Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tony Snow may be arriving just in the nick of time.

By all accounts, part of Tony Snow's agreement to take the White House press secretary includes a high level of access and input into public policy decisions. Maybe he can wave today's column around and convince President Bush that if Americans wanted a Chuck Schumer they would just go to the Chuck Schumer. **CORRECTION** The article linked here is by Tony Blankley. had originally attributed it to Tony Snow. I think the sentiment in the story fits either way and he should wave Blankley's column around.

One of the things that always made me feel good in the morning was waking up and realizing I did not belong to the same political party as Chuck Schumer. It made me feel clean -- even before I took a shower. But now, with my Republican president pulling a "full Schumer," even a series of showers will not help.

Of course, no sensible person -- not even a sensible liberal (yes, there are still a few of that species roaming about in obscure locations, though they dare not show themselves at Democratic Party media events) -- believes that the price of gasoline went over $3 a gallon because of nefarious practices by Big Oil.

There is a worldwide price of oil inexorably being driven upward by increasing world demand, flat supply and rapidly increasing risk of war, terrorism and dangerous politics in most of the oil-producing regions of the world (Middle East, Nigeria, Venezuela, Caspian Sea Basin).

While it is true that the consolidation of the oil business through mergers a few years ago has, according to conventional economic theory, rendered the gasoline market slightly "imperfect" -- there is still vigorous price, product and service competition between both the big four oil companies and the many independents in retailing gasoline at the multiple stations at virtually every corner in American cities and on the highways.

**UPDATE** DNC claims Tony Snow is a racist. Do they have anything else to offer? Oh and they want you to send money. I'd suggest donating here instead.

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