Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random thoughts-Thomas Sowell

A few favorites:

The political left loves to depict its ideas as "new" — a practice which is itself centuries old on the left, as are the ideas themselves.

Compromising by splitting the difference may solve many immediate problems by creating bigger long-run problems. Splitting the difference rewards the side with the most extreme and most intransigent position, guaranteeing continuing unreasonable demands and the continuing strife this generates.

People who go ballistic over the high pay of some CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation seldom bother to figure out whether, if that CEO agreed to work for nothing, that would be enough to bring the price of a one-dollar product down to 99 cents.

Some people say it is "name-calling" if you refer to someone as a liberal. There is nothing inherently negative about the word "liberal." If it has acquired negative overtones, that is because of what liberals have done and the consequences that followed.


Didn't I forward you a quote on this very topic?

You probably did. Thomas Sowell, who shares my birthday by the way, writes a random thoughts column every couple of months or so.

He doesn't share the same birth year though, he's got 25 years of gathering wisdom on me.

I always like to read what Thomas Sowell has to say. He is so sensible and forthright. Doesn't seem a bit concerned about political correctness.

If you don't mind a little pat on the back, the wisdom of RW is just fine with me.

Now, now. Stop blushing. I only speak the truth.
Thanks Dusty,

I feel like the lion in the Wizard of Oz after he got his courage...

aw shucks, I'm speechless
I love Sowell & Cain (Did you read in the AJC where he had cancer? I sent him a little note on the blog.)

I'd better see a "Gone Fishing Sign" here tomorrow. Have a great time.

And of course, I looooovve Steyn!

I could turn this into a perpetual search for the never appearing "gone fishin'" sign. It won't happen tomorrow, but it better be by Friday.

I did see that about Herman Cain, I sure wish we had him in Washington.


Case 2 here, which was surprising because it was also 2 on Friday.
"In a democracy, we have always had to worry about the ignorance of the uneducated. Today we have to worry about the ignorance of people with college degrees."

So true, do y'all know where Louisiana is, I do.

How can they miss it?

Going as fast as I could drive on a cross country trip to Arizona, I passed through Louisiana. Sections of the highway seem to have some dips, zips and sinking spots. Made driving interesting.

More interesting was the road kill. Not 'possums but armadillas. I think I missed the good stuff.

Next trip around, I flew to Arizona, right over Louisiana. The armadillas were appreciative and took to the roads again.

Where is that quote from? It sounds like something Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter would say.
Buy Danish,

I have a feeling you didn't read the Sowell link before you asked getalife that. I'm surprised finch hasn't answered you yet, what is "Spots and Dots"?
I take that back, he did answer in between slugging down oil cans with Letterman's boss.
rw - thanks for the case. i did one of each and the balance on 2 so we will see. i also, did 1-6 as my wife. they just opened it. case 1 here in freakville.
Spots & Dots is a subscription trade publication sent via email. Media with a primary focus on TV.

Re the quote, you're right, I didn't read it! DUH!

I thought some Lib had stolen our material. Lately Getalife and others keep saying that we make rules that we don't have to follow, which is Ann Coulter's definition of a liberal.

I'm too tired to absorb any more info and am off to bed.


I played 3 entries on case 1 in the west and they haven't called to tell me I won. I'm shocked, shocked...
some tree hunger in suisun city (i was there last week, bay area) sad! maybe on friday. i didn't get to my hotel in time to vote at 5:15.

i tried to do a link to "gone fishing" signs, but as usual it did not work so i deleted it. i am getting tired of being stupid. i use that blogger help page you sent me a while back, but then blogger tells me this won't work or that doesn't work.

now i am watching drive by media about on-line predators. i like this date-line show. how stupid are these guys and mentally deficient to go after kids on-line. besides, do they never watch tv? this is only the 27,000 time date line has done this.
Damn tree hungers!

What TV needs is something new and original. Maybe Maury Povich can do a show where they do paternity tests or something.

I added tree hunger to the Ricktionary. It's attributed to you so make sure you approve of the definition.
rw - that is funny! i approve. i guess it is a good and funny thing that i can't type or spell, but i do get pissed at pain in the ass tree hungers! thanks for the credit and space in your blog of words!

The ricktionary popped up the other day because getalife was insisting we provide a link for the definition of "Pulitzer Patriot". Seeing as how I AM the internet I had to come up with a link for him and it seemed a lot easier to create one than find one.
i like it. can i link it on my place?

Sure you can, but it's not very comprehensive yet. It currently has three entries.

there are a whole number of "hunger" types out there. it will grow!

when are you going on vacation? i read somewhere that you have been married 8 yrs. i will be married 8 yrs in august. i have known her almost 25 yrs but we had to marry other buttheads so we would appreciate each other more.

I've been married 8 years yesterday for you, day before for me.

We are more than likely heading out Friday, but I think I've been saying that for two weeks. I'm starting to think I'm making it up myself.

My house has to pass a "full employment for illegal aliens" inspection before I can get out of here. Somehow the cops got the county commission to fall for their lame story that crimes are committed because fence boards crack and paint chips and fades.

that reaks of liberal conspiracy! paint chipping and fading is surely an environmental bio-hazard! good luck with that. at least you don't have to wait for fema or something like that. how long will you vacation? i do week-end thing often insted of week long type of vacations. i take my wife to hawaii every couple years as a work trip. i work a trade show for 1 1/2 days and lounge around drinking fruity drinks with umbrellas for the rest fo the week.

Hopefully a couple of weeks. I love some of your spelling snafus. This one is quite descrptive of what I plan to do.

rest fo the week

I'll be resting fo the whole time!

i guess i just get so excited to be talking (typing) that i fail to proof read. i am going to work on that. i really am not illiterate. i just can't spell or read or understand.

two weks? damn, that will be nice. is it humid there yet? i just got back from a guy week-end on my motorcycle (i am typing up a post right now) and it was a great 3 days. i will be bored while you are NOT the internet for those weeks!
shit! i did it again... weks?

WEEKS, two weeks! ughhh
I've found that proofreading doesn't help. I can't see typos until they are posted no matter how many times I read over something. So I use a spellchecker and hope for the best.

You can be the internet until I get back! I guess it's time to get some sleep and get things wrapped up tomorrow. Nite!
i could never be the internet! you are the super highway!

good night buddy.

You're gonna be gone a "couple" of weeks? What are we gonna do? Send mgc over to ml's. We'll be needing a "champ", that would not be me.

I'm panicking, maybe I can get the hubby to fill in. He's really smart in the area of economics, but he just likes the role of "sniper". Common sense application is another admirable trait he possesses.

Where has he been lately? It's fun to watch the dirty bathwater crew go nuts for days after he posts.

They are a source of great frustration for him. I suggested he change his name to eliminate the "bathwater bunch". Did I mention he is very stubborn. I'll keep working on him.

Hell, it took you to get him to buy a heater for my feet. Your feet were fine, mine were freezing.

If I had known you two were married at the time I would have suggested you use those icy cold feet as weapons in the battle for that heater.
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