Thursday, May 18, 2006

131st Running of the Preakness Stakes

The field is set and it's time to knock mgc off the top of the horse race handicapping mountain. This time there are three weeks of gloating at stake. With Barbaro an overwhelming favorite and the recent history of Derby winners going on to win the Preakness, this time you should pick the top three finishers in order. (Dusty, you should try to pick horses that are actually in the race.)

Since the Preakness is also the run for the coveted blanket of Black-Eyed Susans, it follows that the beverage of choice on Saturday will be the Black Eyed Susan.

Oddly the Black Eyed Susan isn't in bloom this time of year so if you look closely you might notice that the winner will actually get a blanket of Daisies with the "Eye" painted black.

I'll start this off by going with a finish of 5-3-6.

Win-Brother Derek

Place-Hemingway's Key


If you persist in not letting Black Beauty run I'm not playing.

Besides...Scotty beamed me up to California and mgc's plastic alligator ate my swim suit. Got me on the run (and nobody was betting on me).

You just cannot trust a California alligator.

Be careful out there at mgc's clothing optional resort. It's just as well you don't play because I'm sure if you won we'd all have to toast with Manichevitz.
Maybe you could turn Tara's drapes into a new swimsuit. Might be a bit hot, but very elegant nevertheless (which is what really matters in California).


That cocktail sounds delicious!

I'm going with Win - Barbaro, Place - Sweet Northern Saint, Show - Diabolical.
ok, as defending champ *cough,cough (lucky bastard)* i am picking 6-5-1

win - barbaro
place - brother derek
show - like now

"honey, get me that drink now please and put out the gator, we got company comin'!"
Only 9 horses in the running? The only thing that will save horse racing from becoming boxing (an after thought) is a triple crown. With that said:

1. Sweet Northern Saint
2. Barbaro
3. Bernardini
What's with the #'s. O.K., I'll say.

Win-A beautiful horse 'or' "El Prado" because of something to do with a Maker's Mark Race and Buff likes to drink that.

Place-A beautiful horse 'or' "Bernardini" because it sounds Italian.

Show-A beautiful horse 'or' "Diabolical" because a diabolical mind intrigues me.
Buy Danish,

The recipe must have been written by the Mount Gay Rum folks and they also must not have a vodka brand. It is delicious, but wait for three weeks. The Belmont Breeze is even better!

Champ err.. lucky bastard err... mgc,

How did your wife take the news that you would all be singing full time from now on?

It's tougher and tougher to get a Triple Crown winner. The top horses that don't win the Derby tend to rest the five weeks for the Belmont and that 1 1/2 miles at the Belmont Stakes really wears on a horse that has run all three.


Are you trying to emulate Dusty by picking a horse that isn't in the race? Beautiful horse "El Prado" that you have in the win column isn't running (he may not even exist). Barbaro's jockey is Edgar Prado if that's what you meant. Once you put down the Makers Mark let us know.

she suddenly lost her voice - go figure!
Excuse me, but did you just insult Dusty by comparing her to Slow OO?

I wouldn't stand for that Dusty!

I told you RW, I don't know anything about horse racing. I went to some site. There were letters with #'s in ( ), funny names, people names, stuff that was very confusing.

Just put me down for:

Win - A beautiful horse.
Place - A beautiful horse.
Show - A beautiful horse.

If an old grey nag wins, places or shows, I lose. Try to imagine me giving you a "rasberry" right now. I've had a lot of instruction from the kids at school lately.
And BTW Mister, where's the tip sheet you promised. Make sure it's written in a language I can read. Anything foreign leaves me with "loose nuts".

Another "rasberry".

You got too close the first time, so you have:




You can't take "a beautiful horse" because at this level that describes them all.

I told getalife that those anonymous messages on the post he did for your kids all have links to spam ads and he should delete them. You may want to step in if those are supposed to be there for any reason.

Here you go. You have to get to the track early Saturday morning if you want a really good $.50 tip sheet.

(pstt--Bet on Black Beauty 'cause he's gonna win!)

Come on down to Florida.. My folks and I (only ten of us) are going to surprise RW. Spend the rest of his vacation with him. He will love GrandPa and Ma and their Great Dane "Tiny". And we're all HUNGRY!!

Didn't work out with mgc. His alligator couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Wouldn't stop yodeling.

You better come down in shifts because my bar only has eight stools and Rick and Tina have purchased two of them ever since RW figured out we could get outside access from my computer.

Don't listen to Michael, I think he is absorbing alcohol through his hands. We had some yodelin' Gators here last weekend, but they were from Gainesville.
Buy Danish..

Get those bags packed. We're all headed to Florida. RW is going to love this surprise. We'll stay with him. The more the merrier!!

Besides, I will be wearing my new swimsuit. I combined the Tara drapes with my Hogzilla tee shirt and it is fantastic, even on a bar stool.

(Psstt--bet on Black Beauty 'cause he's gonna win.)

I hope you are not putting anything STRONG in RW's lemonade. He's still young, you know.

(Psstt...Bet on Black Beauty at the Preakness 'cause he's gonna win.)

Michael is trying to close for the night. Can you believe the nerve of some folks?

We'll leave the lights on for you, Danish, and the families! (Even if the rude barkeep won't)

I've been looking everywhere for my Hogzilla T shirt! Now you have it and you have an elegant swim suit original. That's SO not fair.

What will I wear? My red carnation is really getting wilted. Oh well, after a few Black Eyed Susans no one will notice.


South Park had the "Die Hippie Scum" episode on yesterday. Perfectly hilarious. The "know it all hippies" are so Goldie, JoRo and Rushncap - just older, and I am turning into the female version of Cartman.

I've been trying to slip him Manichevitz, but he keeps catching me. Is that the Preakness or the Friday night Armadillo race I should take Black Beauty in?
Buy Danish,

If only we could throw them a few joints and a guitar.

I can't talk Michael into leaving me in charge so I guess I'll stop by tomorrow. (Or maybe you'll be here by then)

Goodnight! 'night Dusty!
"Didn't work out with mgc. His alligator couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Wouldn't stop yodeling."

dusty, you promised not to tell anyone about my caligator! it can't help that it is a freak. i checked it's papers and it's last name is pelosi. this may explain a whole lot. thanks anyway for blabbing! have fun in florida

Do NOT give RW any Manichevitz. SAVE IT FOR ME.(He will beg but don't listen to him.)

About the armadillo race. Do they need any jockies? I could use a few extra bucks.

If a lady with a wilted red carnation comes in, share a little 'chevitz with her. She's had a tough day but stood all ten rounds and won on a technical.

G'nite all...I'll cut the lights off.

Sorry I "leaked" your caligator secret. Now everyone knows he isn't Elvis.

But glad you didn't tell me that his last name was Pelosi. If I had known I might have blasted poor cali with my ray gun. Not a pretty sight.

Keep singing that sunshine song. G'nite.
dusty, you are my sunshine...

Put me down for 6-1-7 please.

Win- Barbaro (gotta do it)

Place- Like Now

Show- Sweet Northern Saint

Good luck to all!

If I win, drinks are on the house! Just send me a bill RW.

Enjoy the rest of your vaca.
Dude, you are blogging at a bar and using the bar owner's access?

You are a blog junkie and for Tina's sake, seek help man.

May I suggest Bloggers Anonymous.

Hi, my name is Joe and I am a blogaholic.

lmao... blogaholic!!!!

I am such a horse racing novice. I'm the guy who picks ponies 'cause I think the jockey's "colors" are cool.

Tell me this... there were 20 (I think) horses in the Kentucky Derby. Why only 10 at the Preakness? Is Pimlico pickier? A smaller track?

Oh well, here are my picks:

WIN - Bernardini (8)
PLACE- Barbaro (6)
SHOW- Like Now (1)

Gentlemen! Start your... horses!!
Jay not jay,

Are the drinks for the people here or the others at the Tiki bar?


I'm doing a public service for the bartenders by making my blog available since it is an easy way to get the recipe for a Black Eyed Susan.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Encouraging getalife can be extremely dangerous. Tread carefully.


The Preakness always draws a much smaller field for a number of reasons. The main one is that it's only two weeks after the Derby and there is only one that can now win the Triple Crown. (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes). There are also a good many horse folks that insist that the Pimlico track has very odd running lanes that make the horse feel like it's running in a circle.
Jay not jay,

I worded that poorly. Are the drinks for the regular bloggers here on the site or the people at the bar?
I don't know if anyone noticed but I survived a triple simultaneous wanking, a coordinated attack right at cartoon boy's closing time. My friend at the AJC removed them for me, whatever good that will do for the future. Supposedly they have a "user's agreement" that bloggers must abide by, it remains to be seen if any real enforcement will ever be taken.

I guess it's worth something that the wanker's post isn't left up for posterity, if you can catch it in time.

I tried to convince them that the wanker was getalife but they said no, it was not. I then tried to talk them into banning getalife as a warning to all of his fellow wankers, but they said no, we can't.

I like to mess with him.

The trick to the off hour posting and no I'm not the "AJC Blog Moderator" and I honestly believe that it was her, is to leave a window open with the comment section in it before 5:00pm. As many windows as you have open is how many posts you can make. Once you post or hit refresh, you have lost that window and the ability to post.

See my recent shameless blog advertisement for an example.

I sense this won't last long because getalife will probably share this with his fellow wankers and like everything else, they'll abuse it.

I did happen to catch the disappearing wank job this afternoon. Does your friend have any control over this silly time restriction?

That's too funny about how to post late. I can see a new game starting up with the jackers trying to figure out if they should post or if their victims might still be armed.

Thanks for the ad and where are your Preakness picks?

Now that is funny.



It took you long enough to show up here!

I sent an email to the AJC to illustrate how useless their time restrictions are, and I used the wanker's 5:03 and 5:07 posts as evidence.

Now that they have been removed, "dglass" will think that I am THE wanker, or A wanker at the very least.

Fine mess you've gotten me into! Can you get your friend to put them back?
Back to the horse race---ah ha!


Eat your heart out!!!
Alright wankers,

Barbaro to win, no contest to this horse. much for Barbaro!!
And Seneca takes the Preakness!
Random luck.

And I feel badly for Barbaro. What a way to end a career.
Congratulations Seneca! If he hadn't won, would it have been me?

I really don't understand how you guys do this, but I think Dusty won because she said she did. Was the beautiful horse black?

You're a winner in my eyes Dusty no matter what the guys decide to do. The Manichevitz is on me and I'll bet there is a Black-eyed Susan in full bloom somewhere in these United States of America. Put it behind your ear and drink the wine.
Now I'm reading where alot of horses with the same injury had to be euthanized. I hope he's gonna be O.K.

I really am hoping he will be O.K.

Our beautiful black horse WON!! Don't listen to these guys. They're color-blind. Here's to BLACK BEAUTY!! I'll send your blue ribbon.

I'm a wee bit tipsy from all the Manichevitz. Thanks! I have a golden-eyed Shasta daisy tucked behind my ear along with my lady-bug earrings. No Susans available.

Remember now. NO 'chevitz for RW (too young). And none for mgc(he gives it to caligator). Cheers!
Congratulations Seneca! It seems based on the success you and mgc have shown that one really needs alot of inside knowledge of the horse race business to make these selections.


This is a bad injury that would in most cases result in the horse being put down. It looks like Edgar Prado did a real nice job of getting Barbaro stopped and the trainers said he didn't fight when the splint was being put on, so they may be able to save him.


I think you may have a case for claiming victory. Bernardini seems to fit your description well.

I just read about Barbaro's fracture. That is sad. I hope they can save him.

And speaking of breaks, I am watching the Braves. They had to help Brian McCann off the field after a player dived across his leg at home. Hope his leg isn't broken. Haven't heard yet.
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