Monday, May 08, 2006

When does a box of rocks look smart?

Please, please, please let this woman be the face of the Democrat party. Watch the video, read the transcript! With the biggest softball interview this side of Baghdad Bob grilling Saddam Hussein, Nancy Pelosi still quivers in fear and gives the best view possible of the poll driven moonbat party.

All politics are indeed local, but I would send out this video as a campaign tool for every Republican House candidate this Fall. Every time someone asks why they should vote for you over your Democrat opponent just pop in this tape.

**UPDATE** Nancy Pelosi is a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance-Rush Limbaugh

i couldn't watch. she is a lib and from california! i have to go (violently) throw u...
I don’t mind the ultra intelligent libs at ml’s calling me stupid etc... But, I watched this woman on Meet the Press and have never had my intelligence so insulted. Her party can fix all the world’s ills while enacting a Balanced Budget Amendment that would essentially prevent us from ever defending ourselves. Forever appeasing our enemies, just the way a liberal likes it and they call it peace.

What would a socialist actually be willing to fight for, dependence or freedom?

RW, put the “Gone Fishin” sign up and we’ll catch you later.

The only thing that I can think of that MIGHT make you feel better is could be BARBARA BOXER!!!

Now I'm feeling sick...
"REP. PELOSI: You’ll see. It’s going to be a new day."

I have this image of Nancy Pelosi dressed up in the sun costume worn in the Jimmy Dean ads.

gee thanks. i was almost hoping it couldn't get any worse and you had to remind me about the other idiot from my state.... i am so ashamed to say i am californian.

In the 2004 election the candidate with the most votes in the country after President Bush and Lurch was Boxer.

I bet that didn't help, sorry. You could always toss DiFi out this year.
Dangit, Dusty beat me to it. I was gonna say "There are the rocks in the box and then the Boxer that packaged the rocks".
california... *my head hung very low*

i am sorry to all of my friends that we are the land of fruits, nuts pelosi, boxer and difi (which are all nuts)

But your the "nougat" in the candybar. @-

Don't feel bad. I'm from Georgia and you know what that means. Cynthia McKinney. Do I need to say more?

I like--Californ-i-a...
Where the sun shines every day...(wish I could sing).
I can't help but notice an RW shaped hole in my blog. Wonder where it came from???

Though I'll admit that sometimes I don't exactly feel the love around here. *whine*
ng: We don't take kindly to folks that come in just for a cup of sugar around these parts.

Besides everybody goes to your place to spread the love ;-)
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