Thursday, June 15, 2006

Need help?

Our very own Devil Doll has agreed to either sooth your soul or slap you silly. I don't think you get to choose which. For example:

devil doll said...
dear mystified,

there's actually a place near warner robbins' air force base that specializes in comedy and "redneck" music. i can't think of the name of the fourlane highway at the moment - but you can't miss it.

i supppose it depends on your "potential" date. personally, i'd prefer the motel bar - nothing like buck teeth and bud light to get you in the mood. the quick trip might be good - but only after the lovin' - some funyons and gatoraid can go a long way. and don't forget to dig deep in the wallet for some newport menthols.


Living in Cali I'm sure you have an advice giver on every corner, but give Double D a chance sometime. You two have the same complaints about hot tub pictures so there is already a connection.
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