Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where's that damn ice wagon?

Walter Williams cuts through more of the liberal BS we are subjected to morning, noon, and night. (No wonder people use that hideous 24/7, it's much easier than what I just wrote)

According to some pundits and political hustlers, free trade has led to a loss of "good manufacturing jobs." Let's look at it, but before doing so, let's first see whether we should work ourselves into a tizzy over other job losses.
In 1900, 41 percent of the U.S. labor force was employed in agriculture. Now, only two percent of today's labor force works in agricultural jobs. If declining employment is used as a gauge of an industry's health, agriculture is America's sickest industry.

Let's not stop with agriculture. In 1970, the telecommunications industry employed 421,000 workers in good-paying jobs as switchboard operators. Today, the telecommunications industry employs only 78,000 operators. That's a tremendous 80 percent job loss. What happened to all those agriculture and switchboard operator jobs? Were they exported to China and India by rapacious businessmen?

Free trade ultimately benefits everyone as it helps the world economy expand and adjust to progress.

I wish the protectionists here and in other countries would see the light.

With few exceptions*, deregulated and open domestic markets also benefit everyone, although not always without temporary pain.

There is no free lunch and I wouldn't have it any other way.

(*see monoploly, oligopoly, cartel)
Seneca? Is this typical "union" rhetoric? It doesn't sound like it.

I think we must have name jacking going on here too. I expected Seneca to start singing "Look for the union label", the song that Al Gore says his mother used to sing him to sleep with when he was a baby. (The song wasn't written until Gore was in his twenties, but he didn't say how long he considered his baby stage to have lasted so he may not be lying about this one)
It's all about how long you are willing to be flexible and wait for the positive effects of free trade to come about. Like lets say..... [cough] NAFTA [cough].

Gov't job is to keep people content while they wait :)
Illegal immigrants is outscourcing with free delivery.
waiting can be painful.

I've been worried that I may have offended you with my post in Spanish. I sure hope not.

I see mgc is here and he's heard my story of 8 latinos in a truck. They wanted to buy a truck we had which wasn't for sale. I couldn't communicate with them. I ended up selling them my husband's truck after three hours of our failure to communicate. My husband was surprised to say the least.

Gore still plays with marbles. Two to be exact.
oo- Nope, everything is 'Copacetic' :)
You can be pro-union and pro-free trade and pro-deregulation.

Just because I'm pro-union doesn't mean I blindly swear to some labor manifesto. Tsk, tsk! Shame on conservatives for reducing liberals to stereotypes!

(see Pullman, Carnegie,
Speaking of unions, have you all seen the ads? Great stuff.

They erected a large dinosaur outside the headquarters of the AFL-CIO.


Are you for or against Pullman? It's a bit fuzzy, maybe because of a punctuation error (or is that unfinished parentheses a hip new emoticon that I'm too square to know about?)
You know, I always find it funny when someone refers to me as a "liberal" in an insulting way. That's like when I get miffed at Eric and refer to him as "person."

He gets all hurt. ;)

No, I'm not calling for my Mom again. She's gone to bed.
Buy Danish,

It looks like someone captured Seneca right in the middle of that post. It's kind of creepy...

(see Pullman, Carnegie,

EEHH, EEHH, EEHH,....I hope what's left of the Hoffas didn't see that free trade is OK bit.

You're not just putting on a brave front for us while Mom is on the phone are you?
nicole - your mom called me and told me to be nice to you or else..

(yes maam, nicole is a princess!)

Maybe Seneca's Ambien kicked in mid-sentence.

We don't have to start calling her Princess Nicole do we?

Buy Danish,

I see his alter ego has shown up at ml's so maybe he just left here abruptly to go visit Sonia.

That sounds about right!
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