Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jazil with a little help from DavidU

If you blow up the picture you will see that DavidU has broken past the mounted security detail and is distracting Bluegrass Cat.

I take full credit for the Win, Jazil barely did anything.

Regarding the trespassing and tampering with Bluegrass Cat....I take the 5th when it comes that!

Actually I'll take the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...ah heck I'll take all 27, even the "Limits congressional pay raises". You never know when that one will come in handy.
at least the drink was good. and yes rw, you should read your own blog... i did pick - losers!
Well davidu,

That just wasn't nice. Pushing Jazil that way. Stepenwolfer was only about ten horses behind but clearly a winner. Sniff. How could you do such a dastardly deed? Have you no conscience, sir?
Official results


Steppenwolfer finished fourth! If he was behind ten horses he did pretty good even with DavidU obstructing the track.

Unless I'm completely mis-reading something, and that is a definite possibility, you picked two horses that weren't even running. I would ask if you got Dusty to pick for you, but you did manage to pick 3 year old thoroughbreds that conceivably could have raced.
you didn't post a link for me to see who was running (at least i didn't see it) but, i am not the sharpest tool in the shed, just the most handsome and overtaxed, so i may have picked bogus horses. i think i did get advise from dusty, but i changes a couple because she had me putting caligator to place! come on! besides, i picked horses that had won at some point in history!

The link I posted was an MSNBC story that you had to scroll about half way down to see the field. You didn't think I was going to make it easy did you?

I think Caligator would have done just fine for the first couple of furlongs, but I don't think he could have yodeled his way through all twelve.

no - nothing is easy, except my previous girlfriend.

caligator was too tipsy on those Belmont Breeze drinks to even yodel. he was in the running, which was mistakenly not acknowledged, but he was scatched at the final minute due to intoxication.

Caligator wuz robbed!

They aren't supposed to check for banned substances until after the race.

I think I'll go sleep off my Belmont Breezes too. All that Vitamin C makes you sleepy.
sleep well.

btw, congrats to davidu! good job.
Oh OH, I am a social outcast. I posted on the other Belmont commentary and was totally rejected. I know how caligator feels!!

Haven't felt this bad since I was not picked for the fuzzy-ball team. After counseling I remained in kindergarten. Still hurts though.

I don't see any evidence that you have rejected and given social outcast status. I think you just want an excuse to hang out with Caligator.

I won't even ask what a "fuzzy-ball" team is. Sounds like a sorority secret anyway.

When the blogging system told me that I had expired--well--I felt a little bad about it. Pinched myself and --zap--they were wrong.

Caligator has been so sympathetic about this. He has been yodeling "You aint nuthin but a hound dog" in a minor key.

Now if we could just get mgc to stop complainin'.

That is a nasty little trick blogger/blogspot uses. They are constantly telling me I have expired and I refuse to listen to them.

So yea, what's up with mgc always moaning and complaining?

Don't tell but I think mgc bet a bundle on caligator in the Belmont. All that money going a- go-go does not bring joy in the morning.

I shall help mgc choose next year. Got my eye on a horse with four good legs. He is black and a beauty.

That would explain it. Losing all that money that could have been given to Californee revenuers would be depressing. I THINK WE SHOULD TALK A LITTLE LOUDER IF WE WANT TO WAKE HIM UP OUT THERE ON THE LEFT COAST
OH no RW,

I shall tiptoe gently into the sunlight. Wouldn't wake mgc for the world. No telling what time it is in California. They can't keep their clocks straight out there.

Duty calls. I leave you with your intense studies of the Iranian flag and the err robust athletes. Hasta la vista!!(Is that Iranian?)
I think it's Iranian for "Dusty is anonymous", if Cali or DavidU is involved I guess later Gator would work too.
Yep, did it AGAIN. I am slinking away in disgrace. Maybe I have expired!! Only blogspot knows.
Dusty, just fall to peer presure and come into the BLUE don't fight it (You don't have to make a blog)
good morning, or should i say good afternooner.

i slept in this morning and it was awesome! my wife came home at 7:20am, i rolled over kissed her hello said hi honey and rolled back over and went back to sleep. life is good on the left coast.

oh the sun shine is warm and the air is...

i can't do it! i am just not happy if i'm not complaining about something a lib did to screw me today. if this state elects a dem in nov, he wants to raise taxes by 10 billion! we are already over taxed!.... i feel so much better now.

Quit your griping! I love sleeping in on the Left Coast especially during football season. There is something extra special about that first cup of coffee coming right at kickoff.
I neglected to mention that while I failed to pick Jazil, 2 of my 3 horses came in. Next time I think I'll just pick 3 to "show".
Buy Danish,

We have five weeks less than a year to figure it out, but it might be interesting to place a mythical $2.00 bet on each pick and have the winner be the one that makes the biggest profit (or has the smallest loss).

The win pick would be $6.00 so that you have a win/place/show ticket. Place pick $4.00 and show $2.00. Since DavidU would collect on all three payouts he would probably still win unless someone picked a big longshot that showed.
i love football season! i am a panther fan. you a falcon fan? i don't do coffee, but to crack a monster at kickoff is wonderful!
crack a monster eh? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

I know, I know it's one of those "make your skin crawl" niacin drinks.

I do like the Falcons, but you can't get a jersey with our quarterback, Ron Mexico's name on it.
Falcons! {Pumps fist in the air}

That's all I got.
"ron mexico"??? i have been under a rock for some time i guess.

ok whatever! ;-)

He'll probably be happy to hear that a football fan hasn't heard his other name.

Remind me of your strategy when we get up to race time next year.

This is all far too complicate for me to absorb, particularly after a hot day in the sun. Or was it a day in the hot sun?

I'll let you all guess.
Buy Danish,

I mowed today, I'll go with day in the hot sun with hopes for a hot day in the sun another time.
Having completed influencing the Belmont Stakes DavidU decides on a hairstyle for the World Cup.

We could almost start a new "Where in the world is DavidU" blog.
RW- What can I say...the ladies like it, and what the ladies like; I do.

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