Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gone Fishin'-See you in a couple weeks!

Yea for RW and his wife. May you enjoy the very best of everything while away. We'll miss you next door.

I like the sign, CUTE!
I'm leaving, too. I'm going to Wyoming on Saturday.
have fun, or i hope you had fun which ever may be the case! talk at you when you get back.

I'm so incomplete now...
Well, it's about time! Sheesh!

Will you really be able to stay away from a computer for two weeks?

Inquiring minds!! :)
Sure do miss you and all the fun. It just aint the same.


(Bring me a seashell from the pretty seashore,
So I can hear, so softly, the ocean's roar.)
The moonbats are going totally mad in your absence. All sorts of new conspiracy theories.

I think they're just testing them out like trial balloons while you're gone, since they know you won't be around to catch them.
RW, glad to see you got out of the "big city" and went to the beach.

You do understand that a body shot is required when at the beach, in bathing suits? You may want to tell your wife before you seek out recruits?

Enjoy your fishing trips, I'm gone fishin' too!
It is a vast right wing conspiracy.

You leave town, and ml's blog shuts down.
^^what getalife said^^

It's true, it's true.

The timing of your disappearance and the collapse of ml's blog strikes me as.. suspicious??

Heh. hehheh.
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