Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bernardini takes the Black Eyed Susans-Barbaro badly injured

Are we practicing alliteration here?

Blue Bouncy Buzzards Banter Bountifully Behind Black Barnyards.
Bernardini in Italian means Black Beauty. Si!
congrats seneca.

How much of a horse novice am I? I picked Bernardini because the odds were decent, and because the name was sort of like that of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Chicago's late Roman Catholic leader, who I thought was a pretty good guy.

Logic like this leaves more serious gamblers sleeeping under bridges.

But thanks anyway!

I bet a good psychiatrist would have a field day with the "bouncy buzzards" and "black barnyards"


The picture of Bernardini looks like Black Beauty. Black Beauty is a three year old isn't he?


Nice of you to pass the crown so graciously.


I know that someone so studied in the ponies, like yourself, probably already knows this, but if Bernardini wins the Belmont Stakes he will become the first horse since 1922 to win the last two triple crown races without having run in the first.

Happy gloating! (and there is a chance you can get Jay not jay to buy you a cold one for your efforts)
Poor Barbaro. Such a fine horse - too sad.
Andy has posted some wonderful "Weekend updates" at MLs place.

Anyone who calls Andy stupid misunderestimates him.

Thanks for the links (and comments) Andy!
Okay, this is not on topic, but...

"Saudi Men Who Rode School Bus Arrested".

Where are they really from? Saudi Arabia (Asia) or Morocco (Africa)? They're too confused to answer that difficult question - among other ludicrous discrepancies.

Of course CAIR is standing by their implausible story which blames the incident on "cultural differences".

Considering that the two men had green cards, were enrolled in an English language school, and a search of their apartment turned up nothing, I'm not losing sleep over this.

I'M BA-ACK! Too bad for the horse. I say either the rifle or the sleepy mask if you know what I mean.
Tourist (with a green card?),

BOO Yourself! (How creepy can you get?)

They were enrolled in an English classes, yet wanted to go to the high school to take English lessons? Maybe they just yearned for some younger playmates?

And their English wasn't good enough to communicate what country they were from, but was good enough to figure out what bus to board?

I don't know how it works in Florida, but there is no sign on the front that shows the destination in Georgia, South Carolina, or Maine - states I have resided in where my kid rode the bus.
el patro:

What about a pasture full of mares and a long line of little "Barbaros"?

Even better.
Buy Danish:

When it comes to our kids, I say better safe than sorry! Can't forget the Beslan school massacre.

I'd be curious to know how long the men had resided in this country. The variation in their stories concerns me. What were their plans for the future here?

It will be interesting to see if there is a lawsuit filed on their behalf against racial profiling.
I have to say that those two Saudis were more weird than threatening.

Boarding a school bus and conversing in arabic while wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a raincoat on a hot spring day is no way for a "sleeper" terrorist to conduct himself.

I mean, how conspicuous can you get?

Check them out, by all means. But I'll bet they were the victims of too much sun and too many Mai-tais.
Thanks for the good review Danish, I should have the "Sunday Special" up by 7:00 or so, right now the Cubs, The World Champions and my attention are all knotted up.

I've been trying to keep a low profile here; I don't want to bring the hate down around RW's house. This simple two paragraph post will probably cause great consternation and much rage in the pinko nation.
My this is an interesting set of comments for a horse race result.

Buy Danish,

People seem a lot more interested in the gator situation than the Saudi school boys down here. How the hell does anybody that so obviously doesn't belong get on a school bus in the first place?


I wouldn't worry about bringing the hate over here. They know, or at least they should know, that I can track their comments back.

I'll be looking forward to the Evening news.

The regular bus driver was out so a sub was working.


Who knows what Saudis consider to be bizarre behavior, since this sort of thing passes for normal.
Oops - forgot to include this text with the weird photo:

"Saudi Arabia forbids women to eat while publicly exposed. All restaurants, including this Kentucky Fried Chicken, have 'family areas' where women can eat behind the curtains."
Buy Danish,

Are you bringing the drinks anytime soon?!?!? If so I'll be back down on the beach in a few minutes.

That picture looks like a Saudi knockoff of the Gold Club.

BTW. I read on the AJC page that Barbaro is in his third hour of surgery and there are more breaks than they thought.


I'm with you, let's get him to his mares.

El Patro,

Welcome back...oh and that was an awful thing to say.


Has my site made it into some cheaper than dirt tour guide?

The drinks are chillin' and will be poolside soon. We'll have to have a virtual toast to Barbaro.

I hope he manages to get to those mares here on earth and doesn't have to wait until he gets to horse heaven.

That photo (minus the smiling Saudi woman) looked like a cheap hotel for hurried tourists.

I must confess. I cannot live with a BIG LIE (now that I know you can trace our names!!) I can only beg for forgiveness from all of you.

BLACK BEAUTY did NOT win the race. He is not a three year old. In fact, he is over 100 years old. BUT has narrated his own book and lived from good times to bad and back. I guess I read about him way back in the deep dark past. He's a sweetheart but gave up racing for book writing. (See Bibliomania) Hope you didn't bet on him.

So you see, confession is good for the soul. And I just got an offer from the NY Times to be a reporter. They love those who wander a bit from the truth.

May I have a pina colada if the Manichevitz is all gone?
More off-topic news that didn't make Andy's evening update -

"Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Sunday he believes journalists can be prosecuted for publishing classified information, citing an obligation to national security."

The nation's top law enforcer also said the government will not hesitate to track telephone calls made by reporters as part of a criminal leak investigation, but officials would not do so routinely and randomly.

Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I just checked out Michelle Malkin and the Saudi(?)Bus riders is her lead story du jour, despite the Floridian's obsession with gators. Indeed, their bail has been revoked.

Perhaps "tourist" will admit to a "boo boo".


Still sticking by "weird"? I'm sticking with "creepy".

If those two Saudis represent the intelligence of any Islamofascists sent our way, then we have nothing to worry about.

Who said anything about intelligent? Richard Ried immediately comes to mind.
Will I have to visit both ml's and here for my news now? Since the new hours at ml's, I look forward to reading Andy's, but I'm never able to comment.

BD: Richard Reid was my first thought as well. Dumb, but still dangerous. That character reference could also be applied to Moussaoui in my opinion, and he has been sentenced to life for his complicity in 9/11.

Apparently the regulars at the Daily Kos are sneering at our concerns. Here is a marvelous post from Robert Spencer of "Jihad Watch" sticking it to the Kossies:

That these malicious prigs at this website, drunk on their self-satisfied and ignorant ideology, should choose to ignore all these facts, sling irrelevant libels about "racism" and all the rest of it tells you all you need to know about them. These people are contemptible.
Buy Danish,

The St. Petersburg Times devoted almost two whole paragraphs to the "Saudi bus jumpers" and buried those in the Hillsborough section.

One thing you can tell from the MSM reporting and our very own media star Seneca's immediate dismissal of this is that the media that loves to say Bush lives in a bubble decides instantly what is and isn't a story with absolutely zero intellectual curiosity.
If you want to read about Muslims everyday, go here.

Thanks for trying to drive my traffic away!

Anyway aren't you a proponent of free speech? That would seem to include lgf if you ask me.

I heard just a bit of Rush today and he immediately spoke of the 2 issues I raised here - the Saudi bus riders, and Gonzales on the potential criminal culpability of reporters (in addition to Barbaro which is your baby).

Getalife must be more convinced than ever that we are part of some vast talking-points network.

And Seneca, who once admitted that Horowitz was brilliant has forgotten, or changed his mind, and has decided that he is an idiot. Ha!
Buy Danish,

Hitler was brilliant, too.
Buy Danish,

I only wish Barbaro was my baby. I'm something of an animal lover anyway, but I really love top quality race horses.

Getalife is going to be accusing you of working for Rush before you know it.
Hot lips Hoolihan. My first exposure to the leftist media. Great show: MASH.

That is quite an interesting comment, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it means unless it somehow references the Flaming Lips on the thread above this one.

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