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Call Rewrite-getalife has a scoop

**UPDATE** It's been pointed out that the lyrics per se are already about as twisted as possible, oh and DavidU is trying to play the youth card, so let's just do the chorus. I'll bold that and replace it on the main page as we go. Don't worry I'll post something real fairly soon.

In a comment on our sister blog, ml After Dark "getalife" has posted yet another story from the antique media, breathlessly citing their unnamed sources. I thought it might be fun to rewrite the lyrics to "A Horse With No Name". I have begun by changing the title. Ready, set, GO>>>>>

Lyrics for: A Source With No Name

on the first part of the journey
i was looking at all the life
there were plants and birds and rocks and things
there was sand and hills and rings
the first thing i met was a fly with a buzz
and a sky with no clouds
the heat was hot and the ground was dry
but the air was full of sound

i've been through the desert on a horse with no name
it felt good to be out of the rain
in the desert you can remember your name
'cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain

la la ....

after two days in the desert sun
my skin began to turn red
after three days in the desert fun
i was looking at a river bed
and the story it told of a river that flowed
made me sad to think it was dead

after nine days i let the horse run free
'cause the desert had turned to sea
there were plants and birds and rocks and things
there was sand and hills and rings
the ocean is a desert with its life underground
and a perfect disguise above
under the cities lies a heart made of ground
but the humans will give no love

RW-(the original): on the eve of Iraqi freedom...

Many looked around, searching for the reason....

Is that supposed to be the next line? The singing group that shares a name with our country and/or continent pretty well sucks as does this song, but shouldn't the words at least fit the tune?
I have no idea what the tune is!!
Fine! Fine! I just broke a couple of Local, Federal and International Proprietary laws but I got the tune... Ok I'll take it from the top again....
RW-(the original): on the eve of Iraqi freedom...

Many wondered about the lies...

But the rules are changing as fast as a nicoleMART post right about now.

Not only are we dealing with a bad 1970's song the Braves are wearing hideous 1970's uniforms.

So in spite of this lame ass post, we are ahead of the curve anyway.
I Suck at Spelling^

RW- I figured the first Verse would be Background info, then you can really start with "A Source With No Name"

The first verse sounds a lot like Iraq anyway. Maybe the unnamed sources should be discussing blue dresses and firing cruise missiles to distract from impeachment hearings and such.
I see so you 'Officially' changed the rules? I was hoping to get to the chorus anyways... [Cough]...[cough], here we go:

"We've been through 6 years with a President with no Brain.
It seemed like a good Idea at first.
But as a President it's nice to at least know your name.
'Cause everyone expects you to be able to say more than, la la la la la..."

Of course this has nothing to do with the intent of the post, but I thought it would give it a certain liberal je ne sais quoi, in between the rest of the song, which I thought RW, Dust, OO, and "Alliteration BD" would create. :)
I thought Dust might have been her rock & roll name.

we keep reading stories from a source with no name

the reporter was truly insane

in the newsroom, you don't take any blame

cause your agenda is your only game

la la, la, lalal lala la...

So what are we supposed to do? Rewrite the whole song or pile on?

I'll wait for a response before giving it a go.
OO- Originally we were going line by line, but RW decided just the Chorus. So basically.....It's do what ever you want.
RW- Mine was better. ;)
Is THIS why my Furious Five is getting so few comments this time? ;)

No way!!! Try singing your first line, it's impossible to get the flow going with your version.
RW- Well....Yours has to many "la la"s

So now I can't even use my blog???

The FF is so slow because of the way it started hiding comments and then you added the great B vs. V challenge.

Buy Danish and I are trying to keep it going...sheesh...

My lala's fit the pattern of that masterpiece of post modern rock, as done in the live version.
Nicole- I think the Beaver really put a cramp into your Furious 5
RW- You have a "lalal" in there. I thought it might be a Yiddish spin off.

You could just add a few verses in the same context if you would like.
That's OK, davi u du,

I forgive you. But only if you start screaming for the Braves. They need all the help they can get. I only feel like singing The Braves Blues...ooooooooo...
Am I blue??ooo

Ok,RW, wrong song. I'm just not political tonight. Also full of birthday dinner.

Isn't yours tomorrow??Happy Birthday to RW...Happy Birthday to you ...Happy birthday, RW.....Happy birthday to you....oooooo

Oh RW, you are so musically poetical!!! Did I get that out right? You go with the flow...ho ho!!

You could risk a long prison sentence and listen to them stringing there la la's close together. Granted they shouldn't be completely together as in lala, but la la puts them too far apart.

Got any half space entities?

I somehow knew that rewriting someone else's work would be beneath you. We'll take a Dust(y) instant classic whenever you choose to provide it.

The birthday is next Friday. My grandfather was going to give my Mother a thousand bucks if I was born on the 4th of July, but waiting was never my strong suit.
Here is an update to my scoop.
Good job LA Times.


Why didn't you go with a balanced report like that to begin with?

I've said this to you on at least two different blogs before, but I'll do it again.

If you are ever going to end a war, a time will come when someone that was your enemy will have to become your friend.
Verse to follow RWs 9:09:58?

"They’ve gone after Bushies with a rage that’s ingrained

‘Cause they’re lazy and crazy and looking for fame

In the AJC you can lie without shame

‘cause there ain’t no one for to say that you’re lame

La la la..."




Glad I'm not to blame.
As a former democrat, I, offer this:

Well I've been through the test, on a Jackass at rest...

The dumb animal, he wouldn't budge...

He cost a fortune to feed and was
wobbly kneed...

And all he could do was make fudge?

Poo poo poo poopoo poo poo
Poo poo poo poo

I think we may have a winner @ 7:06. This should even please DavidU since the Democrats are represented and it contains no lala strings.

DavidU may be in hiding today though after being humiliated by yours truly in first round World Cup predictions. Then again he thinks Atlanta is in Florida so he may be just happy-go-lucky enough to let it slide.
"Well I've plowed thru the websites on my no-brand PC,

And read newspapers 'til I 'bout died.

There's no logic or facts in these screeds that I see,

Just the bleatings of minds that are fried."

Okay, that's not very good. It's meant to be a swipe at know it alls of every stripe. Yeah, that includes me. I love my soapbox.

I could make it partisan! Change the last line to...

"They're all (moonbats/wingnuts) with minds that are fried"

But I'm really lousy at rhymes and rhythm. As if you couldn't tell.

And what can you do with a song that (save for the la la part) has only three notes, and includes possibly the worst lyric ever written?

"For there ain't no one for to give you no pain"

You have to work really hard to come up with a line that bad!!
Here is an update to getalife's scoop:

Insurgents say no to Iraqi peace plan

Note the source of this update.

Bottom line is who knows and cross your fingers.
RW- You got the first round World Cup Picks, I got the Belmont Pick. I think there's case of mistaken Sports identity going on.
"they can't accept the plan because they don't recognize the current Iraqi government."

Duh! That's why they are insurgents. I still say the plan is stupid.

Some would say the source of your story is UPI. When President Bush offers a plan and some Democrats, or Republicans for that matter, say it doesn't meet their every concern, does that mean the United Stated is bogged down in a hopeless Civil War?

What amuses me is that the DNC party line seems to be outrage that someone that once targeted Americans in a war may become part of the official Iraqi peace process.

These are the same Democrats that said the entire Iraqi Army should have been kept intact.

Ah I love the smell of political opportunism in the morning.

That 11:23, at least the first part of it, has a certain understated brilliance to it.
errrr......and by first part I mean the non-italicized first sentence.
Reference "Getalife has a scoop". Word play on my entry, allowing compromise la la la.

"A-la poo poo poopoo poo poo A-la
poo poo poo"

Think poo a-la mode, and notice the difference in quantity. Dems offer ice cream to cover up the poo. But there's lots of poo under there.

Let DavidU apply the liberal version using the same words "a-la poo and we're off with dems vs. cons.
Unrelated: I'd just like to thank all of you for making such spirited and hearty contributions to the latest "Furious Five" despite the issues with the dumb moderation folder. RAWKUS!

You're welcome and I feel certain it was everyone that participated's pleasure. You may have noticed that the people here are pretty independent.

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