Saturday, May 20, 2006

Armed Forces Day-2006

Thank You!

Amen to that.

It's been an interesting week. First congress confirms that they are indeed lying politicians by voting against offshore drilling for fear of affecting the tourist industry (lead by Florida and California.)
Then we find out that maybe the crazy moonbats aren't that crazy after all when a Republican operative in New Hampshire is convicted of suppressing Democratic votes. What is interesting is the number of contacts with the White House and the millions of dollars the RNP contributed to defending the guy. I used to dismiss the moonbats who thought that there was a conspiracy to steal votes as crazy, but now I wonder what really happened in Florida and Ohio.
The previous post was by WashingtonState. How do I get my name on it?
I wish that I could write a magnificent poem suitable for our armed forces.

I have the gratitude but not the eloquence.

RW's words were the sincerest and best. I shall repeat them for our troops.

Thank you.
It is the thought that counts. You should write that poem anyway. People should know that you are sincere and I for one will applaud it.
Washington State,

I shall keep your kind thoughts in mind. We shall see. Who can resist such a receptive audience?
Just like you RW, to take the time to post something in recognition of "Armed Forces Day" while you're on vacation. May we all remember to say "Thank You". And you, too RW.

Thanks for your input on the ethical questions I have posed to you over the last few weeks. You have a good heart. What is interesting is that your decisions fit within the ethical guidelines that were formulated by Thomas Aquinas and still serve as the basis for most modern day ethical systems. The problem is that many practices that we have come to accept as being o.k., such as birth control, are not ethical within those guidelines. It is almost as if people look at ethical systems like a smorgasborg. Take a little of this and a little of that, but leave the sauerkraut because we don't like it. That inconsistency makes it difficult to formulate meaningful public policies.
Thank you, indeed.

Yes, they want to go back after severe injury. I think it is because they fell bad about leaving their friends behind.

Listen to them, they will tell you this.

I also think they should run for office due to this:
Oops, this
Well if it isn't Washington State here at RW's. A good place to be when you can't get to ML's.

I came to see if Dusty had posted that heart-felt poem. I always enjoy reading them.

Thomas Acquinas, huh?

"God, Who is the Author of reason as well as of revelation."

I'm with you on that WS. Philosophy is something I am always inspired to read along with all things in psychology. I simply can't resist the temptation. It causes my mind to "wander".

Today my mind wanders to "those" in Iraq and Afghanistan "each and every one".

I had left you a response to the question on the baby. I hope you got it.

I definitely think there is a place for veterans within our government. I always looked at it as a "step down" for them though, but I'll think of it as a "step through" to a better and brighter future for us all. Bring their discipline and integrity.

I was really impressed with General Honore' who took control in New Orleans. I liked the way he dealt with the media. "I don't have time for your questions, I've got a job to do here".

He did a fabulous job and, yes, I know there is more to do. It will get done. I have confidence in the ingenuity and determination of the community.
'Tis friends that warm and start the heart

To share a love, to share a thought.

For now on barren plains and hills of rock

Our brave ones move and make a stand.

For loved ones here, for oppressed ones there.

They share the danger. They fight the fight.

I see their pictures, their bright young smiles,

As if to say, I'm OK, just gone awhile.

And I in fervent hope and prayer do say,

Come home safely, our sons and daughters,

Come home. Godspeed and blessings. We miss you all.

(And let me be as strong at home
As each one of those who never falter.)
The words "Thank You" never seem to be quite enough.
you are so right! thank you is never enough! but none the less - THANK YOU FOR MY FREEDOM
Oh Dusty! Your poem was worth the wait...made me tear up. Very well said.

Thanks for stopping by. It would be nice if the tricks stopped during elections, but it's certainly not one sided and I would hardly call jamming phones so that one group couldn't contact another to remind them there was an election as vote suppression. It's quite a leap to say that people that knew so little about an election that they didn't even know it was being held would have been motivated to great civic responsibility by a reminder call.

I second OO, very nicely said.

Nicole & mgc,

I have talked to many soldiers mainly from the Viet Nam era and if you could even get them to say what they would have liked in exchange for their service it is almost always a simple "Thank you!"

I know it doesn't seem to be enough and Dusty certainly said it way better than I could, but I try to say those simple words every chance I get.

Sincerity always trumps eloquence, but you have combined both in your poem.

I wish I could be as inured to political shenanigans as you, but the fact that the RNP spent so much money defending their New Hampshire man makes me a little suspicious about their motives in trying to keep all this under wraps. If the leadership had actually told the guy to cut it out when they became aware of his actions as they claim, why would they then turn around and spend millions defending him in court? I agree with the judge in this matter.

I noticed you didn't address my pet peeve with the hypocricy of the Republican governor from Florida who wants to extract oil from anywhere but his own back yard. What do you think? Is the guy really ready for the national stage? Between that and Schiavo, you have to wonder.

Since I've already answered that pet peeve of yours about 85 times and we are in agreement on the issue I didn't feel the need to answer again.

I hope you either forgot AGAIN or that was a lame attempt at humor. If it was an attempt to come to my blog just to bait me it was downright rude.

Didn't mean to be rude. The real substance of that question was the second part. Is he a viable candidate?

I'm in beach mode so bear with me. If you mean Jeb I don't think the country would be ready for him, but I think he is very capable.

Maybe after four years of Hillary his time will come.

I think it's time for me to head back to a lounge chair. I wish Buy Danish would get here with the Pina Coladas already.

I won't bug you anymore. I am jealous. What beach are you at? The water at our beaches is too darn cold for swimming.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you stopping by.

We're at Indian Rocks Beach just south of Clearwater. There is zero danger of it being too cold for swimming.

If I'm up early enough tomorrow, I can leave you some links that should help to address your doubts on the Florida and Ohio elections. Voter Fraud is something that can encompass individuals in both parties. Notice I said "individuals" and that doesn't mean that everything can be tied back to Bush.

The Voter ID program is essential to restore confidence in the process and the Democrats are fighting it tooth and nail. I've always wondered why. See, I can be a "Doubting Thomas" as well as a Thomas Acquinas.

The main problem I'm having with the Democrats during this administration is that there have been so many accusations made, so many investigations "pending", that it takes on the appearance of an orchestrated effort on their part. I do believe that the media is culpable in this. If not, I'll say that they certainly are guilty of putting our national security at risk with all of their leaks.

As much as I admire our brave men & women who have and are fighting, I have to say that Mr. Murtha's comments that Andy linked to have enraged me. So much of what they do (the Democrats), does not have to be said in such haste and in public.

I watched something the other night where a Federal Air Marshall was revealing the weaknesses in the program. Actually revealed how an Air Marshall could be recognized at the airports. He said that he had gone to his supervisor to no avail. Why didn't he go to someone higher up in the government. Why did he have to expose the information for all the world to see? It's all looking so subversive to me.

Sorry RW, I miss discussing things over at ml's. I won't bug your site with politics anymore either.

You guys continue to enjoy yourselves.

Maybe I shouldn't comment here until I'm back in a normal routine.

I certainly don't want anyone to avoid politics and if people are discussing issues between themselves here I am thrilled.

Sorry for causing the confusion!
Well O.K. RW, with your permission, I will leave this here for WS. I still haven't taken the time to learn how to link over here so......

Washington State: I think that you will find an objective source on Voter Fraud here: There is nothing subversive about this organizations efforts except to bring about reform in voting laws so that all can be heard through their vote.

I don't know how objective that reference is since all the folks running it are Bush supporters and amazingly enough, they didn't find one instance of Republican culpability in voter suppression. I am enough of a realist to know that noone is perfect and the fact that the only instances of voter suppresion they could come up with were Democratic makes me suspicious. The icing on the cake is that they are ignoring the conviction of the Republicans in New Hampshire, which is the only conviction that I am aware of.

Did you tool around within the site? I would have sworn I saw some implications against the Republicans. I'm not sure how recently the site was updated so it may not include anything recent.

Voter ID makes perfectly good sense to me. It is a positive move in the right direction. It is hard for me to accept the resistance without suspecting some motive. It really is frustrating to spend so much of my time looking for answers realizing all the time that I will probably never find them in the world of politics.

I'll always continue to look further. It's the allegations without proof that create suspicions that fuel the machines that serve the party and not necessarily the people. What to do, what to do?

I had saved this for after 5:00, but I'm gonna give you part of my lunch hour. I'm going to declare a "draw" in our discussion based on this gem.

Just how sloppy is the vote validation process way up there in your state? @-

Be sure and link to the top [View latest John Fund on the Trial].

National Voter ID. Let's get 'er done. Not southern, actually spent my formative years just below you in California, but I like the phrase "Get 'er done". No nonsense, straight forward, like I like my leaders.

I am glad that you brought that up. I know Sam Reed and he is one of the fairest people I have ever met. When all the fuss was going on, he was getting death threats from Republicans all over the country because he was insistent that the laws of the state be followed. They couldn't understand why he just didn't arbitrarily intervene and declare the republican candidate the winner. The court case mentioned in the opinion article went forward as it should have and what killed the Republicans is that there were just as many questionable votes on their side as on the other. Personally, I wish that all elections received the kind of scrutiny that the Washington State election did. That way, we could identify and fix the problems we turn up. The opinion article you cite tries to make a very partisan and simplistic point about a very complex and bipartisan problem. I understand that Georgia has gone to the Diebold machines with all their security glitches. Is that a good solution?

Here is some info from a book written by the authur of that opinion piece:

"Election officials try to reassure voters by turning to computerized voting machines. But Fund shows that with the new technology come even greater concerns. Early in 2004, for instance, the state of Maryland, which has 16,000 new Diebold machines, commissioned a security expert to try to rig a practice election. He and his team broke into the computer at the State Board of Elections, completely changed the outcome of the election, left, and erased their electronic trail—all in under five minutes."

I personally don't have any problems with a voter photo i.d. system provided it is implemented in a fair way. The other part of the picture is that elections should be turned over entirely to bipartisan committees rather than overseen by partisan elected officials.

The point I have been trying to make is that you have concerns about the Republicans, and I have concerns about the Democrats. The Washington election was, what I call, a prime example of an either/or situation and can't really be proven either way. Somebody needed to step aside and get on with business there, just like in the Presidential election. Gore needed to step aside. All he did was arouse a suspicion that immediately divided this country in a very harmful way and there is no evidence that anything was done improperly.

I tend to make fun of Al Gore, but that's all it is "fun". I read an article yesterday. Headlines "Bush Snubs Gore's Film". When I read the article, Bush simply said he probably wouldn't go see the film. He also said that he believes that carbon emissions have contributed to global warming but to what extent has yet to be proven, but his administration has begun to advance technology that will address the problem. I am all for being responsible with the environment. There is a reasonable approach and then there is an approach that doesn't take all things into consideration. Hasty decisions that don't take all things into consideration can have some of those "unintended consequences" that never really surprise me.

I cannot operate from a place of suspicion. The most beneficial decision I ever made was to work with special needs children. It requires observation, evaluation and application. I apply that principle in everything I do, but I didn't always.

When a friend repeats something that they've been told, I always pose the question. "Do you know that to be true"? Sometimes it makes them think, sometimes it makes them angry, but the question needs to be asked.

You'll never hear me say "I suspect", but you will hear me say "I believe".

BTW, how will we ever be certain that bipartisan commissions are "truly bipartisan"? @-

But it definitely would be a step in the right direction and it would most certainly be questioned at some point.

Off to work.

Too bad those kids have to grow up. We are in the midst of a "suicide epidemic." Actually two kids committed suicide and one tried in the last week. Human nature never ceases to amaze me. First of all, the paper was very cooperative in handling the issue discreetly and not sensationalizing it. They published all the usual hotline numbers and warning signs along with common myths. The real problems came with the school districts. They didn't want to acknowledge there was a problem, let alone address it. After a lot of fast talking, they agreed to let a psychologist come down from Seattle to give a symposium for parents, teachers, and other interested people. Interestingly enough, I think my experiences dealing with people like Andy on the forum were a big help. Who woulda thunk it. It never hurts to see how the other side thinks.

I really am enjoying our conversation over here. I feel the need to thank our host, RW.

I'm not sure I understand your last post regarding kids and suicide. Have I missed something?

How does that relate to our discussion? Could you take a moment to explain. I am, afterall, Slow OO.

In the 12 years I have been working at the school, we have lost 9 children, but I've never had to deal with loss by suicide.

If I'm not being too personal, what is it exactly, that you do?

I am a practicing pediatrician who consults with the health department and the schools over issues that involve pediatrics fairly regularly.
There really is no tie in of the last post to the previous ones. It is just that by the very nature of what I do, I end up in the middle of the "culture" wars on a regular basis. I have to deal with idiot "liberals" who refuse to vaccinate their kids because they are convinced there is a government conspiracy to poison them. Then they raise holy hell because their kid was exposed to blood in a school yard fight and they want the other kid tested for hepatitis b because their child is not immunized against it. On the other hand, I have to deal with born again fundamentalists who seem to think their kids are immune from all the evils of present day society and don't want anyone talking to them about issues like sex, drugs, or suicide. That would be fine, except you could right books about what they don't know or at least, don't tell their kids. Witness Andy's reaction to my telling him that his kids were more likely to be molested by a family member, a minister, or a scout master than some stranger.
Well I guess you are smack dab in the middle of stubborn individualism. Poor Washington State. I really do feel for you.

I don't deal with those types of issues on my job. The parents are thrilled to have us working with their kids.

I have had to deal with a teenage daughter and all the angst. I must have been pretty good at it because her friends, male & female came for advice that they couldn't or wouldn't get at home. It always made me a little uncomfortable wondering if their parents might take offense and contact me. I figured, I'm an adult, I can take the abuse, but before I have to, the kids will have the necessary information. Like they say, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

I guess you are more restricted though. That's tough. I remember a pediatrician that I carried my daughter to at age 6. She was exhibiting a practice of "withholding" shall we say. The pediatrician verbally reprimanded her, explained the inevitable consequences, and the behavior ceased immediately. There are mothers who would not have tolerated that from a pediatrician, but I needed the help and if it worked, I would be forever grateful. If it didn't work, I didn't see the damage as that severe and I could always give her a hug and tell her that I loved her.

You can only be held accountable for your efforts and the motive behind them. If you're motivated by compassion, you're doing a great job.

Rest well WashingtonState, you try to make a difference in the world and I'm sure you do, although sometimes you may see it as an exercise in futility. I know I made a difference in the 9 kids that we've lost and I will forever be grateful for that opportunity and for the pure joy they brought to my life.

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