used to create the above photograph makes the light from the left, reflected from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, appear like a sunset. Far in the distance, however, are star clouds from the disk of our Milky Way Galaxy. Billions of stars like our Sun live there, circling our Galactic center every 200 million years. Contrast between the water clouds and the star clouds has been digitally enhanced. Between the two, visible on the upper right, is the planet Jupiter.
i like it. i don't think you need to post anything else. simply allow others to view it in their own perpective.
Since this is the Arizona thread I guess this goes here.
Nice pic.

Pink taco, I had better leave that one alone.

Damn, that is twice today.

Twice today?

If that was you that popped in at AJC it couldn't have been at a worse time. It looks like the wankers have stolen Andy's (Liberals Suck and Lie) name and gone completely crazy tonight.
First of all, I don't suck and lie. Okay fine, I suck but I don't lie!

Second, awesome photo and I refuse to believe you had anything to do with taking it. (I'm only saying that because you think I suck and lie.)

Third, thanks so much for granting my fluff wishes. And yes, I know you're running nine yards in the WRONG direction with that one. ;)

I think you misunderstand the "Liberals Suck and Lie" business. That is a posters name on another blog not a catchall for liberals. (Well it does apply to most of the liberals there on that site).

Hell getalife is not only a liberal but a vicious liberal and we don't hold that against him!
cool pic.

rw, i don't understand this blogger stuff. i'm trying to set my page, but it doesn't make any sense. how do you post pictures? links? etc?

i'm getting frustrated. i don't want to ask molly for help. i want it to be mine. this is so unfair.

and yes, i'm stopping around like a little child. i'm holding my breath until blogger conforms to my wishes...huuuuummmpppphhh.

I saw you on at the AJC blog. It's one of those places you have to observe for awhile. Get to know who is who.

It's been going really well for quite well for some time, but somebody got their feelings or egos hurt and they resorted to name jacking. Don't give up on us. They should calm down.

Speaking of horizons, which I'm not, your name was a welcome site today.


There's something kinda sexy in that explanation. Don't ask me why, it's scientific, but sexy. I'm so strange!!!

You're going to have to breathe....OK, first I need to know what template you are using and I'll set up a mirror site.


The first thing mgc should know is that you are @@ in other places. That description is much nicer reading it with a less scientific approach. I wish I could embed the Train song "Drops of Jupiter" into the picture. Sounds like a job for DavidU.


Case 1 tonight.
I hate to post again, but I've been meaning to ask....can somebody tell me how to get out of here without having to back out three times. I always feel like I'm stuck in a maze.

I'd hate to find myself locked in here one day in my one-dimensional world.

You're lucky it's only three, I was trying to figure out how to trap everyone in here.

You can just hit your home page button and get out in one step though.
ok, i'm ok. "mirror site?" wtf? i feel like such an idiot.

oo is @@? does anybody have just one name?

who is mgc?

my site is mydevildolllife, btw.

rw, you're not really nicole are you? this internet stuff is wierd.

do you really have a kid? i thought we were the same age. i've got to read more carefully.
double d,

By the time I put a link to your site on my sidebar you had already wiped out your other posts. I thought you took that breath and calmed down.
dd - i am mgc! i stopped at your site.

rw - thanks, i will let you know which one on west. i have 1/2 hr to wait.
Is the Name-jacker really arguing with Andy? or with another name-jacker? Andy is usually not on this late.

You know what, never mind. Let him argue with himself
mgc, good to hear from you. check back later when i've figured out how to run a computer.

rw, i'm lost in cyberspace. i'll be princess leia if you'll be obi wan. help me obi wan.

That was a full scale melt down by someone and Andy is almost never around late. He's got to post our news links starting around 4:00AM.

One thing you need to do is go into your settings and change the timestamp, you're on mgc time right now. You seem to be doing fine getting posts up, what are you trying to do?
RW- I know 4am to 5am is the News by Andy! That's why, when I saw the mess over at ML's I figured the name-jacker was arguing with a pseudo Andy. I actually read most of those morning know, to make sure Pres Bush has not invaded Egypt by mistake or something ;)
I want to visit Devil Doll's blog. I know it will be fun. So you're going to put a link to it here RW? I'll check back.

Now I'm gonna try the front door. Just going down to get my map again.
Well shit!!! Where's the damn homepage button. I'm sorry I'm so stupid. Stupid, but determined, or I would have just done my three step exit.

Heelllppp, I'm stuck in RW's blog site. Panic setting in, I can't breathe, I can't breathe.

Do you think "News by Andy" would report the invasion of Egypt?


I put a link to devil doll in my blogs links on the right sidebar.


I set up a site with your template in case you need me to try something. doubledhelp.

It depends on your browser. In IE it is the little picture of a house up top, although it looks more like a doghouse.
Okay fine, so I [intentionally] misconstrued a sentence fragment. That doesn't make me a bad person, does it??

ps -- getalife's my friend. :)

AWESOME picture!! Reminds me a little of Utah, mostly the lighting, but only a little!!

I'm back from the desert, and I guess it's time to check out ml's page.

(holds nose!) :)
oh well. thanks for the help rw. tomorrow is supposed to be a rain day - free day! maybe i'll work on it then.

the internet is mean to me. if it were a person, i'd punch it straight in the mouth.

all i want to do is publish links and some pictures. i also want to publish some stories - about 4,000 to 8,000 words. i don't care about comments. i just want to write.

i even put on some flaming lips, but they're not cheering me up. i'm one mad devil doll. as my mom would say...i'm showing my ass.

thanks for the help rw. i'll try again later. i won't quit.
@@ - do you have a site to look at?

rw - i tried to explain this blog stuff to my wife and she didn't really get it, then she asked me if you were a male or female. i said i dunno. i said i think male what does it matter? she can barely turn the computer on.

I'm male, in fact everything in my profile is accurate with the exception of the soap whittling. My wife hates the computer, but I think it's because she's just a kid. ;-)

I noticed you got the time changed, that's a start. You can write away on the posts the way you are set up now. If you go to the dashboard for new post just click the edit posts and go from there. You can also turn on quick edit in your settings and you will see a pencil under your posts. Click on the pencil and it takes you straight into edit mode for that post. (Although the pencil is gone half the time)

If you really want to have to hold your nose go to the weekend cartoon with the generals and look at the last couple of hours.
i guess it would really help to read that profile thing huh? sorry, all the other reading was so interesting i never got there. that would explain your children. i am only 40 so there is hope for me, but sadly i doubt my wife will ever get it. she is good at paying bills online though, so that is good.

i did 5 picks on case 3 (my wife's choice) and 1 pick for all the others. i am sure DOND is laughing at me because i did it for free and not .99! stick it howie!
Rw- Of course he'll report the invasion, Andy may throw a party and even invite some of us semi-liberals! know for the laughs.

It makes sense that I would be older since I AM the internet (and I don't hate you devil doll) because I had to be around for Al Gore to invent.

He might be a little disappointed. I think he has the ticker tape ready for the Iran invasion, besides it looks like OBL is doing a number on Egypt already.

Do you know off hand how I can turn an MP3 into a link?
RW- Is it hosted on a web page or on your hard drive? If it's on a webpage already, then just like a link. If it's on your hard drive...then it gets messier.

You're right about the posts at ml's place. To say that the dialogue went south would be an understatement... I mean, they had nothing to DO with Rummy and the Generals, or pot for that matter.

I thought YOU were going on vacation!! Here I've been gone and come back and you're still immobile?? Or maybe they have DSL at your holiday paradise? Moab was kinda nice that way...


I could at least access your blog. And I'll be back!

It's on my harddrive, but I think I can go get it from a website.

It's been a mess trying to get away. It's all explained down on various threads, but the short story is that Gwinnett County has decided that some cracked wood on my fence and some cedar siding issues are the source of all crime in the county.

Actually they came through my whole area with a full employment for illegal aliens program in the name of crime reduction, but they don't plan to be around while all these repairs are going on and I don't think having the only empty house in the neighborhood would be wise either.

It's not like I really have a schedule though.
When you find the song online, then if you wan to make it look like getalifes with the little play button followed by the name of the song then here is the info:

<a href="URL of the MP3" class="audioclip"><img src="">NAME OF SONG</a>

Thanks! If I want to put an audio file in a post instead of in the profile is it the same format?
RW- Yeah I just tried it on a fake post and it worked....little play picture....followed by a link.

The song will open in a new page or on a music player.

Thanks again. I left a message for devil doll that she should really go straight to you before I screw her site up.
RW- If I can help, by all means. By the way, I'm not sure how you want to make it look, but you can also do this which gives you a whole control panel instead of just a link:

<object id="player" classid="clsid:CFCDAA03-8BE4-11cf-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA" width="300" height="36">
<param name="CONTROLS" value="controlpanel">
<param name="AUTOGOTOURL" value="FALSE">
<param name="CONSOLE" value="radio">
<param name="AUTOSTART" value="FALSE">
<param name="SRC" value="URL">
<embed name="player" type="audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin" height="36" width="300" autostart="false" console="radio" controls="controlpanel" src="URL"/>

Just copy and paste it to the post and substitute the URL for the MP3 address. It will end up looking like This.

I almost hate to say I was only curious. After that last instruction I am inspired.
No, mgc...I don't have a site, but I am a sight after being trapped in RW's blog all night. He didn't give me a "picture thingy" to get out. The little house at the top, got it.

Now I must get to work. RW, could you call my employer and tell them that I was held hostage by my shameful need for visual aids.


I'll get right on it! I could see if DavidU could write an escape script, but you would go to sleep again before you got to use it.
Great pic. Reminds me of a painting by Church... I will post both on my blog...
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