Thursday, June 29, 2006

If you don't read Ann Coulter and only rely on.......

.....the antique media or what's left of Air America, you might not realize how much tougher she is on Republicans than Democrats. I understand her point, we expect Republicans to be competent strong leaders and we don't really expect anything but second guessing and hindsight from Democrats. That's why when Republicans shy away from something because the press may not like it Ann comes along to blister them. For some reason that's never "hate speech".

Thanks to The New York Times, the easiest job in the world right now is: "Head of Counterintelligence -- Al-Qaida." You just have to read The New York Times over morning coffee, and you're done by 10 a.m.

The greatest threat to the war on terrorism isn't the Islamic insurgency -- our military can handle the savages. It's traitorous liberals trying to lose the war at home. And the greatest threat at home isn't traitorous liberals -- it's patriotic Americans, also known as "Republicans," tut-tutting the quaint idea that we should take treason seriously.

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