Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This post is DavidU's fault so don't start with me.

I guess I won't influence the reading of this story with much commentary. I'll just note that Pravda datelines their stories day/month so this story is in yesterday's edition and ask a question. Can anyone definitively tie the headline to the article?

Can anyone definitively tie the headline to the article?

I've read it twice. In a word... no, I can't.

Horrors! Reading Pravda has affected my ability to count!!
I think they are trying to show how crazy this administration is.

Has the nuke threat been taking off the table?

Is Russia and China still saying no to sanctions?

If you read the lgf and free republic, they want to nuke them now. Wingnuts, sheesh.

I bet even you are aware that lgf and free republic don't get to make those decisions. I would say the same about the moonbat sites, but since every wannabe liberal leader poses as a Koz Kiddie it might not be true in reverse.

If Dems ever win our policies will be set by Markos "screw them" Zuniga.
I don't know anything about following links or paths to get to the source.

My only comment as to what's presented in this article is this. I've often wondered if the international community UN likes hiding behind U.S. military dominance while maintaining their self-perceived dignity.

Is this a hole we fall into or crawl out of? I remain suspicious of the international community. Too many splintered factions with hidden agendas.

I dislike approaching seriousness. But in DavidU's words, it may happen tomorrow, but it's back to work for me today.
It never fails; Pravda always leaves me wondering: "What?"
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