Friday, May 05, 2006

No wonder he was taken home with no substance tests.

Tag courtesy of Lundesigns. Title link is to the Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date vote" story round-up by the multi-talented, not to mention gorgeous, Michelle Malkin.

Cool, a Rhode Island license plate. :P
Ah yes, I wonder how the story would have read and the intellectuals would have responded if this was Tom Delay... I wonder.

RW, take a break dude, you look burned out.
i am tired of the kenned family. they have had more scandal and more secrets than a nixon presidency. too think they [kennedy family] were once bootleggers when drinking was illegal. i guess making worthless laws and then breaking them is the family way. at least he didn't kill someone like daddy!
You know the plate's a Photoshop.

I know it is too.

But God, it's SOOOOO appropriate!
Kennedy, the gift that keeps on giving and the liberals refuse to untie the ribbon.

I did like John Jr. though. Only because he separated himself from the rest of the "clan".
El Patro,

I think he had to move to Rhodie Island so the tag wouldn't need a string of numbers.


Thanks! This is day 15 of RW held hostage and burnout is certainly a symptom.


Kennedy clan stories.


That's just rude after someone else was admiring the plate.


Considering the topic, how's the
RW, I don't understand the weather question, but my mind has been working overtime. Keeping in mind I have no dog in this fight. I can't tell Boortz from Limbaugh, from Kimmer. Boortz's voice sounds just like Limbaugh's to me. I don't listen to any of them.

O.K., the drug discussion is still on. Watched a piece on the History Channel last night, very interesting. Opiate use during ancient wars.

Did you know that great military leaders encouraged their troops to use opiates. These are foot soldiers trekking over difficult terrain. Fatigue and footpain hindered success. We're talking roman military campaigns here. Victory in battles were achieved through this practice.

Let's just say, that Limbaugh is waging a cultural war. His objective is before him. He begins to experience pain. He can't stop fighting the war, it's too important. He begins taking Oxycotin (sp?) but the objective of his campaign cannot be forgotten during his addiction. Ergo the conflict.

O.K., I'm putting that puzzle to bed. It was a 1,000 piece jigsaw.

Since it was the Kennedy family and I know what you think about most of them I just changed the subject. Like at a party or something, "so how's the weather?" was more rhetorical than anything.

Limbaugh took the high road today and seems to hope that Kennedy really does get help rather than just put on a show.

Is MLs blog down again? I was reading an entry from you from 4:30ish, stepped away, refreshed the page, but now I'm in a time machine back an hour before you posted and I can't move forward.
Buy Danish,

You might say ml's blog is being petulant. It does that "back to the future" routine whenever it has started locking up after a post and goofballs that can't figure it out keep posting the same thing over and over.
Is petulant going to make it into the highly regarded Ricktionary?

If so, what will be the definition?

Inquiring minds!! :>

Nevermind. It must have been a temporary, albeit freaky, aberration.

What do you think the odds are that rushncap will answer your question?

I say one in a million.

So far the ricktionary has stayed away from an alternative definition for a normal word.

Petulant has some evolving to do before it can become qualified.
Ooohh! O.K. The weather sucks. Where's my sun?

"Petulant". (Adjective) "The Liberal reaction to Conservatives forcing them to face the embarrassing reality by handing them a mirror."

See Pulitzer Patriot's embarrassing cartoon, "Crash Course" and the petulant comments.
Buy Danish,

I like it, but so far we have avoided using a real word with a different definition. Keep in mind when we use these words the humorless moonbat society will be reading.

How about "petulantation mentality" which is where the libs all have to follow there talking point of the day no matter how deranged or they will be kicked off the petulantation.

If you approve, I'll let you polish up the definition.

Howie is getting tricky over here. Case 2 for the third time in the last four shows.

Good point about the Ricktionary sticking to new words. My definition of petulant was really for Seneca's benefit anyway.

Petulantation is pretty good. I'll see if I can add some polish tomorrow when my mind hasn't been addled by humorless wingbats.

case 4 in west. i did notwin oncw again. damn collusion with the phone companies!

So you had the same case on Monday and Friday out West. If the pattern holds you will have 4 again this Monday.

Hell, I might even text one entry in for that.
Okay yeah, I could have crafted a better photohack job than THAT!

But I wouldn't have. ;)

Don't mind me. I just came by to borrow a cup of sugar.
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