Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some pictures the MSM just couldn't find

As offensive as that message is at least the reconquistadors had the sense to use a better looking sign holder than your typical moonbat swarm.

not even the better looking sign holder is helping me not be angered by this photo. f-ing liberals are destroying this country with their "everyone should have rights" mentality. when did it become legal to be rewarded for breaking the law? oh, i remember, the activity under the desk in the oval office...

It pissed me off too, but I decided to try to go light hearted. Besides it was the only picture I could find without Che. Do you think any of these Che lovers knew what a brutal killer he was?

BTW..Since you're near the source of most of our food crops, do you have any idea what a "head of bananas" is?

Geraldo says that without these "honored guests" that the rest of us know are illegal aliens, a head of bananas would cost $20.00. Do we even grow a banana crop anywhere? He also said an avocado would be $10.00, maybe you should plant a few bushes or whatever an avocado grows on.

i have never heard of a "head of bananas". they are grown on the coast down near santa barbara. that is a very small organic plantaion. as for avocados, they grow on trees and are expensive with illegal immigrants! i think it is true that the ag/produce cost would increase by not having "honored *cough* guests" but maybe our overall taxes could decrease to offset this increase, because we would generate a larger number of tax paying citizens and we (those who now pay taxes) could stop paying for emergency medical, education, deportaion and on and on for those who are here illegally and do not pay taxes. granted, they (illegals) do serve a purpose of keeping cost of goods lower, but does it offset the cost of having them here? i don't know. i will say one good thing about it; they do not use credit - they pay cash for everything. that is good, but they also send the rest of that "cash" to mexico. i would guess without american dollars going to mexico their economy would be farther down the toilet than it already is.

i am breathing now.
I told you we should make it a state. That woman held up a sign for my idea.

I hardly think United States of Mexico means make Mexico a state in the United States of America.


One of the things that would help in the short run, at least collecting tax from the cash spending, would be implementation of the Fair Tax. HR-25/S-25 is a comsumption tax that scraps the IRS completely.

The book by Neal Boortz and John Linder was released in paperback today. This is a link to the hard cover.
That's quite the hottie holding that sign, RW! But doesn't she realize that promoting the conquest of your host country is counter-productive?

Quick and easy illegal immigration fix. Treat employers who hire illegals just like we treat drug dealers. Confiscate their property, including homes, vehicles and bank accounts. Seize and auction off their businesses. That's in addition to throwing them in prison. Show no mercy.

The illegal immigrants come here because illegal employers know they can get away with it. When they can't, jobs for illegals will disappear, and so will the illegals. Simple, isn't it?

Of course, we'll all end up paying more for avocados, heads of bananas (what?), chicken, and even homes, but dammit, those bean-eaters (thank you, Carloa Mencia!) will be history!

It's not so easy to just go after the employers. With federal tax ID #'s, lax state laws allowing people to obtain all sorts of identification including drivers licenses, and the fact that if you want to verify a SSN they will put you through all kinds of hoops before telling you it is or isn't a valid number, but they will not verify who the number belongs in any fashion.

Legal immigrants should be the ones up in arms since they are the first to get displaced anyway. Obviously they aren't and I really think there is more to this reconquest movement than we want to believe.

If we can put a man on the moon we can figure out how to streamline a legal employee verification system.

The reason we don't is because too many businesses are thriving on illegals; they don't want to change the system, and their reps in Congress (recipients of campaign $$) are listening.

BTW here in SC, you need absolute proof of citizenship (birth certificate, passport, etc.) and proof of residence (utility bill, cancelled rent or mortgage check, etc.) to get a driver's license. The days of showing up at the DMV with a Social Security card or a license from another state are long gone.

And God help you if you don't speak English.

One of the reasons I am closing my business instead of expanding into all the various product offerings through sub-contract arrangements is because of the government regulations that make it nearly impossible to verify my employees, mostly wire pullers and laborers, and then holding me fully responsible if they should decide to crack down.

It's a wonderful conspiracy theory you have that it's a wink and a nod arrangement, but the reality is 180 degrees opposed to your lecture on doing business in America.

Do I sound a little bitter? Good.

amen brother!

I agree with you. I don't own a business, but I know business owners (straight-up and otherise). I understand that complying with the letter of the law regarding hiring is difficult.

I don't blame you for being bitter!

But don't you agree that there are scads of business owners with lower standards than you, who are exploiting the illegal labor market because they can?? And this abundance of cheap, unregulated jobs is what's attracting all the illegals?

If we can seriously think of building 5000 miles of fences along the borders of Mexico and Canada, and patrolling them 24/7, we can seriously think of implementing a legal worker verification system that's simple for both employer and employee.

And that's all I'm sayin'...
On another note I'm not paying $20.00 for that. This is a different story.
You have good taste in fruits! Heh!

Isn't it amazing what a Google search turns up. And we STILL don't know what a "head of babanas" is!!

Just when I thought I had in fact found a head of bananas it switches to babanas...drat, off to google.
I never would have suspected it, but babanas are plentiful.
what's up, bud? i thought i was your favorite fruit.

i'm cooking up some grub for dinner. how's tricks?
double d,

Of course you're my favorite and Seneca/finch says I have good taste in fruits.

Do I know Tricks? I better not because it's my anniversary today, unless she is going by a new name.
happy anniversary, dude!!!

how long have you been together? any kids? did i not get the rw newsletter?

any special plans? you should have let me know beforehand, i could have created the perfect romantic getaway.

p.s. i wouldn't call her "tricks," that might not go ever well. lol.
devil doll,

Thank you! Eight years, our kids are 26 and 25 although she was only 9 when the first was born, I am shocked shocked that you didn't get the newsletter.

Nothing special tonight, but we do hope to finally get out of here Thursday and spend a few weeks on Indian Rocks Beach. I'm sure we can turn that into a nice romantic setting.
where is indian rock beach?

25 and 26? goodness. you know i'm only 28. maybe you and my dad should get together and discuss the rearing of girls. lol. i bet he'll have you beat in the troublesome category.

have a good trip, there buddy. i got to check on the chops.

It's near Clearwater on the Gulf coast, between Tampa and St. Petersburg.

My son is the 26 year old and he was a lot easier than my daughter. I raised them as a single parent from the time they were 6 and 5. Oddly as much trouble as my daughter was, she really has it together pretty well now.
Great! Two steps forward, Three steps back.

What could she possibly think she was going to accomplish by making this sign? America doesn’t give up territory, we take over stuff. I just wonder the about the thought process that went on that morning. She couldn’t even cordionate the ‘USA’ and Mexico Flag into the proper order for her masage. Then she drops a ==, this is a protest sign not a boolean equation.

Just S.t.u.p.id.
hey rw, one last post...

it's wierd how us gals are. i know i went through a stage of being a complete ass to my parents. then one day, it's like you wake up, decide to start back to school, get a job, and pretty much become an adult. although i still have my lapses - ha! it's funny to think that i used to think my dad was so stupid. how things change.

that's quite a feat raising children on your own. i think they're lucky kids. who wouldn't want the great rw as a dad?

take care, bud. and stay away from the jelly fish. oh, and the margarita's too.
Bien, parado adentro para coger su asunto reciente. ¡Inmigración ilegal! ¿Dónde todos ha estado mientras que se encendía esto? He tenido razón aquí que articulaba sobre de él a cualquier persona que escucharía, incluyendo mis representantes del estado. Bien, Georgia ahora tiene, de lo que entiendo, la legislación de inmigración más fuerte en el país. Los guatemaltecos que han comprado la casa a través de la calle que se utilizará como iglesia volverán a poner quizá a otro estado. No el que esta' de los miembros habla inglés y él ahora tiene su asno en una grieta porque él no puede utilizar el hogar. Y sí, me siento algo culpable, pero no culpable bastante le doy un paso. Paré por los magnetocardiogramas para compartir mis ocho latinos divertidos en una historia del carro de la recogida. Usted Spam en español. El aniversario feliz y usted y la esposa tienen vacaciones maravillosas.

Gracias tanto. Me pregunto qué clase de ecuación de que DavidU hablaba. La matemáticas y todas las ecuaciones son lejanas en mi pasado.
I'd like to submit a simple Amendment and hope to be able to vote on it before the Presiding RW leaves for vacation; it states:

"English is to be declared the official language of this blogspot, its commentators and affiliates with the exception of Pravda and its ‘funky’ English"

I'm willing to accept co-sponsors to the amendment and I’m open to modification if the spirit of the amendment is left intact. I hope we can put aside our partisan ties and get this amendment debated and voted on before Thursday when RW departs for his belated Easter recess. Thank you very much and I call for a Quorum call.

(Thank you C-Span!)
RW- I was referring to a programming equation, I had a flashback to High School and learning BASIC and C++ in my Computer Programming Class.

I'll not only vote for your amendment, but since you are allowing Pravda'a funklish I'll even reach across the aisle and co-sponsor it.
oo- I lost you when you stoped to see or buy magnetcardiograms?? to share with 8 people in a car??


I didn't try to put "boolean" into google language tools so that my post might look a little authentic.

If we are in a Quorum call aren't we supposed to be hearing classical music?
RW- Well its no McCain-Kennedy bill...but I think it has promise and a good chance of passing now that you are on board :)
This law needs to be approved by the Supreme Court.
Scalia does not like it

Scalia has no control over the DavidU/RW language bill. Once passed an aggrieved party will have to file for a redress of their grievances and fight their battle all the way to the Supreme Court.

By that time we will have already taken Scalia duck hunting to smooth things over.
RW- This is the new and improved C-Span, so we are listening to Captain Beyond [Instrumental] while on Quorum Call.
You mean you are bringing Cheney to shoot Scalia.

That is a little harsh on my piasan.

Sufficiently Breathless would be good for a quorum call, but this might be more appropriate.


We are only going to twist his arm. Cheney didn't shoot him the last time.
getalife- He'll get the message of the hunting trip, now if he just doesn't get it....

then...Cheney..a couple of beers....A Secret Service detail...

I mean what could we REALLY do about that!
Yes, Cheney will make him an offer he can't refuse.
mgc's name in Spanish "magnetcardiograms". Hell, I have a hard enough time remembering <<< mgc. I've got a Scottish thing going on in my head. McGregor. I can't roll the "r" on here though. Use your imagination.

English it is!
(Votes for English. High school Spanish is waaaay to rusty anyway)
But "Mexico" doesn't begin with the letter "A"...I'm confused again!!!

Hey Mom, MGC is calling me a "fucking liberal" again!!!
nicole - i am sorry that you were offended. if you were not a liberal, you would have been clapping like me! ;-)
Paré por los magnetocardiogramas para compartir mis ocho latinos divertidos en una historia del carro de la recogida.

what? i speak english. this is the USA and we speak ENGLISH. translate, por favor.
mgc: no need to apologize, mgc. I just have to give you guys a hard time on occasion. Cuz...well, that's kinda what I'm here for. ;)
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