Thursday, June 08, 2006

Great Job!

Did they really have to frame it?

Sorry, it's just the frame made me laugh (Plus why?), and made people look at me weird and suspiciously think I am not doing work (How dare they!)

It's probably just that liberal media photoshopping a frame on it.

I bet by this afternoon this picture will be floating around with President Bush's face on it.
David U,

Good catch. I see that they chose to use the "after the mortician applied the makeup photo" to match the gold frame.
I'm in agreement with DavidU. This is the first time I've ever seen a photo of a corpse in a gilded frame.
At least the makeup job is better than the reconstruction job they had to do on Uday and Quasy.

Maybe this was a frame out of one of Saddam's palaces. My nephew was one of the early visitors after the war and before we caught Saddam. He said the palaces he got to see were filled with tacky crap.
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