Saturday, May 06, 2006


can you zoom out on that picture, so we can see my winning pick...steppenwolfer?

(sorry, i will stop gloating over pure luck!)

You get two weeks of guilt free gloating, but I would have to zoom out to a satellite photo to get Steppenwolfer or Bluegrass Cat in the picture.

Barbaro made those other horses look like donkeys he beat them so bad. Which political party uses donkeys as mascots again?

OUCH! donkeys! no way, steppenwolfer was simply being polite and allowing barbaro (a fellow elephant in horses clothing) to get the victory for the good of the party.

Maybe Steppenwolfer could have won, but he was blocking DavidU's Dubai horse. The UAE is trying to take over the world and your horse stepped in to save humanity!

BTW, I was for the ports deal. What a clusterfu%$ that was.
Beautiful horse! Congratulations to mgc.

He is a damn fine looking horse. I hope his stable-mates don't tease him about that hideous color scheme he's carting around.

Now that I've linked the official results it looks like you and I finished in a dead heat for fourth. I hope the sheik doesn't find out.
RW- Not to worry, the Sheikh is already drunk and is playing his all time favorite game "You don't have to be a Martyr to get 72 virgins just very rich"...well, that's what I call it, he calls it "I'm rich, beeotch!" (He's a Dave Chappelle fan) which is basically the same game if you think about it.

Who couldn't appreciate Chappelle's "piss on you" tribute to R.Kelly?
I know nothing about any of this (except Dave Chapelle's urinary tribute to Chester the Child Molester).
WHAT?? What do you mean "It's Barbaro"? Does that mean that Black Stallion didn't win? I put some Manichevitz in his feed.

Very strange. He wasn't even listed.

I was going to ask about this last night but got distracted when oo kept singing OFF KEY. I think she is practicing for "Idol".

Did the Shiek know about this?

Not only didn't Black Stallion it wasn't a black stallion that won.

Now I know why though. I warned you not to use Manichevitz in place of bourbon even for the horse feed.
Not only didn't Black Stallion win it wasn't a black stallion that won.

I need coffee!
Coach RW,

WIN it or WON it, it's the way you play the game.

Oh well. Next year I am placing my bet on BLACK BEAUTY. He's already on the Kennedy Diet Plan for running better. Bourbon & Oats for breakfast.

Umm, very bad. Even Colbert wouldn't use that one for a newscaster banquet.
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