Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I think the Hotel needs a better fence around the pool

I thought you were on vacation! Is your lovely wife going to have to pry a keyboard from your cold dead fingers??

I showed your pic to the gators that live in the lagoon next to me. They were quite impressed!

My lovely wife would probably like some time to herself so I figured that I would give that to her whether she admitted to needing it or not.

Some lady a little south of us shot a gator that was coming in her doggie door and got a ticket for hunting without a license. She lives in Katherine Harris' district so now would be a good time for Mrs. Harris to come out for the people. Do you think she has the good sense to take the opportunity?
I saw a gator hunter on CNN and he had a stack of requests to remove them.

They end up killing them so why don't they just shoot them in the head?

Poor guy was working himself to death. They want to take me gator hunting down here but I passed. I do have a .357 Python with hollow points that could do the job.

A cop up in Tampa shot one in the head yesterday and it just crawled back into the pond it came out of. Maybe he should have had those 357-HP's.
I think the gator "smiling" in the top right of the photo likes "the cut of your jib", I think you're on the menu for dinner RW.

Thanks for the occasional drop-in. It's nice to see a member of the "Sanity Sorority or Fraternity" if you're sensitive.

I thought that one looked like Midori, I'll steer clear.

Me sane? Wow, thanks!
I'm glad to see that you had the time to check out ml's blod. I hope your wife is enjoying her space.

The 7pm cutoff at ml's blog was posted yesterday, but the blog died at 5pm anyway. We'll see if the webdummies there have reset the clock this evening.
no navel sippings today? bummer. i get what you are saying. if i stay home too long my wife will ask "don't you have somewhere you need to go work? you're rockin the boat!"

space can be a good thing.

i gave up on ml's. i can not get into rules and cut-off times! figures libs would have to put restriction on it. maybe we can use it anytime if we pay a tax or fee to use it!!!

So glad that you are still around with arms and legs intact. You're still ALL there, aren't you?

For some reason, those gators reminded me of liberals. Now why would that be?

Stay warm. It is chilly here. Wish mgc would play "You are my sunshine.".. Need some sun here. only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray. you'll never know...

That was great! Beam me up, Scottie, to California, the land of sunshine and song.

On second thought, do you have alligators? Just wondering.

Maybe RW will return early with all those friendly (and hungry) gators grinning at him in Florida.
actually i think there is a gator in some lake in so cal. they hired some idiot to catch it, but he failed and had to leave. anyway, i do not have any gator where i live. are you going to live at my house? i need to inform the wife that we may have company and we will be required to sing all the time. good luck with the beaming!

i could buy a plastic gator and throw it in my pool if you need to have fear. you let me know about the plastic gator when you arrive. swim suits are optional (this is liberal california after all)
I have an idea to cut back on illegal immigration and keep Al Qaeda out too!

Why don't we put fake alligators and real pigs along our borders?
Today's feature at World Net Daily was: "Stop illegal invasion: Put gators on the border".

Only they want real ones, while I had plastic robotic ones in mind.

Next up, pigs.
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