Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tony Snow may be arriving just in the nick of time.

By all accounts, part of Tony Snow's agreement to take the White House press secretary includes a high level of access and input into public policy decisions. Maybe he can wave today's column around and convince President Bush that if Americans wanted a Chuck Schumer they would just go to the Chuck Schumer. **CORRECTION** The article linked here is by Tony Blankley. had originally attributed it to Tony Snow. I think the sentiment in the story fits either way and he should wave Blankley's column around.

One of the things that always made me feel good in the morning was waking up and realizing I did not belong to the same political party as Chuck Schumer. It made me feel clean -- even before I took a shower. But now, with my Republican president pulling a "full Schumer," even a series of showers will not help.

Of course, no sensible person -- not even a sensible liberal (yes, there are still a few of that species roaming about in obscure locations, though they dare not show themselves at Democratic Party media events) -- believes that the price of gasoline went over $3 a gallon because of nefarious practices by Big Oil.

There is a worldwide price of oil inexorably being driven upward by increasing world demand, flat supply and rapidly increasing risk of war, terrorism and dangerous politics in most of the oil-producing regions of the world (Middle East, Nigeria, Venezuela, Caspian Sea Basin).

While it is true that the consolidation of the oil business through mergers a few years ago has, according to conventional economic theory, rendered the gasoline market slightly "imperfect" -- there is still vigorous price, product and service competition between both the big four oil companies and the many independents in retailing gasoline at the multiple stations at virtually every corner in American cities and on the highways.

**UPDATE** DNC claims Tony Snow is a racist. Do they have anything else to offer? Oh and they want you to send money. I'd suggest donating here instead.

Okay, so I guess I'm one of those "rational liberals". Big Oil alone isn't to blame for $3/gallon gas.

But dontcha think outgoing ExxonMobil honcho Lee Raymond's pay package was a tad excessive?

Irrational arrogance invites irrational retaliation.

I don't know what the hell that link was, but it crashes my computer and resets the default settings in my browser.


I like what Ben Stein had to say in an interview I heard. He said Lee Raymond's pay package might seem outrageous, but on a per day basis it comes out to about the same as Kobe Bryant's and Raymond makes sure there is fuel to run our cars and heat our homes while Kobe provides a little entertainment.

He went on to say that the pay package was far less per day than George Clooney's pay and the best he could tell Clooney provided absolutely no benefit to society.
Well, dang!! It's a link to Comedy Central, and a Jon Stewart bit on Lee Raymond's windfall. It plays fine here via Firefox, but delete if you must.

Stein's comparison is flawed. During his 13 years heading Exxon/Mobil, Raymond took in $686 million. That's $46 million a year. No way Kobe earned that much, and no way Kobe's career as a star will last that long. And no way is he getting Raymond's $400 million retirement package.

Is Kobe worth it? He sells tickets. But there is a limit to what people are worth, and I think Raymond grossly exceeds it.

I'll delete it if other people are having trouble. It may just be me if it's video, I'm having all kinds of trouble with embedded video links.

God it's maddening how literally you take things sometimes. It was much more of an analogy than a comparison and I think comparative worth of unlike occupations is a big-lib idea that will never fly anyway.

You were trying to defend Lee Raymond's pay. I said no dice. And if analogies between people in different professions is a liberal thing.... well, you're not a closet lib are you?


How about comparing Teresa Heinz (temporarily known as Kerry)'s worth to Lee Raymond?

One earned it, one married it. One's richer. Guess who?


I'll log in again using firefox and will try the link.
Okay, I safely opened the link using Mozilla.

Not that it's worth it. I would put it in the low to moderately funny category.
They are back at it with the N-Ga vs Andy topic, over at ML's....

He's never going to be able to live that one down.
Buy Danish,

It must be something in my computer. During the NCAA tournament I was watching the out of area games and the second week I started getting just a blank video screen. Now it seems like any site I go to that has video clips on the page like PGA golf or Major League Baseball I just get a black screen in Real Player or a broken green screen in Windows Media Viewer, but if I go to Expose the Left I can look at Ian's video clips just fine.

(It was more fun to blame finch though)

You're probably right that that one conversation will come up from now on, but it proves that the people over there that say every post Andy makes is full of "hate speech" etc.

If it were true they could just scroll up whatever thread they were on.

I'm cringing at the Andy N-Ga catfight, but IMO Andy asks for it. Early every morning he posts a couple of fringe links amid his WSJ and Moonie Times rants, and then proceeds to insult everyone who has the nerve to question him. Often by calling them homo, gay or fag. And he does spend a rather obsessive amount of time posting.

I can appreciate and enjoy engaging in robust dialogue with you, Dusty and Buy Danish (among others) but Andy's in a league by himself, and I believe he invites the abuse he gets.

What's with the homophobia anyway? It kind of detracts from his arguments.

In case you stop by before DOND, it was case 6 tonight. I would have told you at your site, but I didn't want to leave a frivolous message on your post about Joe.
Tut tut, RW.. you are being, ahem, disingenuous.

The DNC is not claiming that Snow is a racist. Not at all. It is accusing him of saying that racism is no longer a problem in the US.

At the very worst, the DNC is accusing Snow of being obtuse.

To atone for your error, you may donate here.

Did they have to dress him in Robert Byrd's sheets to make their message any more clear?

To show you how fair I am though I will contribute to a Democrat.

You'd think I would know better. Tried to put a little distraction in the ml blog. So you know what happened. Zapped twice already.

finch scored points with some kind words. But I had to leave. Not entertaining those sorry jackers.

I think I will have a protest march. Yes!!

The jackers are all upset today. I don't think they like it when people fight back. I love the post from "you" that says you weren't the 10:52, but there are two Dusty's at 10:52.
Well, make that four times. Some loon is really staying busy tonight.

@@ said some kind words which I think Filthy McNasty (my husband's favorite derogatory name) has already tried to cut her down.

C'est la vie at ml's place. Bummer!

Not to change the subject, but I was in a Super Target today and noticed that Manichevitz comes in more than one flavor. Are you a grape or a blackberry drinker?
What's this business about the DNC dressing Snow in Byrd's sheets??

The last thing a Klan member is going to do is say that America "doesn't have a racism problem". The Klan revels in racial divisiveness!!

So while quoting Snow's "no racism" claim might make him look obtuse (in some eyes), it's not even remotely close to calling him a "racist".

BTW, you may have seen some leftist sites that have accused Snow of being a racist. They're based on alleged quotes from his columns that I can't authenticate. Since the DNC won't touch them, I won't either.

So there!

Dusy, I figured that was the real you who suggested a "pro Bush" campaign for ml's inspection. And I still think it's a pretty good idea. I've never quite thought of Bush as "the evil emperor" anyway...
Ah, RW,

a word of cheer...Manichevitz!

Grape is delicious but blackberry is magnificent.

Let me know when the delicious "M" shows up at Dollar Store, or my favorite, BIG LOTS.

OK, I had linked this so that I wouldn't have to bother to post it.


Today the White House announced the hiring of conservative news commentator Tony Snow to the position of Press Secretary. In October of 2003 Snow went on TV and said that racism isn't a big deal anymore. While Republicans have claimed to be making inroads within the African-American community, President Bush's recent hiring of Snow, a darling of the right-wing, proves that Republicans remain out of touch with African-Americans and minorities as a whole.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina President Bush's approval ratings fell to historic lows in the African-American community, which remains outraged with the inadequate, failed and misleading response of the Bush Administration.

"How can Republicans claim to be mending fences with the African-American community after hiring Tony Snow who just doesn’t get it," said Democratic National Committee spokesperson Amaya Smith. "Snow's comments that racism is nothing but an 'ugly memory' prove that he's cluless about what it takes to address concerns about the Bush Administration's failed policies and its botched response to Hurricane Katrina.

"Snow will continue to offer the same PR campaigns and misleading answers we've come to expect from the Bush Administration. Americans all over the country are ready for change but President Bush keeps offering more of the same failed and incompetent leadership. If Republicans were truly serious about reaching out to African-Americans they would back up their hollow rhetoric with a real change in policies and leadership."

No that doesn't sound like they are calling him a racist at all. I'm sure you'd love to be portrayed like that.
thanks for the DOND info. it was in case 4 here and i picked 5 for all of my picks.

this post is way beyond my ability to comment. i can't keep up with ml's either... politically inept!

ml's place is a cesspool today. There used to be a lot of good debates over there, but they are rare now. I think you saw part of a good one I had with rushncap the other day, but it seemed like it took about 24 hours.

Why wouldn't you take at least one chance on each case?
i usually do 1 each for each case and then pick the "lucky" 1 for the rest. i haven't been successful, so i tried to just pick one case and see if i would do better... right! i still think they throw out my "free" web picks!

Hang in here with us. Don't worry about inept. I don't even know what a DOND is. Do you play it, pluck it or position it?

Tell us more about your part of California. I've not seen much of your state. I'll read it tomorrow since it is 12:24 am here and that is past my bedtime.

G'nite all.
Thanks for the invite finch. Nothing personal, but why would I want to come play with you guys when I have a great toy next door.

I never sleep more than 5 hours and I can get by on 3. So we'll see who backs down. I'm pissed because I can't have fun at ml's anymore.

I do think you're right about our free picks. Especially because it says a limit of ten entries, but nothing seems to stop you if you wanted to just keep on putting in entries.

Glad you are still standing! And thanks for the rescue work.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. Wish I thought so.

I'm really gone this time. G'nite.

dusty - Deal Or No Deal (DOND) is a stupid game show that i am addicted to.
and thanks for the encouragement with my politics. i guess i am just opinionated and not political.

rw - btw, i did see rw vs. rushncap. that guy never shuts up about stupid things. if he is russian, that would explain why he wants to ruin this country with his liberalism, because russia has such a successful history.

ps - i tried to do a link to my post regarding dond, but it kept saying tag was broken?

blogger was just puking all over itself so it might have been that, but if the HTML isn't done right it will say "tag is broken" and the red lettering will tell you what part of the code has the problem.
thanks. the red was my whole thing. i will keep trying to figure it out. iy does not help that my site name is so dang long. i didn't know anything about this blog stuff when i started or i would have made it shorter.

i am up in the bay area (vallejo, on the top of the bay) and all i see are dem commercials for governor. this state really pisses me off with their liberalism. although, i heard in the last election for prez, if you took this state county by county, we were almost all red. L.A. and the bay area are so populated with libs that they won the state. at least they do have a conservative radio station here 560 KSFO (am) rush, dr laura and hannity.

Here's a California map OF the last election.

Tom Wolfe said it wasn't like there were blue states on the coasts and a red middle of the country, he said the blue areas were more like parenthesis. This is a county by county map.
man, you are the internet! i am in tulare county (just above straight line that goes across the middle of state) we are proudly RED!

what is wrong with maine, mass, nh and vermont? idiot maple tree suckers!

If the DNC wants to use the "Tony Snow is a racist" line, I think they should.

It should go over just about as well as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants protesting and carrying Mexican flags.
Buy Danish,

Reading that release from the DNC, how does anyone come away thinking they are saying anything other than Tony Snow is a racist?
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