Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well George, the fundamental difference is a leaker is a Republican.

More importantly, Kerry's notion that a leak is mitigated if it contains truthful information is as wrongheaded as it gets. I would think that leaks, by definition, are truthful. If you are leaking something that isn't true, you can hardly be leaking anything, can you? You would just be making things up. How can disinformation fabricated by a "leaker" be classified? This is sheer idiocy. Further, Kerry's idea that the American people's opinion matters in whether Mary McCarthy should be prosecuted also misses the point. This is a criminal matter, not political, and prosecutors don't take polls before filing charges. Well, they're not supposed to, anyway.

More stories about a McCarthy that is suddenly loved by moonbats far and wide.
Peter Brooks at NRO "Leakage 101" is a good start. h/t Andy! Then you have the "move along, nothing to see here" piece from the Washington Post. h/t finch! Or is it Seneca?
I'll add more stories if something really juicy comes along otherwise point/counterpoint stories will likely be linked in the comments section.

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