Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sunset over Indian Rocks Beach

After days of hoping the temperatures will balance out and I can get this shot, I have decided to go with the magic world of the internet for a picture. Posting this probably means tonight will be the night.

This is what nightfall appears that it will look like every evening about fifteen minutes before sunset, then the haze takes over and you seldom get this scene except in the winter. This picture claims to have been taken on 1/1/04 which would make sense, but it also claims to have been taken at 5:46 AM so I wouldn't be too sure.

Beautiful! June 7th is the date for the girl's week at the beach. Guys go fishing for "flat fish" or some such nonsense.

Great! Now I find out about June 7th. (Guys don't go searching for flat anything, so keep your eyes open)

I think rushncap's head has exploded over at ml's. Good job!

That Christ mistake was hilarious. I'm tempted to login as Christ, but it could be sacreligious so I'll refrain.

That photo may have been taken by Godzilla as she is 12 hours behind us (or is it ahead of us)?
Buy Danish,

I think she is the proper number of hours off to take the picture, but she's about 30 years behind us.

I spent every summer from 1960 to 1968 on that beach and the view in the photo hasn't changed a bit. Luckily the shore view hasn't changed too much either yet, but it's being closed in on from both sides.

I guess I better get going. If you want to have some fun don't post anything for rushncap and then ask him why he hasn't responded. I'll check in from Michael's bar later.
nice pic regardless of it's origin.

rw is right, men never look for anything flat except a 2x4.

If you want spectacular sunsets that change nightly, try Penobscot Bay Maine, ideally with the Camden Hills in the background.

That is one pretty picture. Makes me want to go to the coast and see one just like it. I can tell we are going to have trouble getting you to come home.

Over at ml's blog, I've been wondering. Rushncap either has a dual personality or he is TWO people. First he sounds like he grew up in an outhouse and next time he sounds like a prim little school teacher. I think oo noticed it too.

Oh well. I found out I was eight years old. Way to go!! May I still drink Manichevitz?

Rushncap fancies himself the young intellectual, but like the other ignoRANTERS he can't control his emotions, so eventually the outhouse rears its ugly head. (Which would be a pun if he lived on a boat).

I just left him an after-hours post... I've got one more window open that I can use later. I love breaking the AJC rules.
buy danish,

You are really good at getting Rushncap all shook up. I love to watch it. I shall check the blog later just to be sure you get him again. Keep up the good work.

Better mention your pina coladas. RW is running late. He should have a great thirst by now.

We are incorrigible, even with pancakes we want them stacked.

Buy Danish,

I wasn't complaining, I could look at the Indian Rocks sunset every night for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. I've seen a lot more spectacular, but none that make me feel like I belong there the way these do.


This site is BYOBW* so it doesn't matter how old or young you are.


*Bring your own bad wine

BigDaddy and I used to joke about daytime rushncap vs. nighttime rushncap because of that same split personality thing.

Maybe he's nuts or maybe it's roommates using the same PC and login.

Devil Doll,

If you're out there anywhere it was Michael answered your trivia quiz last night. I'll let the two of you negotiate his prize.

Yikes! How long has rushncap been at this??

@@/OO wins the Needle Rushncap Award tonight. I bet he's anxious to respond, but now that he has to wait until tomorrow morning he won't sleep a wink, which will make him even crankier than usual.

Speaking of awards, Prince was a great surprise on American Idol. And go Taylor! And Elliot.


I'm going to close my saved window. There's nothing left to say after @@/OO.
Buy Danish,

Good call on not pursuing anything else over at ml's. @@/OO came through with an instant classic.

We must have another Clem over there. I thought Clem was a charter member of the dirty bathwater crew, but this Clem was making finch look foolish. I guess he was happy to see the clock run out.
Oh wait! I was going to bed and took a peek at Drudge and found this blockbuster: "GROUP: New Video Exposes Behind-the-Scenes Story of Gore’s Own Energy Use"

I'm too lazy to post the link, but there's a link to a video called "Al Gore's Big, Fat Carbon Footprint"

ManBearPig has heap big carbon footprint.

RW & mgc:

Nice try, but the word "jealousy" does not exist in my vocabulary, but I do have green eyes.

Rushncap is going to be fun!!!

The running clock has its advantages and disadvantages. Good for finch, bad for rushncap.

Clem not Clem must have been watching the action for awhile because he has it down.

And apropos of the double standards on gay-baiting, finch got SO indignant when I suggested that he go to Afghanistan to find Osama, and even lectured me on being close-minded, despite his having given a virtual hug to Godzilla, who had demanded (in the rudest possible manner) that I go to Iraq.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.
RW and oo,

This has been a crazy week. Just got around to reading today's ml blog. I see some jerk credited something to me when I haven't posted all day. Looks like a whole crowd of wankers showed up. What a mess!

This is mishap week. Son had a motorcycle accident. Broken arm, purple, pink and raw. New cycle about wrecked. Just call me chauffer..Ever try driving with a straight shift and one working arm? But things could be a lot WORSE!

So OO, sorry about weirdo wanker. I always enjoy your posts. Your menu too (except for cucumbers).

You aren't kidding about ml's. I posted a joking jab at Clinton trying to get rushncap or Midori riled up and instead finch took it seriously and went ape-shit crazy. I figured I could screw with him a little and then diffuse it, but the wankers went crazy before I could.

I hope your son isn't hurt too bad, tell him I know a good bit about motorcycles jumping out from under me and turning my body odd colors and convincing docs to place appliances all over me. I'm pretty sure mgc does too. Look how we turned out!! OK you might not want to tell him that last part.
yeah, what rw said!
Motorcycle accidents are not exclusively a "male mishap", I can brag about a muffler burn when an incapable male driver had me on the back as passenger and laid it down on a muddy dirt road.

Oh wait, that was a "male mishap", it wouldn't have happened if I'd been driving.

Dusty: Sorry to hear about your son, but you gotta know, he's bragging about his wounds to friends. Very macho!

When did people stop having fun over at ml's? The liberals seem to relish (sp) in the slightest bit of bad news and then they get really mean with it. They do know that it won't be Bush running in '08, don't they.
Buy Danish,

As promised (threatened?)

Buy Danish...

Better sit down. I agree with you about estate taxes. I've seen modest "estates" with tons of family history sold off by necessity because of punitive taxes.

Double taxation is inherently immoral. There should be a total exemption for, say, the first $40 million maybe? If that.

To prove to you that this is really me, I'll post over at RW's....

See? Even a broken clock is occasionally right (Get it? Right?)

Great! I get it! Now will you please take on Rushcap for me?

Apparently he doesn't know anyone who has been hit with the "death tax" and thinks my scenario only happens in "magic land".

BTW, my cousin got the chicken coop when his mother, who owned a lovely house on the water in Stonybrook, Long Island, died.

And these taxes do leave us with hideous McMansions on 1/4 acre bulldozed "estates", so they are bad for the envirnonment to boot.
Woops, I meant to address that to "Seneca".

I feel like some kind of refugee. Looked at ml's blog. It has turned into a funny farm for feeble minded freaks. It is beyond grubby at this point. I didn't stick around.

Inheritence taxes are a pressing worry. But my neighbors are worrying about big implants among the smaller homes. A $240,00 home in good shape was demolished and a big two story built there. It stands out like a sore thumb in our neighborhood, but it sold right away. Eminent domain by the rich? Progress? Maybe.
Buy Danish,

I'm with you on this one. My Russian immigrant comrade is in need of some lessons about the pitfalls of ruthless "income distribution". Family wealth (unless it's really obscene and greedy) should be protected.

Lordie, I'm doomed! :)

Well it is encouraging that with the exception of Rushncap, even the Libs agree that inheritance taxes are a bad thing. I wish more Libs would figure out how the ruin the environmemt too.


Well I'm with you except that "obcene and greedy" is in the eye of the beholder. And what is 40 million to Bill Gates?

I really am having difficulty understanding what your Russian Immigrant comrade finds pleasing about life here, except perhaps as a base for revolution.

I can't think of a single thing he has said that is complimentary about America - it's all about making it into something it is not and never has been.
Buy Danish,

$40 million was a ballpark figure. Beats rushncap's $2 million.

I'm open to negotiation!

If we must have a number, which is absurd since they don't account for inflation, I'd add a digit.

But even with that number you will still end up with beautiful properties bulldozed and subdivided.

See, I'm and envirnonmentalist too!
Make that "an" environmentalist.
Buy Danish/Seneca:

Did you ever stop to think that Rushncap enjoys having government's hands in his shorts?

Wish me luck this evening. Well, wish the kids luck this evening!
No matter how badly they bungle it, it will be an award winning performance.

It's too late to say "Good Luck" and "Break a leg" now, but I trust it was wonderful. I wish we could see pictures!

Have a great weekend and summer vacation. You deserve it.
And the Oscar goes to all the little food items, the caterpillar and the butterfly in tonight's play entitled "The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar".

I wish I had pictures to display for you BD, but even if I did, I wouldn't know how.

My ice cream cone creation as well as my butterfly would have won awards for best costume. Damn, I'm good, but the kids were phenomenal.
You'll have to imagine a visual of me sitting at the foot of the stage, making ridiculous faces to keep them mesmerized so they'll hold their places.

I'm exhausted!

Glad your performance was such a success. Go ahead and gloat all you want!

I am kinda glad there aren't oil rigs to spoil that view. But a hundred miles or so off shore would be ok, wouldn't it? j/k, if it weren't for all the hurricanes, I would probably be living in Fort Walton Beach. There is something about a view like that that makes you realize how trivial life's concerns really are.

Wish I could have been there.

I'm going to Fort Walton June 7th. I'm planning on being very trivial while I'm basking in the sun before a vast spance of magnificent creation.

"Teeny Tiny Little Me" within the grand scheme.

I bet your big caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly. Sounds wonderful with a great "teach".

And NOW--just think--you will have the whole summer to straighten out Rushncap. How's that for a challenge?

I was stationed at Fort Rucker in southern Alabama for two years. I wasn't too happy with the posting because I had asked for Hawaii and Atlanta on my dream sheet. But once I discovered the panhandle, I was in heaven. I went down every weekend and holiday and there was nothing but beach there. No condos or hotels. They were just starting to build San Destin. I wish I had had the money to buy a little property, but back then, the army didn't pay much. I almost decided to settle there, but ended up in Puget Sound instead. I went back for the first time about 10 years ago and didn't recognize the place. It's like Miami. There's still some nice areas around Grayton Beach and out the other way on Santa Rosa Island. I have been going back every spring ever since. May is the best month if you can get away then.

You'd have been proud of me arguing on behalf of drilling down here. They are dead set on using spills as an excuse. I asked some people since spillage was their only issue if they would be willing to accept natural gas drilling only. The answer was still no and they didn't want to listen when I tried to explain that natural gas couldn't really spill.

Great job to you and your kids. Florida will still be safe for you when you head down. (you might not want to venture down the west coast too far though, Tarpon Springs is about as far south as you should go)

Real estate and tourism are the backbone of Florida's booming economy. It's easy to be patriotic as long as you don't have to sacrifice anything. It is one reason I doubt Jeb Bush's fitness to be president. I wonder how much stock he has in St. Joe's?

I swear sometimes I think you write things just to screw with people or that bits and bytes are getting twisted on the way west.

I read and re-read to try to figure out how your responses have any relevance to my comments and I can't figure it out. Maybe my brain is fried!

Jeb is the Governor of the most open state in America for getting access to records. If you have any relatives or friends in Florida it would be very simple to get his financial disclosure statements.

Think of it as a metaphorical question. The real question is how much influence does the realty and tourism industry have with Jeb. The answer is obvious in his actions vis a vis the question of drilling in off shore waters. I know you profess to agree with me on this issue of offshore drilling, but take it to its logical conclusion and ask why the brother of the president isn't out there setting the example for the rest of the country to follow? I don't mean to mess with your head, but just to show that all the blight isn't coming from the liberal side.
Dude, that hoto rocks!

By the way, I'm jealous that all you guys got to go on vacation at the same time. I won't be heading anywhere for a good year, probly.
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