Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lovely and delusional Rita Royals has a message for us

Talk about something we could reword into making some sense, but I would hate for someone to get the wrong impression that a Democrat operative actually came up with a sensible plan for America. I have decided instead to bring Rita's letter to life through the magic of illustration. Who knew Deaniacs could write?

Dear Rick,

I was so excited when Chairman Dean asked me to write to you about the real success that we have had in Mississippi because of the 50-state strategy. I know that the plan is working because I've seen the success first-hand.

I joined the Mississippi Democratic Party as a field organizer because I am concerned about our future. I just don't see the Republicans taking any real action on issues people in every state face, like access to affordable health care, education and jobs.

Our state has the highest unemployment rate in the country and no minimum wage requirements for the few jobs that people do have. Federal minimum wage legislation affects us as much in Mississippi as it does in any other state - no matter how "red" the state may be.

After Republicans in Washington killed the first minimum wage increase in nearly a decade this week, it's clear that this is a place where people need to hear about our party's values and our party's plans to make the changes that will improve people's lives.

Until now, Mississippi Democrats haven't had the resources to do that. I took this job to be part of the solution.

Before the 50-state strategy, the Mississippi Democratic Party had only one staff member. And though he worked tirelessly, he just wasn't enough. Now, our office has five staff members all dedicated to communicating with and organizing Democrats here. We're finally reaching those people who want to help, and we're expanding our support by getting the word out to everyone else that Democrats are ready to lead.

I've often heard people say, "Democrats can't win in the South." That's plain wrong. We can win in the South, and we are winning in the South. Last year, there were four open seats in the Mississippi Legislature. By organizing on the ground the way Democrats in Mississippi haven't had the resources to do in a generation, we swept all four elections. Now Gov. Barbour has four more Democrats holding appointments in his administration and the same number of Democrats sitting in the legislature.

We could not have done that without the grassroots network that the 50-state strategy has already put in place. Our program recruits and trains the precinct captains who were crucial to those victories, and who will be the core of the victories to come.

When people say, "We can't win in the South," that's pessimism and surrender. And we sure won't win if we give up before we even try. But the South is exactly where we need to be. Shame on us if we don't stand up for those most in need in this part of the country.

The 50-state strategy is the opposite of that pessimistic approach -- and it is giving us the tools and the hope it takes to win.


Rita Royals
Field Organizer
Mississippi Democratic Party

Neither Lovely Rita, nor Crazy Howie explained why I should concentrate my efforts to kicking them out of Mississippi. I'd just as soon they stay there wasting time and $$$.

At least I don't think they did. It's hard to read more than a few of those talking points without nodding off.
"Before the 50-state strategy, the Mississippi Democratic Party had only one staff member".

You're kidding me! And who was that solitary fool, I wonder?

I found this by Googling "Rita Royals":

From The Hotline -

"The organizers themselves are diverse. Rita Royals, a 56-year-old former rape crisis counselor, plies the rural counties in Northern Mississippi. She describes her training as intense - but "wonderful."

She has a blog too, but it hasn't been updated since last winter, so I guess she's really busy.
Buy Danish,

With five people now why the hell can't she post on her blog?

A 56 year old rape crisis counselor in Mississippi, which is right smack dab next to Arkansas???? How many victims of the next state's former Governor do you think she saw?

Why don't you try logging on her nascent blog and asking her that spot-on question?

Maybe I'll try logging in as Jaunita Broderick and see what happens.

Maybe Dusty will volunteer to be Gennifer Flowers and then @@ could be Paula Jones and...who will be Kathleen Willey?
I can be Kathleen Willey, lovely Rita thinks I am a moonbat that pins my hopes and dreams on five freaks roaming the streets of Jackson anyway.

Have you noticed how effusively complimentary she is of Howard Dean?

I wonder how much he's paying her. Prostitute!

That 12:38 was for you. And may I add, "goodnite".
I see you managed to ditch Juanita.

wtf is this lady talking about? did her letter even have a point? i kept hearing that whaa, whaa whaa from peanuts cartoons. i guess mississippi has so much extra katrina funds that they feel they should give it away to some needy welfare recipient. rw, you should give her a call and join her gr-ASS roots recruiting.

chairman dean... sounds so communist!

and lastly, giving people "tools" who do not have the capacity to know how to use them usually ends up with someone losing a digit or two!
Well there you go. If the first incompetent can't get the job done. Hire five more.
Buy Danish:

Paula Jones??? They never listened when I stuck my "big nose" in their (I mean my business) before; why would they listen now?

Thank God for my nose-job.
OO (Paula),

Don't give up hope. Sure "they" never listened, but have you spoken with a real life rape counselor who moonlights as an DNC activist?

Rita will be obligated to show her compassion to you. You're Paula Jones and You Vote!
"When people say, "We can't win in the South," that's pessimism and surrender. And we sure won't win if we give up before we even try. But the South is exactly where we need to be. Shame on us if we don't stand up for those most in need in this part of the country."


Unlike "A Horse With No Name", this is very easy to rewrite. Just replace "The South" with "Iraq" and change the last word, "country" to "world".
Imagine my shock and horror to find that Rita Royals is two timing me (at least)

Scroll down to "Phil from Iowa". Poor Phil is as deluded as Rita.

Maybe if they had 7 people they could take over the world from Mississippi.
Buy Danish,

It looks like Rita kept that blog pretty up to date until 2/22. Either Governor Crazy Howie M.D. has muzzled her except to send out form letters to every state other than MS or Blog Rita has moved.

Should I invite her over?
RW- Where did you get this Ode to "One Person Can Make a Difference In the Political Process"? Also known as OPCMDPP.

I am illustrating Rita's letter with links to give it a little more punch since she is sending it to all corners of the "50 States", check for updates.

Besides it says right in the letter that Crazy Howie asked her to get a hold of me.

I don't know about inviting her over. We should check with Dusty first, who is the hostess with the mostess.

I would like to find out if she has a new blog or if Chairman Hao has muzzled her.

BTW did you notice that one of contributors to the Blog for America site complained that Dean was hiring inept people? I wonder if lovely Rita's feelings are hurt. Maybe you could log in and give her a pep talk.
Buy Danish,

On her blog she seems very proud of running the Mississippi Women for Kerry campaign, yet she seems to have overlooked that accomplishment in her letter to me.

Wasn't Kerry the one that said, "We don't need the South to win"?

That "Blog for America" by "Democracy for America" with links to "B & V for America" etc. is run by a Dean. I didn't see any personal info to check the nepotism angle yet.

I'm going to "Mow for America" if the "Storm for America" passes over and then crack open a "Cold Beer for America"
Speaking of Woman for Kerry

Give him Bookman's job and bingo he's a full fledged slacker.
Sen McConnell is getting his butt kicked by Sen Durbin on this Iraq Amnesty Plan on "This Week".

How do you manage to mow for America AFTER the storm for America passes over?

If your storm is anything like my storm there are rivers flowing over sodded lawns right now. Hey! I should take a picture and send it to ABC News!

Anyway, I may have to crack open an inspirational beer for America just to figure out how you do it.

Does your lawn mower have pontoons? I'm Thinking...thinking...crack...I'll check back later.

Have you ever seen Sen. McConnel and Steve Forbes in the same place at the same time? Durbin was one of the loud mouths that said we never should have disbanded the Iraqi military that had been shooting at us. We'll run his words through the blogoshere and reach 100 times more people than see his spin job on This Week with Snuffaluffagus.

Buy Danish,

Quite often the "Storm for America" doesn't drop any "Rain for America" over here, which is probably because of "Global Warming for America" which means I better fire off my 57th example to "ABC for America".

However as I am typing this the "Deluge for America" has begun so I'm heading to the "Beer Cooler for America" to do my part.
RW- Yeah, But Durbin still took him to task on this subject 20 minutes ago. :)
"If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings," Dick Durbin describing chilly room temperatures at Club Gitmo
Buy Danish:

I don't need to talk to no gawldarn democrat rape counselor to know that somebody has stuck it to me.
Hey hey Paula,

Surely you have been traumatized for life and are reminded of that horrible day everytime you see an ice cream cone or lollipop?

Rita can counsel you so that you can enjoy these earthly delights again without ever again thinking of that preturnaturally putrid preposteroulsy presumptuous pecker from Arkansas.

Woops, wrong blog.

Rita can help you understand that it ain't your doggone trailer trash fault that you hate ice cream cones and become catatonic over the words, "lick it". She will re-educate you to...Blame Bush!
Make that preposterously. But you knew what I meant, right?
Like I said:

RW- Yeah, But Durbin still took him to task on this subject 1 hr 20 minutes ago. :)

And then Lou "No Amnesty" Dobbs went Republican right before my eyes on the round table discussion. See, politics can be very entertaining. You never know who is going to play the role of Crazy.
RW- Was "Democrats can't win in the South." writen by the anti-Andy?

It's hilarious, thanks for the link.

Just like Jimmy Carter and me on the Dubai ports deal.

Don't we want the Iraqis figuring out how to get their country going? You would think all these knee-jerk idiot Democrats would be happy because this gives us a chance to win and come home with honor.

I guess they would rather we lose and become the face of shame in the world so they can say, "See Bush sucks."

That was almost certainly Anti-Andy and I haven't been able to read all of it due to wild fits of laughter.
RW- "See Bush sucks."

Well that is our number one talking point, along with:

"Global Warming, We are all going to Die."

Whether the 2 points have merit, I'll leave to historians and/or revisionist to decide.

I guess you'll get your answer in a few minutes on whether Sosa is going to be the closer. Unless of course the Braves pretend they can actually hit in the 9th.
Ladies, ladies of previous posts,

Control yourselves. Let lil' Jen Flower of the south tell you about the Arkansas traveler. His abilities were---shall we say---greatly exaggerated. That Juanita must have been illusional just like po' Paula. And that "anarexic" Monica couldn't light up a firefly. Ha! Her and her blue dress.

So, excuse me, I have to run over to the Clinton Library and staff the Demo info and hot dog wagon out front. We sell pin-on buttons that say IS? Did you get it? Cute, huh?
Sosa For Mayor! Come on say it with me!


I knew this was going to be a good day. Go Braves go...

Shhh---RW is sending a code message from behind the lines. Just a moment. I will get my Navajo Code Talker. Uh oh. He doesn't do AJC editorials. Smart Indian!

If you elect Sosa Mayor, who's going to close games?

O.K. Danish/DavidU & RW. You have taken OO to the gutter. Dusty, as you are a fine southern lady of delicate upbringing, cover your eyes.

BD: Let's see, I get to choose between "lick it" or "Bush Sucks". I'll tell that fine southern bell, Miss Rita, that I prefer the latter.

And BTW, Monica might not be able to light up a firefly, but the undebateable truth is, she torches a cigar.

All this on a Sunday afternoon after attending church. I'm such a hypocrite. Amen?

I would think you would be something of an expert on the Magnolia State. What are these five Democrats smoking down in Jackson?
what's happening, stud man? sorry i've been gone so long. summer is my especially busy time with work. i'm working in the middle of nowhere and my "assignment" is with a 22 year old guy who keeps looking down my shirt.

how's things? what's up at ml's? any good gossip?

How will Dusty know when to uncover her eyes? Besides lil' Jen Flowers seemed know the ropes.
double d,

With a name like ^ ^ ^ why wouldn't he be checking things out?

ml took a severe beating this week and you have questions begging for answers over at Ask Devil Doll.

Now tell that 22 year old punk that I was your last boyfriend and by God it's staying that way.
I'd just like to point out, that DD is not talking about me! I may or may not do that, but if I did it was not with DD.

Please contact my attorney if there are any questions, regarding this.

There is no choice involved - You've already been through "Lick it" and never have to go through that ordeal again (unless of course you want to).

Rita's job is to cure you of the bad memory of a Disgusting Democrat in a Position of Power doing that to you, and replacing it with an image of a Really Racy Republican, preferably George Bush.

Which should be much more palatable anyway.
hey davidu, no need to call the attorney. you're all right in my book. i bet there's lots of chicks who'd open that package. lol.

rw, if you find your way in hell's hot acre this summer, i hope you kick this dude's ass. i'll tell him i have a hot partner and an internet boyfriend. lol.

actually, he's not that bad. just young and immature. i've been thinking about being a real tease..."yum, frat guys with ut hats really turn me on." hahahaha. the only thing is that it's really f----- hot. so i wear a sports bra. am i supposed to dress in fatigues?
OK..Devil Doll in fatigue pants and a sports bra? No wonder it's so freaking hot there.

Nicole has one of her Furious Fives going on if anyone cares to help Buy Danish and me out. I started calling out DavidU over there already.
RW- I hate alliteration

You could try "and a've always abhorred alliteration" or you could revolt like mgc did and put in any five words you want.

It would be a lot better that way too.
the furious five thing is kind of freaking me out. how about "and absinthe addicts already acknowledge."

speaking of drinking, i think we're going out. i need to get good and hung over to face my gawker tomorrow morning.
Well, as I take off my white gloves and my rose print chiffon, I can tell it is time to change this sensitive POLITICAL subject. Such delicate concerns!!(Oh hush, Jen, Paula & Juanita. DD is too young.)

And, RW, speaking of politics and the ladies at Jackson, they are just back from a mercy trip to New Orleans. They are smoking $100 bills from Katrina Relief to assuage their terrible grief and disfranchisement. They don't live in N O but they FELT it. REAL BAD. Liberals understand. You know. "I feel your pain!"

That would work better over there. Am I running a delivery service now>? I'm sure your gawker will appreciate you being slumped over in pain tomorrow.


I keep forgetting we have the young impressionable ones like DD and DavidU around.

So Rita Royals is bringing baskets of cash back to the home of the 50 State strategy eh? I guess when Nagin wants to buy a school bus or two to replace the ones he used to block floodwaters, he should chat with the five office workers and get out of our pockets.
rw 5:05,

i did not cheat over at nicoles. i followed directions. you east coast people are always blaming the left (coast). besides i like to rock the boat.

i decided i want to vote for rita. i have no idea for what, but i am inspired, so she needs to run for something.

I've been trying to help Rita's letter out with a few bits of expanded information. If you click the link that says "field organizer" you can read another letter and see some of her handiwork.

Not to mention you left coasters are always pretending you didn't see the first set of instructions.
Not only that, but if you go to ml After Dark you will see at 6:14 that I proved I was a closet tree hunger.

Just in case you submitted a question, Devil Doll checked in today.
i did post a question for DD, but i used some name that she could never figure out, something like califonia dreamin... cause there are so many of us cali tree hunger that she would never guess it was me.

besides, us left coasters never follow the rules we break them and then remake them - kind of like plastic surgery for society.

I read double d's answers and it seems she got very philosophical in her response to california dreaming. Now she'll know it was something caligator dreamed up.

Do gators have ears?
i don't think caligator has ears, cause if he did he would hear his own yodeling and stop with the racket already. although, i think he has a 50# tongue! ;-)

We better not tell double d that part.

You're latest add-ons are hilarious. I mean it was hilarious before, but now it is freaking hilarious.

I wish you could get a copy of this to Rita.
Buy Danish,

I'm just trying to be helpful you know!

Maybe I can get it linked at "Whining for America" or something. How did you like Rita's big day out? No Rita Royal pics though.

I'm sure she had the time of her life!

Here'san exciting photo of some Dem party headquarters in Mississippi. Note that they are still voting for Kennedy.

Any guesses as what that stuff is on the table? Party time!
Buy Danish,

Could be mushroom tea I guess. In true leftist fashion the flag is hanging wrong though.

I thought so, but didn't have time to look it up.

My kid won his qualifying tournament. Hooray!

Now could someone lend me a million bucks so I can take him to Pinehurst?
Buy Danish,

Congrats to the kid! Are you planning to buy him a house in Pinehurst with that million bucks?

Maybe if you told FEMA he was a Katrina refugee and his golf profession was in jeopardy they would set you up.

If you haven't seen it, Nicole has the finished product posted.

No house, just need to get him to Pinehurst to compete in the "World Championships", and finance all these other tournaments I can't afford to send him to!

On the last day at Pinehurst the top 10 in his age group get to participate in team match play against the Europeans. Cool huh?

I'll check out Nicole's shortly.

I think it may be more fun to write them than read them.

And Problems? What problems?
Buy Danish,

All my comments and some of some other peoples comments kept disappearing which makes it sort of impossible to write a free form story. Kind of like conversing at ml's with his delay only worse.

I was paired with the Japanese National Champion in a World Championship (Putt-Putt) qualifying tournament one time. Those tournaments took all day and the only thing he could say in English was "Oh shit"

Speaking of golf, here's a great WSJ piece by Daniel Henninger

Didn't you try to teach the Japanese kid to say, "Oh Fuk-uyama?".
Buy Danish,

I think that may well have been his name. We weren't really kids. I played professionally, which doesn't mean for a living of course, for years and at that time I was probably about 20 and he was 40 or so. I don't think he wanted to learn and I don't have any idea how he won over there because he got to use his American saying quite often.

The wacky world of putt putting, huh? Maybe their grass is very different from ours? Like fake Sushi?
hey crabman,

we got rained out today - have you seen the news from the dc area? i spent the day doing reports and such. i'm really homesick, too. i'm staying with friends, but i miss my own bed and things.

i read over my last posts on sunday and i thought i should clarify - i wear a sport's bra underneath a lightweight longsleeve shirt. my standard outfit is khaki cargos, steel toe boots, sport's bra, and long sleeve shirt. i don't want rw to think i'm dressing like a ho up here.

btw rw, that was quite an exchange with washington state a few weeks back. i've never seen you drop the f bomb.

and dusty, why do i have to be the "impressionable" one? i may be a b---- sometimes, but i want to hear the scoop. lol.
Hey Earl, (you realize I'd rather picture you as crabman's wife)

I figured that was more like the outfit, but that doesn't keep me from twisting it for my own self interest. The WashingtonState thing had been coming for awhile. Sorry you had to see that.

DC does look pretty nasty right now. Reporters are all standing in creeks, but at least none have gotten into a canoe into 6 inches of water so far.
great topic, keep up the great posts, MMA
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