Monday, May 22, 2006

Dems could always try coming up with a program...

....nah, losing and bitching is what they excel at.

The Democrats are acting like it is going to be their version of 1994: Then, Republicans made a 54-seat gain in the House and netted 8-seats in the Senate to take control of Congress. But their confidence is also their error. If the Democrats fail to recapture either chamber, which is the most likely scenario, then what does that say about the future of a party that cannot win when its opponent is at its worst? If Democrats manage to stay in minority status after November it says far more about Democrats than it does about Republicans. If they manage to take control it’s no big deal; after all, they are supposed to win, right?

Not to change the subject...ok there wasn't really a subject, but I just noticed on my "today in history" update that on this day in 1990 Microsoft rolled out 3.0.

Wasn't that about eighteen 5 1/4 inch floppies?
finch after hours,

Why are you so angry that Andy posted some op-eds over the weekend? I, for one, enjoyed getting his news updates. I didn't know that you were such a stickler for rules.

You and Midori are having a very emotional reaction to this that is puzzling, and can most kindly described as "irrational".
hiddee ho,

what's up there, bud? i just finished another semester - one more to go, baby.

how's things? how was the fishing?

what are the rules on the ajc? just took a glance and it seems like everybody's pissed at each other - more so than normal. lol.

We've been put on a curfew - 8 to 5 and no weekends.

Andy cleverly managed to get around it and posted some news items over the weekend.

The "other side" is up in a high dudgeon over this, although it looks like Getlife has figured out how to play the game and is enjoying it.

Go getalife!
This is fun. The culture of corruption is indeed turning into the culture of yogurt


I trust you don't mind our using your place as an open thread, particularly in your absence.
Um, ml's is open again. They ruined my fun.

Hey devil doll.
Buy Danish,

Angry? I'm highly amused! Really! I'm glad his obsession is keeping him off the streets, although I'm sure his family suffers from his absence. It takes time to cobble together all those fruitcake links to the Moonie Times, etc. But I'll try my best to encourage his irrational behavior.

As Suck said about getalife, I like to mess with him.

I'm enjoying the fact that Suck is so insecure that he feels the need to "hijack" the soapbox (which isn't brain surgery, by the way) so he can post without fear of rebuttal. And I delight in pointing that out to any new visitor or casual observer.

Personally, I prefer dialogue, so you won't see me there after hours. But more power to getalife, who is giving Suck what he fears the most. Opinions that rock his teeny tiny world.

mrs. godzilla posted a message for you. I wonder where she is posting from at 6:00 am? Japan?
hi bd, rules and regs? that's pretty lame. why invite people to blog, only to limit them.

andy's over here, now? hi andy.

hi getalife and seneca too.
well, this stinks. i finally come back and nobody's here.

i'm going to pout on rw's couch with my arms folded until somebody comes over.
devil doll! You DEVIL you!!

So it's 7 semesters down and one to go? The world trembles in guarded anticipation! (wink!)

Now, I don't expect you to stop pouting, because I am definitely not RW. But your visit has not gone unnoticed here!
that's right seneca, one more and that master's is mine - all mine.

things seem to have changed since i've been gone. could you fill me in? why is everybody a "wanker?"
Double D!!!!!

Sorry, when I rolled over on the couch I thought you were the cat.

The name jackers are wankers and the real wankers like to call the non-wankers wankers so then the non-wankers fight back by pointing out where the wankers are wanking and pretty soon you have a curfew. Damn wankers!


I just read your 6:22 here after reading some of your more recent comments to BD and Andy. You are an adult, right? As an interested observer I have to tell you that your written word comes off as an obsession with Andy and a schoolyard reaction to BD lately. (maybe I just need to get back, sadly that day is coming soon)

Then again, what do I know. I live on Pina Coladas and Heinekens these days.

Andy has expressed little but contempt for me since the first day I posted at ml's place last autumn. His condescending "gay oddball finch" salutations did not engender my respect.

And since then, I have taken a certain pleasure in treating him like the self-righteous asshat he is.

I concede that perhaps I've been a bit strident with Buy Danish, although I'm sure she can take the worst I could possibly dish out and then some. In any case, I have considerably more respect for her than I do Andy, and I'll cool my jets.

Godzilla is somewhere where the sunrise is grey and it's very humid.

I guess that eliminates hell from the possible choices, so Japan could be it (wasn't Godzilla Japanese?), although I would expect better internet access there. Which narrows it down to China? Must be a really exciting trip.


You don't sound amused - not in the least.

I wasnt' trying to rub it in - the posts got crossed as I got interrupted midstream.
Buy Danish,

No offense taken.
RW- Window Vista is great!

It's not polite to be such a tease! I'm been reading mixed stuff about Vista. Better than Windows XP! Much worse than Mac OS X!

What's the REAL poop?? Tellustellustellus!
"By finch

May 23, 2006 02:50 PM | Link to this

Buy Danish,

Last time I checked, living in a big city in a Blue state and voting Democrat did not make you an Islamofascist terrorist hellbent on overthrowing Western civilization by blowing up things and killing innocents.

Maybe your attempt to compare patriotic Americans who disagree with Bush administration policy with amoral killers was supposed to be funny.

Trust me. It wasn’t."


To heck with Windows Vista, I want to know what this rant was based on. I thought you were reacting to my Hezbollah/NYC post which may have reminded you of the Tampa school bus joyriders, but that wasn't it, so what was it?

The dots are not connecting for me is right.
By Buy Danish - May 23, 2006 02:12 PM | Link to this

his claim that Europe is deeply anti-American is exaggerated. In my dozens of visits, I’ve found that once you get outside London, Paris or Rome, people admire and respect the US.


I infer from this that I can just disregard the moonbat opinions of all the millions of people who live in all the big blue cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Boston and other left-liberal meccas.

I inferred from your posts that you are lumping together the handful of European leftist extremists who passively condone and rationalize Muslim fanatacism with American moderate leftists who detest Islamofascist (or any) violence.

My mistake, and it was one, was extrapolating what you posted into a suggestion that big city blue state voters not only support Islamofascists (which they do not) but collaborate with them.

And for that, I apologize.


Just so there is no room for confusion here, my comments were a response to your statement that outside of cities such as London, Paris and Rome, Americans were loved and appreciated.

You sweepingly dismissed the concerns of the writer because, in your experience, if you go to places like Normandy, they still appreciate us. Was I reassured by this? Nope.

I thought that was very faint praise when one considers, for example, that the Normans - Population 3.2 million, are far outnumbered by the Parisians - metro population 11.5 million (1999 figures).

The Parisians have a far, far greater effect on world opinion and cultural trends than the Normandy region.

I cited LA, SF, NYC, and Boston, where the vast majority Dem voters come from, as an ironic counterpoint to your argument that the opinions of the populace of big cities don't matter.

That's all folks!

Some other time I'll deal with the problem with blue staters (i.e. the Left) who may not consciously collaborate with, but do enable Islamofascism, by buying into dangerous precepts like political correctness and multi-culturalism -although I thought the Front Page interview with Bruce Bawer clearly demonstrated this already.
Buy Danish,

Your depiction of Paris (or Rome or London) as bastions of hard core lefties is a gross stereotype.

Agreed, Paris is to France what New York is to the US. A cultural influence, to be sure. But not some dominating monolith. Take New York, please. Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican. Rudy Giuliani is a Republican. Sense a trend?

I cited LA, SF, NYC, and Boston, where the vast majority Dem voters come from...

Vast majority?? You're kidding. I know you're kidding.

...the problem with blue staters (i.e. the Left) who may not consciously collaborate with, but do enable Islamofascism, by buying into dangerous precepts like political correctness and multi-culturalism...

Now I'm SURE you're kidding. Political correctness is even now undergoing self-correction. And multi-culturalism? Not like in Europe. Not in the USA. See Detroit. Assimilation is alive and well.

Same as it was for our forefathers. Same as it ever was.

I thought the Front Page interview with Bruce Bawer clearly demonstrated this already.

It does nothing of the sort.

We must be vigilant against the relative handful of Islamofascists who are just dying to kill us. But to suggest that a billion Muslims are all conspiring against us is just plain irrational. And a waste of time.
Now, what about Window Vista?

Do you have a handy list of requirements for Vista? I'm glad to hear a real life user saying good things about it. don't work for Microsoft do you?
Seneca & Buy Danish,

I really do love this cross blog conversation!!!

I can just imagine someone that is only reading the part here or wherever it picks up at ml's later trying to figure out why they seem to be missing a few pieces.

It's pretty cool that neither of you missed a beat moving the conversation.
Justice Scalia,

I'm honored that you dropped by, please don't be a stranger.
thought i was the cat?

i have been told i purr like a kitten. ha ha ha.

don't guess i should of said that.

i think i'm gonna come back to ml's. it seems really nasty there. it's time for the doll to return - andy and i have never crossed words - what's up with that? i bet he's a cutie. is ricky still around?
devil doll,

Are you sure you can deal with the 8 to 5 restriction?

Ricky has started showing up again lately. The funny thing is he pisses off both sides by trying so hard to keep the discourse centrist. I'm just not sure many centrists are bloggers on political sites though.
Ricky does not like me to use the word wingnut but being a vicious lib, I just can't help myself.

You're such a good host! Hopefully any neophyte blogger who happens to drop by will find it fascinating, like a good mystery. Luckily you're livelihood does not depend on that assurance.


I feel like I'm speaking through a Pravda translator, trying to get the obvious across.

My point was not that Paris is filled with Leftists (which it is) but that YOU said that the anti-American opinions of the populace of London, Paris, and Rome (who I would guess have a pretty big influence on world opinion) don't matter - that what matters is little places like Normandy where they love us.

Can I use a similar analogy here in the U.S.? Look at the map of the last election, and you may get my point. Eliminate the big cities and what do you get? That's why I thought your statement was "beautiful".

Further, Bruce Bawer did not say ANYTHING about millions, or billions, of any number of Islamofascists "waiting to kill us". He never even broached that subject.

The point of the interview (and presumably his book) is that the European culture, which should deplore Islamofascism, is creating the very conditions which makes it thrive.

I've been trying unsuccessfully to make the same point since I first logged in in February, but now I don't feel so bad since even a professional like Bruce Bawer can't get through to you.

Try reading it again


I know a bit about Europe too. I was born in Paris, and have a sister who lives there - just for starters.

What are you getting your masters in? You are a good, descriptive writer.


Did you happen to catch Godzilla's rant to me today? If so, was it wrong for me not to immediately accept her (?) apology. Maybe Oprah knows the answer.
Buy Danish,

I wouldn't have leapt right on her apology either, especially after her cheering section started trying to make you the bad guy. The funny thing is she used to post, but was never as nasty as now.

As Bill and Ted might say, "There's strange things happening at the Circle K"

Time to go check the turtle population. See you tomorrow.
Sorry to be a Blog Hog, but can anyone tell me whether this post by "Angry Liberal Guy" at ML's Walter Reed site is for real or not?

"ThinkProgress contacted Gore’s representatives, who unequivocally confirmed that Al Gore and his associates walked from the Majestic Hotel to the screening at Cannes. Further, Paramount has committed to making the entire tour promoting the film carbon neutral."

Please tell me that this is a joke.

G'nite all.
hi bd, finally, somebody who will chat with me. my master's will be in applied anthropology. give you a's outdoors. how are you?

i'm quite the lib - you probably know - but i don't think france is the best example of liberalism. i know a lot of folks from morocco and the ivory coast who would speak poorly of france's assimilation policy. personally, if someone pays taxes and such, i could care less what language they speak.

then again, i'm kind of strange. lol.
Buy Danish,

You are right about the oblique nature of our posts here. Anyone not familiar with ml's place won't know where the hell we're coming from!

Moving right along....

"YOU said that the anti-American opinions of the populace of London, Paris, and Rome (who I would guess have a pretty big influence on world opinion) don't matter - that what matters is little places like Normandy where they love us."

I didn't say that. Or didn't mean to. What I was trying to say is that Paris, for example, doesn't overwhelm the rest of France to the point where Normandy or Provence don't make a difference, when they do. To say Paris doinates France is like saying New York dominates the US. Which it doesn't.

"Can I use a similar analogy here in the U.S.? Look at the map of the last election. Eliminate the big cities and what do you get?"

It doesn't work. If you equate geographical area with vote totals, you would conclude by looking at the map that Bush won in a stupendous landslide of popular votes. We both know that he didn't. We both know that a state or county that went 80% for Bush is the same red on the map as the place that went 51% for him. And we both know that in the many urban areas showing blue, Kerry won by his fingernails.

"the European culture, which should deplore Islamofascism, is creating the very conditions which makes it thrive."

I'll say again that I agree with that view. Government sanctioned multi-culturalism is poison to a nation's self-identity. Fortunately, here in the US that isn't a problem. Once again, I point to Detroit, where Arab immigrants are assimilating just fine.

You contend that what's happened in Europe is happening here. I don't see that at all.

And overall, the spirit of your arguments over time at ml's place has been that there's this huge Islamic global conspiracy that's dead set (literally) on dragging us kicking and screaming into the 10th century. I see a small loosely organized bunch of seriously crazy people who should be hunted down and killed, but a massive rising jihad? Nope.
bd went to sleep. where are you rw???

"Those evil natured robots - they're programmed to
Destroy us - She's gotta be strong to fight them -
So she's taking lots of vitamins - cause she knows that
It'd be tragic if those evil robots win - I know
She can beat them -
Oh, Yoshima."

i'm trying to defend ya' rw. the robots are coming!!! i think that it's midora or seneca. i'll defend you, brother.

the first person to say who these lyrics belong to, will get a special "devil doll" thanks. who's up first?
i sort of like dancing on rw's couch.

"I thought I was smart - I thought I was right
I thought it better not to fight - I thought there was a
Virtue in always being cool - so when it came time to
Fight I thought I'll just step aside and that time would
Prove you wrong and that you would be the fool -

I don't know where the sun beams end and the star
Light begins it's all a mystery

Oh to fight is to defend if it's not
Now than tell me when would be the time that you would stand up
And be a man - for to lose I could accept but to surrender
I just wet and regretted this moment - oh that I - I
Was the fool."

who'll be the man (or woman)? my money's on getalife or dusty.

oh, where is buff?

how about a bar-b-que at rw's?
The Flaming Lips?
(Puts on his thinking cap)

Oh Yoshimi, they don't believe me
but you won't let those robots defeat me
Yoshimi, they don't believe me
but you won't let those robots eat me

Okay,I know the band... but I'm not telling!
Curses! Foiled again!!
good thing i don't know who anonymous is. well, shit.

i need to crawl into bed. i'll tell em i was watching amc. who would of thought anybody would of guessed right!

i'll try to think of how to award the winner. how about an actual picture of me?
Devil Doll:

Hints always get my curiosity going. I hate curiosity that is. Anthropology outdoors?

National Park Service/Archaeology?

If that's not it animal, human or both? Am I hot, warm or cold?

Will I drive myself to insanity with this little endeavor? It will be a short drive.
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