Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well George, the fundamental difference is a leaker is a Republican.

More importantly, Kerry's notion that a leak is mitigated if it contains truthful information is as wrongheaded as it gets. I would think that leaks, by definition, are truthful. If you are leaking something that isn't true, you can hardly be leaking anything, can you? You would just be making things up. How can disinformation fabricated by a "leaker" be classified? This is sheer idiocy. Further, Kerry's idea that the American people's opinion matters in whether Mary McCarthy should be prosecuted also misses the point. This is a criminal matter, not political, and prosecutors don't take polls before filing charges. Well, they're not supposed to, anyway.

More stories about a McCarthy that is suddenly loved by moonbats far and wide.
Peter Brooks at NRO "Leakage 101" is a good start. h/t Andy! Then you have the "move along, nothing to see here" piece from the Washington Post. h/t finch! Or is it Seneca?
I'll add more stories if something really juicy comes along otherwise point/counterpoint stories will likely be linked in the comments section.

This may come as a shock to Bush apologists, but no Democrat I know is excited about a Kerry candidacy. He's another example of how "Free Speech" gives everyone the right to make fools of themselves.

Although I have to admit, every time I chuckle at the disarray among the GOP faithful, someone like Kerry reminds me that the noble opposition isn't exactly a monolith! Nope, far from it!

RW, you know darn well I'd be finch here if only those nit-pickers at blogger would let me... is it true you really postponed your vacation because you missed me while I was taking mine?


PS - The old CW is that Utah is the reddest of Red states. New CW? Shockingly purple!

I have already gotten totally boring on this subject over on ml's blog.

I must remember Concise Concise Concise! Berate liberals CONCISELY!!

But those liberals are so aggrevating !!!Ehhh CAnnot comprehend!! Cannot comprehend!!
Must get another dose of coffee!!
Seneca Finch (To Kill a Pigeon?),

I have finished repairing my criminal fence (I always knew that was a term for a criminal, but I had no idea it was really wood they meant) and have some siding too fix. Then I will leave so that my house can be robbed in peace.

That purple is left over from 1996 when Clinton was red and Dole was blue.

The back and forth of whether someone is a lesser leaker or a Pulitzer patriot (Thanks Danish!) is pretty boring to me too. I'm just happy somebody is finally looking into the CIA.

I thought this would be a good place to collect stories though.
Pulitzer Patriot really is a good line! It can be applied to the NYT and WashPost crowds, and to ml by both wingnuts AND moonbats!! Hats off to you, bd!

The leak debate is getting quite ridiculous. If you give it some thought, the primary keeper of secrets can't be accused of leaking any. Subordinates can, but he can't. To argue otherwise is (as Spock would say) illogical.

I really meant that I was boring--sorta like Huge. Too much and too long.


I believe that the president has the privilege of having the last word. Do you want CIA operatives to have the same privilege in their line of "secret" work? Blabbing to the press is secret? That, to me,would be illogical.
This article reminds me of how puzzling I find liberals thought process. It's almost a backwards, forwards, backwards process and then full-speed ahead (progressive).

Conservatives on the other hand, go back to pick up the pieces, carry it to the puzzle and assemble to take a look.

That probably didn't make a damn bit of sense to anybody but me.

Of course that explanation made sense. David Limbaugh is just trying to keep up with Kerry-speak.
do libs ever really do anything constructive or just spend all of their time trying things to complain about? if they put half of that energy into doing things that make sense and are helpful to this country, we would be so much better off.
...time trying [to find] things to complain...
I think liberals do simply look for things to complain about. For instance, they constantly say Americans need to stop driving so much because of global warming. But, now they are saying gas should remain extraordinarily cheap compared to world prices? Go figure.

Opportunistic critics.

You've got that nailed. In a lot of western states where they have been able to push more fuel efficient cars to the point of actually making a difference, they are trying to change the tax structure to a per mile tax.

Don't you just know they will try to keep both taxes once they get it through.
Well my interpretation of the liberal thought process is supported by mcg in his 7:14 post. "Trying things to complain about". "Backwards, forwards, backwards and then full speed ahead".

Must be a California thang! Thanks mcg. Please don't be offended if I slip up and call you "MSG" one day. I do seem to have a problem between my brain and my fingers.
Oops! Make that mgc. Just let me take my brain out and finger it a little to see if I can get to work properly. I'm laughing at myself, you may too, I don't mind.
You and your politics. That's it, before the end of the week, I want a post about kittens.


Forgive me. I'm semi-conscious right now and really have no idea what I'm talking about.

Kittens just for you!
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