Saturday, June 10, 2006

McCarthyism lives-News at Eleven

Why don't they just run the picture of Abramoff way, way, way back in the far reaches of the room and charge President Bush with being a mob hitman.

Kidan and Abramoff had previously insisted, through their attorneys, that they knew nothing about Boulis's killing. Three other men are charged with murder in the case.

Kidan's attorney, Joseph Conway, confirmed that Kidan met with authorities but would not discuss what was said. He noted that Kidan's plea agreement to fraud charges stemming from the SunCruz purchase requires him to cooperate in state and federal investigations.

Abramoff's attorney in Miami, Neal Sonnett, said in an e-mail Friday that he had no comment "other than to repeat what I've said publicly before: that Mr. Abramoff has never had knowledge of any facts related to the Boulis case."

Maybe tomorrow we can pick up a Washington Post and learn that Abramoff claims to have no knowledge of the firebombing of the women and children in Waco. The Post could just put it in their style-book, all stories must contain an avowal or denial from Jack Abramoff.

I know this isn't much of a story, but it's early and I'm going to be out for the day. With any luck the Washington Post won't be demanding I pull the story.
Don't let the pressure get to you!
Guilt by association makes for sizzling copy.

Since the gambling industry has always been replete with shady characters, it makes me wonder why supposedly straight business people get involved in it. Aside from the money, of course.
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