Friday, April 14, 2006

Who's up for rort reform?

PRIME Minister John Howard believed as early as 2002 that Saddam Hussein was rorting the UN oil-for-food program, but never suspected the Australian Wheat Board had any part in the corruption.
Testifying to the Cole inquiry, Mr Howard said he "did not receive or read" any of a batch of diplomatic cables documents that could have alerted him to suspicious deals between AWB and Iraq.

Oil for food scandals sound so much more interesting when you discuss rorting.

i learn something new every day. thanks.
So I'm interested here. Do you think he knew, or are you humored by the use of the word "rorting". Whether you realize it or not, I depend on your clarification in all things complicated.

It's a burden that you must bear.

I'm mostly intrigued by the word rorting. I think John Howard is an extremely honorable man and a tremendous ally of ours.

In Australia the word "root" or "rooting" is a little different too. It means having sex, so rooting for your favorite team takes on a whole new dimension.
I must make a retort

To this Aussie word "rort".

The kangeroos have long said it

When their babies bit the bab-it

And moms gave a short snort of rort.

(I know. That's the worst poem YET!)

That poem it was lacking

One might say you're slacking

But it's really a hoot

that you didn't use root

or your effort would really be quacking
So I've improved my vocabulary twice!

I now know what rort means, and I know now that when in Australia, use the verb 'root' very judiciously.
Hey, RW,

I'm a NICE girl. No root'n'toot.

Quack Quack!

That's a very judicious quack.

Can one say "Root you, wankers!" to the dirty bathwater crowd, or is that an incorrect use of the word?
Buy Danish,

That would would probably work or you could tell those figjams to rackoff.
"Root" has always meant the same thing in english when applied to an instrument used in the process. I guess it's a difference between a noun and a verb.

Enough dirty talk now. I've always
thought of John Howard as an admirable man. But then I think Aussie's in general are probably people of good character. I know they like their fun so they've gotta be.
Okay, so I see what the word means. Now I just wanna know who the hell made it UP!
Hey RW, just drivin' by. OO, I wanted to catch the fox, but I keep laughing too much.
I've never even heard of rort before.
Danger Will "El Patro" Robinson danger...

Maybe never having been rorted is a good thing.
Danger! Danger! My hooks are flailing wildly!
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