Saturday, May 13, 2006

Open thread-What did you guys do to ml's place?

As we head out on a three hour tour, I see that ml's blog has taken the bullet train to hell. I take it from the comments that are still there that it was much worse than it looks right now. I'm not sure if I'm thrilled or pissed to have missed it.

Feel free to bring any topical discussions over here, I'm sure people would like to discuss this non-story of the phone records collection. I hope sanity prevails and people realize that this program is one of the few truly vital programs to stopping an attack and doesn't violate anyone's privacy. This is a calling pattern matrix not a multi-million number snoopfest. So this combines two things I know, bullshit and telephony!


Here you go


Is this what you wanted or do I need to take my own pictures?

Buy Danish,

The Pina Coladas by the pool last night were perfect!

Thanks everyone! We've found the one part of Florida that has no rain shortage. I hope the rest of the State hasn't burned down by the time we head back.

Now I have to go sneak a bodyshot. Sorry Scooter there will be no photographic evidence.
OK, I just looked at the new "ml comment rule". A few of us need to write them again and tell them how to fix the problem.

It looks to me like the problems we have all pointed out, nic-jacking and comment length, will still be there and the problem they are fixing by limiting comments to 8 to 5 M-F don't do anything since the flare up seems to have happened during those times.

(Somebody let me know if that's true before I blast the AJC about it, please)

/rant off

/party on-L8R

Very nice, but need some on the beach.

I nominate you for blog monitor. It is a full time position, 8-5 M-F.

Have fun.
I'd just like to say 8-5 sucks.

Even though ML's place has turned into some sort of production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". This new moderation's very BushCo all that's missing is a 9/11-Al Qaeda-Terrorism connection used to justify it (Sorry couldn't help myself). I guess it's the coming election that has everyone that goes there now going ape crazy.

Oh well I'll still drop by ML's to check out the Toons.

RW- Glad to hear you found a non-fire hazard spot in Florida. Enjoy the fishing!
Hey, does this mean you're back? I'm not. I left today.

I don't understand why the dumbass ajc doesn't have registered names so the name jacking will cease. Someone named jacked Andy and made a reference to "looking for little boys" or something, so he vowed to shut it down. Funny how when the moonbats mobbed the site a while back for a few days it was all fun and games.

You should have seen how the moonbats jumped at this story. Anonymous source, USA Today. It was a feversish pitch. Seemed sort of surreal with the voraciousness that the libs got frenzied into. No details, no question of leagality. Pitchforks for everyone.
how did you manage to get your hands on a computer on the beach?

go drink!
Monday morning should be interesting! 8:00 a.m., who will be there first with a slew of links and comments Seeker of Andy?

Seeker has definitely turned this into something personal. Everybody has to admit, Andy's pattern has always been the same.

When you let things become personal, trouble follows.

RW, the sun hasn't been shining here and it's rather cool. I've been robbed, but I'm glad you guys are having a good time. I will not be pressing charges against you.

Is that a paid position?


At first the fish were really troublesome, but I realized if you don't use bait it's much more relaxing.

El Patro,

Enjoy, see you when you get back. I might even be back by then.
Jay not jay,

I read a little over the thread at ml's. It starts with lots of comments about the spam that isn't there. From later comments it seems like it was kos posts. That happened once before when that pervert "RFV" was spamming the place.


I don't think I'll get away with this "checking email" now that Mother's Day is over so I will soon be following your and Tina's advice and stepping away from the keyboard.


It looks like seeker even threatened to shut Andy up the night before the trouble started. When the spam started up on the old thread after the new one had been shut down the spam came from "Andy's Mom". I think whichever jacker uses that name is the culprit. 8 to 5 is just stupid, but something had to be done.

I'll leave the office now before someone decides to come break my fingers. See you guys next week.

Thanks for the lovely seashell. It hums so sweetly. I can feel the ocean tickling my toes with little wavelets. Yes!

ML blog has really been "sick". Would you please come back and cure it? Back to when it was fun. Now we know you deserve a vacation, BUT, HURRY BACK! This calls for our expert. U R IT!

Glad you enjoyed the Pina Coladas! Let me know if you get sick of them and want to try something new. How about Mai Thais?


The upper level honcho email address at the ajc is: Anyone lower than that and you'll get a clueless reply from Mademoiselle Courtney La Croix and the opportunity to participate in, I kid you not, a customer satisfaction survey at "".

This 8 to 5 rule is a joke -"Pinko Liberal"" spammed at 9:12 a.m. on Friday.

"Andy's Mom" was up next with his sicko vigilante idea to out registered Republicans as if they were registered sex offenders. Which is a clue that RW may be right that RPV is to blame.
LOL...even Malkin is killing Bush on immigration.

By the way did the TV live speech have a mess up at the beginning? I was watching the White House Live feed and they messed up at the beginning.
Bush's immigration speech reminded me of the movie scene where the numbskull cowboy sees that all his ponies have exited the stable, so he shouts:

"Quick!! Close the barn door! All the horses have escaped!"

I don't think anybody will be happy with his compromise.

The president made a fine speech tonight. He is a man who really cares about his country. Hope you saw it (while lollygagging down there in Florida).

Have a goodtime and get all rested. We need you to put up a good fight when you come back.

Have you caught the BIG one that got away yet?
Um, what are YOU doing here? Aren't you supposed to be off gallavanting somewhere??

(I'm sure this question has already been asked in the comments somewhere but I'm too sleepy to read them all.)

I think we should carry over the ml blog here after hours when you get back.

We can pimp your blog at 4:55 to give directions.
Well I'm not even getting to post at ml's anymore. Bad time of year at work, trying to fit in some walking after.

I at least got to read Andy's links. He's cut back on those. It's getting strange over there.

Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo!

Getalife did let the kids post over at his place. Set them up with pictures and everything. They were soooooooo funny as usual.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Woops, I removed my post because I screwed it up and it looked idiotic. I'll try again, although I'm a bit dizzy after spending no less thatn 5 hours in the dentist chair today.


In the event that you decide to check in for a quick peep, are you Moonbat Betty?

I can't handle the aggravation of a 5:00 last call, delayed posts, ending up in white space, and Goldie at ML's place.

Maybe I'm just cranky.

I think all hope is lost for ml's place. You're right about President Bush's speech. He tries to fix something that has been ignored for years and now people are bitching that the plan doesn't please everybody. That's why Clinton never did anything and left all these problems for a good man that would at least try to fix them.


Do you work in the CNN control room? hmmm.....


You mean a compromise doesn't completely allay the concerns of any one group? Who'd a thunk it?


Interesting topics at your place. Oddly many of you persons of the female persuasion have no problem slugging down a protein shake.

I don't mind, but I would bet that most of the moonbats wouldn't feel quite so comfortable with their never ending name kerfuffles.

Very nice thing you did for OO's kids. Thanks and a tip o' the cap from me.


It looks like ml is going to give you two hours extra. I wish they would back it up to early AM. There was never any trouble at that time of morning and I loved waking up to Andy's home news delivery.

Buy Danish,

I am not now nor have I ever been Moonbat Betty. I even prefer Aunt Fritzie to Betty Boop.

This Goldie character can't possibly be someone that just showed up guns blazing, but maybe he/she has settled on a name they like. It's always nice to have someone so easily refuted around, so I say Goldie is a keeper.

The immensely irritating "Goldie" claims to be an old friend of JoRos. They even have some sort of reunion planned, and ML Harmony had nothing to do with it.
Buy Danish,

I bet it WAS and that's why Goldie changed his name. He and JoRo wanted to stay in the closet.

Hmmmmmm. So maybe JoRo's flirting with Midori was just a ruse.

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