Friday, May 05, 2006

The 132nd Run for the Roses

The first Saturday in May brings us the most exciting 2 minutes in sports. Be sure to make your picks in the comment section to win two solid weeks of bragging rights. After you make your selections mix yourself a refreshing
Mint Julep. (Dusty, you can't use Manichevitz in place of the bourbon) After the race when you find yourself in the mood for a great horse racing movie you may be tempted to watch Seabiscuit. Don't do it! It's a great movie, but Let it Ride is much more fun. Especially if you lost a few bucks on the Derby.

I'm taking Jazil, since it's owner Sheikh Hamdan is Dubai's Deputy Ruler and Minister of Finance and Industry......

And that would just be too funny after the whole Ports deal.

Jazil has just been scratched by a petition signed by Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

I liked Brother Derek back in January, as my loser horse race pool can attest, and I'm staying with him despite the favorite's jinx.

Watch out for "Cause to Believe" for a totally different reason. I used to spend several weeks a year at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Brent Musberger came in to the race and sports book from time to time and was unbelievably successful picking races. I sat behind him once when he picked 13 of 14 winners and passed on dozens of other races. He is taking Cause to Believe.

The only problem is I don't know if he knows horse racing that well or if he only knows Northern California races that well.
horses go fast!
what are you still doing here? some problem with paint chips? go away! go to the beach! have a beer or two or three or...

go my friend go!

I'm telling you I'm convinced that I am a lying sack of shit that had no plans to leave anyway.

I am the only known victim of Stockholm syndrome that kidnapped themself.

However...I will not drive to Florida on Derby Day. Monday is the new target, did I mention I'm not working right now so it is extremely flexible?

i have read that you are closing your business. that is too bad. i remember that someone gave you a contact for a job in the telecommunications field, did that pan out or too soon still to know?

monday sounds good. luck!

It's too soon to tell about the lead since I haven't done anything.

Closing down my business has as much to with the product not existing anymore as much as anything else and if it comes down to it I will resurrect it in a different form. The regulations and hiring restrictions are so ridiculous now that I would prefer a real job again I think.

If I ever actually leave I can come back and decide.
damn liberal regulations!

What are you doing in Kentucky? Horse racing!! Well I am not coming if I can't bring my Manichevitz. That stufff they make in Kentucky is no good.

Hope you get to join the Indians soon. Build me a nice sand teepee and I shall be down. Right now I think I could sleep on the rocks. It's 1:15. Wow! And the Braves lost. Boooo! G'nite.

Goodnight! Sadly you knew the Braves were going to lose as soon as Reitzma (sp?) came in.

If you must make your mint julep with Manichevitz go ahead. As long as everyone else is on their second one they won't know.

Oh...and you didn't pick a horse!

glad to see you visiting ml's blog. We can use some California sunshine over there. Stick around. Sometimes it is fun and sometimes...well...just OK.

RW always says something worth reading. You know how he is. G'nite.
Come to think of it...mgc...didn't pick a horse either. Jeez there's 20 of 'em, get with it.
Shhh RW,

I bet a quarter on Black Stallion. Don't tell. I'm going to be RICH!
dusty - thanks for the support of my entry in ml's world. i am not as well versed as all of you, but i can talk trash to any lib. that rushncap is an ass...

rw - a horse for what? jk, i know kentucky derby, but it really isn't that big of thing to me. i like things with motors. have you looked at my blog lately? i just got done with 80 horses! anyway, i'll look it up and pick a horse.

ps - who is andy that everyone talk of?
i will go with this one
Dusty & mgc,

Black Stallion and I'll look it up????? The title of the post has the names of 20 horses, not 80 like mgc has been out riding with and not a description. "Hey I'll take that cute one on the left"

Andy is currently posting as The AJC Promotes Hate And Racism. The problem is they hate Andy and constantly steal his name so he takes things that libs won't be comfortable using. He used "Liberals Suck and Lie" for a long time before they broke down and stole it.
hey i was successful with a link!!!! this is a first in my commenting history!!!!!!!

Show off!

Don't you just love rushncap?
lol.... you think my pick has got a shot? how could it be wrong with a name like that?

i am still in battle with that communist bastard at ml's!

Giacomo was 50-1 last year and won. With three year old horses and a 20 horse field anything can happen. I love horse racing, but it's popularity has become a good news bad news thing trying to find a dominant horse.

Most of the good three year olds follow a different path to qualify so they haven't faced each other. A horse is also aged in the year it was born so a horse born January 1st is the same age as a horse born December 31st of the same year.

With that knowledge in mind I'll take the brown one with the white spot on it's forehead.

i know that the horses go in a circle much like nascar and that is about it! i grew up 20 minutes from santa anita in so cal, but never got into horse racing. in cali i think it was for old farts with gambling problems. i know that back east it is much more important and followed. we out here are too busy hungering on trees!

That is such a funny stereotype. The story of Seabiscuit was that whole East coast West coast rivalry between horses and horse race fans.

How weird is it that horse racing rivalries were the forerunners of Rap wars?

BTW, I got hooked on horse racing in NoCal. Golden Gate Fields has the most incredible view of San Francisco Bay you have ever seen in your life. It just happens to be from the mens room urinals, so the planing wasn't really there.

i guess i just never got into the horses. i have always liked motorcycles and football. i played for 8 years until i broke my leg in a motorcycle accident.

I have had some mother motorcycle accidents, but I can honestly say they never affected my football or horse racing activities.

Of course, my football days ended in high school..I'M NOT Al BUNDY...and your horse betting days never really have to end. My twisted passion was motocross on (and frequently off) a Suzuki 250.

i love motocross. i am going to watch the final supercross tomorrow night on speed channel.

i ride some here
I'm going to go with "Showing Up", just because I like the name. I have to admit I've never been a fan of the ponys, either. I think of thoroughbred racing and I think of smoky dingy OTB betting parlors in NYC. Not fair, but true.

Speaking of the Derby, every year the Washington Post's "Style Invitational" holds a Derby related reader contest. Cross one race hopeful with another (sex is irrelevant!) and name the offspring. You get entrys like:

"Racketeer + Up an Octave = Tony Soprano"; "Kennebunkport + Press Gently = Maine Squeeze"; and "A Big Mistake + Up an Octave = Bris Miss."

The complete contest results.

Well, they made ME laugh...

That's just about the way they really are named except sex does matter.

Seabiscuit was named that because his sire was named Hard Tack. Back then they tended to leave Mom's name out. Damn sexist horse breeders.
I don't really like Tobey Maguire. The "little boy" look gets on my nerves.
(to the tune of "Goldfinger")
El Patro,

I can't tell you how cold that comment was.


I like it :-)
Lets Go Dubai!....Lets Go!

Lets Go Dubai!....Lets Go!

Do it for the Sheikh!

Come on Jazil!

Do it for Bush, stick it to Congress! LOL
We took Last Place!

Take that!
An invitation to pick a horse without a tip sheet. You're a lousy host RW.

mgc: I saw you on at ml's. I especially liked the "I will help, you suck". RW will advise. I thought you did great. Rushncap is emotionally fragile. An easy target.

I don't bet, but I do ride. Had my own for 8 years. You'll have to take my word on this, but I could run up behind my horse, clear her rump and land on her back just like an indian. Long legs help.
i was 3rd for my first foray into horse racing!

Since nobody took Barbaro or Bluegrass Cat the winner of 2 weeks of gloating is .....mgc with Steppenwolfer.

Congratulations mgc!!!

I'll try to be a better host for the Preakness, however I thought a drink recipe was sufficient.

Your Dubai horse actually snuck in for fourth. If you call in a stewards inquiry real quick maybe you claim interference on Steppenwolfer and get mgc bumped out our top spot.

no way dude! my horse ran a clean race! my horse is no barry bonds! i need a mint julep.

It's a plot. My horse was fifth, so a figured DavidU could do the dirty work getting you bumped back and then I would take his horse out.
RW- The Sheikh takes anything but a win as being in last place. It was a little touch and go there with the Sheikh; he was really pissed talking about infidels, stoning the horse, beheading the trainer, and was about to call Bush and say this was the Dubai Ports thing all over again. But I reminded him that he's still a Sheikh and stinking rich plus there is still 2 more races to stick it to Congress, so he calmed down and is now off to talk to Jennifer Love Hewitt, what can I say the man is a pimp.

Congrats to mgc.

nice try! i am going swimming now and gloat over my victory.

what did @@ mean when she said you would advise regarding rushncap? did i say something wrong over there at ml's? that person never listens anyway.

I think you know all you need to about rushncap just by observing that he never listens anyway.

He does seem like somebody that might take hostages someday though.


Thanks for calming the Shiekh down. If Jazil wind the Preakness can you send Jennifer this way?
RW did you hear about the game between the Yankees and Los Rangers last night? I'm surprised not ever Fox News has brought it up
RW- I'll see what I can do about that, I'm a pimp in training so I'm not sure I can swing that request but I'll consult the "I want to be like the Sheikh: Pimpin 101" and get back to you about Ms. Love.
So that's where Padilla went. I miss the Padilla Flotilla in Philly.
O.K., I'm assuming mgc won and the horses name was Steppenwolf-er? Allow me to bust out in song....."Born to be wi-i-i-i-ild". I'm kinda like Dusty, I'm not always clear on what you guys are talking about over here.

mgc: You didn't do anything wrong. You did grrreeeaaaaaat. You won't see me over there though until the cartoon changes. I am staging an Anti-Luckovich protest. @-
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