Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thank you to all that kept this blog alive while I was gone!!!

Now was that the world's laziest post, or what?

Many of you that post here know each other from Mike Luckovich's blog at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Since that blog has been put on double secret probation and a curfew I have getalife has the solution.

The latest entry in the RW-(the original) family of blogs makes it's debut today. I bring you ml After Dark!

ML's after dark!!!!!!! Is it gonna be too scary?

Will the women be safe?

Can I bring my blankee?

Are we supposed to wear pajamas?

Will there be snacks?




Sleepwear optional

Blog snacks are so unfulfilling, but devil doll promised to cater.
Great Idea!

Which part? The new blog, the optional sleepwear, or double d's catering?
In my opinion the Optional sleepwear is the best idea...

But you know the free food and the after dark club are really good ideas too don’t get me wrong, but just not on the same level as optional sleepwear.

Now we just need to advertize “ML- After Dark” in a women friendly site….I KNOW! I’m off to advertize in the ‘Sex in the City’ blogs to get participants to the sleepwear optional club!
O.K. DavidU gets a peak at @@'s boobs as seen at ml's (*)(*). Never let it be said that @@ isn't accomodating.
Photo test one two one two. Hopefully everyone is at ml's after hours. If not please ignore, as I am trying out a non-faceless identity and seeing if my man is coming back.

Who else could an old political punk/anarchist relate with? Iggy Pop and I like danger with a tinge social confusion, but I don't know if he disliked government as much. Politically conservative while immersed in my world of liberal fun and fantasy.

I am moshing in rowdy circles while remembering my liberal past and who ever said wearing sleepwear was an option?
Well crud, no picture this time. Practice makes perfect and I will try to find the time to practice. Just to tie the last post in, I am trying to have Johnny Ramone as my photo.
Why do I always feel lost whenever I stop by?

It's just like HOME!
OO - I got a peak and then some...


I'm afraid that some of us take our conversations all over the place so if you only see one of the blogs you will lose a lot of the conversation. It's extra interesting when Seneca is involved, because he is Finch in some of the locations.

Please don't leave or then I will be the only one here that is confused by what these guys are saying.:(

Nobody and I mean NOBODY can come up with more confusing things to say when they want to than our very own OO/@@/(*)(*).

BTW, I'm really enjoying and benefiting from the down thread conversations between you and WashingtonState.

I see what you mean by OO/@@/(*)(*)

How would you describe that? Namejacking, wanking, @/K/@ing?

I think WS became bored with me. I kept meaning to let BD know that he wanted to talk to her over here.

Autistic children tend to be very "linear", they like things in a line. It looks like I may be afflicted with a "circular" type of autism.

I'm sure glad you're back. I told Semper about your after hours hangout. We'll see!

Tell Semper Fi that if the ml After Dark site gets bad with allowing anonymous or unregistered posts (the ones in black) we can make it registration only. I think Dusty is the only one we have to drag kicking and screaming into blue anyway.
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