Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day 2006

i love the flag.

thanks for the help
Flag Day....
Thank you ,RW, for reminding us. Nice picture. Great flag. Now I feel all patriotic. Maybe I should write a poem!!

Well, nevermind, I won't subject you to that. davidu had a nice video.

So,,,Happy Flag Day..long may it wave,,,,Yes Yes
O!Say can you see/ By the dawn's holy light/ what so proudly we hailed/ as the twilight's last gleaming/ whose broad stripes and bright stars/ through the perilous fight/ o'er the ramparts we watched/ were so gallantly streaming?/ And the rocket's red glare/ the bombs bursting in air/ gave proof through the night/ that our flag was still there./ O! Say, does that star spangled banner yet wave/ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Happy Flag Day everybody!!!!!

You're welcome! Why anyone would want to burn that in anger is beyond me.

DavidU Nice news clip! Maybe if they put that on Algore TV it would be more successful.

Dusty I happen to love your poems.

El Patro For some reason after I got up and sang your post I started looking around for a beer vendor.
A person who the appreciates their individualism, freedoms, liberties and the opportunities afforded them, cannot help but marvel at what the flag symbolizes, other than 50 states coming from thirteen colonies of course.

American flags and slaw dogs for all.
Damn this laptop and my fat lazy thumb, that first "the" is suppoed preceed "opportunities". No slaw for me I guess, just a naked dog, shux.

After years of practice I've found that laying off the slaw doesn't help my typing one bit. So I'll take mine with the works! ...and a fried peach pie.
hey y'all.

davidu: i'm glad somebody recognized my movie clip. btw, i love the boondocks.

rw: why didn't that dude have on any clothes in the tub? that's not fair.

maybe i should take you up on your offer to set up a dd room on your site. i don't have enough time to post my own blog - i travel a lot and there's few computer ports to be had. we could be "point/counterpoint." oh, hell, i don't want to talk politics on the internet. maybe i could run an advice column!
Double D,

Here's a start. We'll have to pimp it a little to get some questions going and then I'll figure out how to set up for you to post.
Devil doll,

You have your first customer. MGC said the same thing about that hot tub picture, it seems to be that everyone wants the babe to lose the suit. I guess I'll have to work on that.
rw, i love it!!!

maybe andy will post a question. or maybe that ricky.

Ricky has been around a lot lately so I'll try to let him know the service is available.

Glad you like it. I love the picture!
devil doll,
That is a nice picture.

What kind of advice can I find there?
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