Sunday, April 02, 2006

When sharing salami with a rival don't leave them all the slices!

Or something like that. Maybe we should peel back the onion to get to the truth or at least eat our tangerines one wedge at a time. Yes ladies and gentlemen it's Pravda.

The USA, however, prefers to stick to another point of view. According to Condoleezza Rice, Iran has been isolated more than ever before. Rice scathingly called Iran's nuclear strategy a "salami" tactic, referring to how Tehran continued to change its ambitions slice by slice. Ms. Rice apparently meant that Iran wins one concession after another saying that it is a “peaceful nuclear program.” It is not ruled out that Iran can eat the whole salami one day.

Salami tactic? That's one of the silliest bits of rhetoric I've ever heard. I mean, I know what she meant, and she raises a good point, but couldn't she have been a tad more eloquent?

Maybe she was eloquent, maybe she wasn't. I haven't really seen this "salami tactic" widely quoted so it could be a product of Pravda. If she did say this perhaps she was trying to relate to Howard Dean Democrats.

Now THAT'S funny! "Hide the salami" meant something completely different when I was younger. It had something to do with "poke".

I haven't seen that Condi quote anywhere else either. You don't suppose Pravda made it up???


I LOVE the English language version of Pravda, you can't really tell whether they make things up or if it comes from the translation robots they must use.

Now Howard Dean really did make his "hide the salami" comment and he may be the only person that ever heard it that didn't think*poke*.
Now whoever thought "Gus's (Lonesome Dove) definition of "poke" could be so embellished upon. What's so wrong with the "original intent", kinda like our Constitution. It is the intent that holds the most meaning.

Vote for Gus!!!

If you get a chance, would you mind translating the Gus/Lonesome Dove/poke item. As Vinnie Barbarino would say, "I'm so confused."

Off topic here, but just let me say that apologies are greatly valued by me. Now let's I have anything that I need to apologize to you for?

I'll tell you what, next time I visit Nicole's to comment "once again" on a softdrink, I will acknowledge that your armor is so shiny that I can see myself, no dings, no tarnish. How's that?

What exactly don't you understand about Gus and poking. Didn't you see my link? You may have to get the video of the mini-series. It is excellent if you like cowboy sagas. Robert DuVall and Tommy Lee Jones.

I think Nicole's weird cola thread has run it's course. I really don't like cowboy sagas, but I thought Tombstone was great if that helps. Val Kilmer stole the show and turned it into something of a comedy though. That's probably why I liked it.

I guess I'll have to go in search of this missing link you speak of.
I found your link and agree that that should be the proper definition. Interesting group of characters:

Gus and Call and Newt and Pea Eye and Jake....

If you liked "Tombstone" for the humor Val Kilmer brought, you will love "Lonesome Dove". Duvall and Jones are very funny in this movie. Rent it (the original) if it's available. You may have to purchase, although I've never purchased a video in my life.

Numerous people have bought it, maybe you have a friend who has it in their possession.

I'm next door trying to invoke some fun of my own and you have all left me. Once again I am disappointed. My fun mood usually comes at night, but by then, everybody is tired of the crap. So poor little @@ is left to play alone with a bunch of poops.
@@ aka OO,

Where next door? The last I see displayed from you at ml's was the CyMc/France link.
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