Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On the Seventh Day, God Rested and Liberals Schemed

Liberals love to boast that they are not “religious,” which is what one would expect to hear from the state-sanctioned religion. Of course liberalism is a religion. It has its own cosmology, its own miracles, its own beliefs in the supernatural, its own churches, its own high priests, its own saints, its own total worldview, and its own explanation of the existence of the universe. In other words, liberalism contains all the attributes of what is generally known as “religion.”

Under the guise of not favoring religion, liberals favor one cosmology over another and demand total indoctrination into theirs. The state religion of liberalism demands obeisance (to the National Organization for Women), tithing (to teachers’ unions), reverence (for abortion), and formulaic imprecations (“Bush lied, kids died!” “Keep your laws off my body!” “Arms for hostages!”). Everyone is taxed to support indoctrination into the state religion through the public schools, where innocent children are taught a specific belief system, rather than, say, math.

Read the rest of chapter one here and then buy it and read the rest.

I can't believe you didn't go with "Republicans keep Duke's Seat" or "Democrats: Second place is the First LOOSER!"...

Or something like that.

I didn't want to go with something that was so painfully obvious. Isn't that the third high profile race where the Democrats have celebrated their "close" loss? 49.5% to 45% would be called a landslide if the Dem had won.

By tomorrow we should start seeing the stories about how Busby got a raw deal by reporting that she wanted illegal aliens to vote. Papers? You don't need no stinkin' papers!

Then by early next week the fun will begin when Diebold is accused of some nefarious plot and boxes of ballots start showing up in dark corners of Democratic precincts. That's when I'll start covering the story :-)
Actually, the Republican candidate was the best one for the job. His stance on illegal immigration won him that seat because he will fight against amnesty. The Dems will lose on this issue.
That was well thought out and insightful. Who are you and what have you done with Joe?

I'm glad you survived all your 666 parties!
Well the Gay marriage issue bites the dust.
What gay marriage issue? That was just a nonentity lauded by a few and rejected by most in an effort to move on to something important.
Dusty- Well even if it was just a ruse for attention from the 'base' by the President; I still prefer confirmation that the issue is dead.

what kind of confirmation would you like?
Sorry, I did it again. I am still Dusty if you have any doubts.( I have a noncommittable finger.)
Dusty- A Senate vote that was 49-48. That's the type of confirmation I was looking for.

I think that I will go chase butterflies or something. Now repeat after me.......
Dusty- I figured it was you....

Unless there is someone else in here [looking around nervously]

It kind of makes you wonder why there was all the huge fuss about how the Senate was going to be tied up for weeks on this and no other business could be done.

They debated it Monday afternoon and yesterday, voted today and they're done. All those pontificators had better get busy with all that other stuff they said they needed time for now.

You are correct in looking over your shoulder. The great blog error corrector dropped my einstein-inspired question!!! Ah well------IT WAS (now he's nodding OK)

Would that be a squeaker-by or a confirmation?
RW- They have pressing business this afternnon something about Native Hawaiians being equivalent to Native Americans or something.

OH, plus H.R. 8, an act to make the repeal of the estate tax permanent. Which is always a fun debate!
Dusty- I think they lost 3 votes this go around compared to last time they had the same vote. Which of course, means nothing :)
"Although they are Druids, liberals masquerade as rationalists, adopting a sneering tone of scientific sophistication, which is a little like being condescended to by a tarot card reader."


This quote from Ann Coulter sure sounds like the Goldies,JoRos and Thomases of the world, no? I'm leaving out people like "Original Clem" because he is just a garden variety lunatic.


Wow - that was very thoughtfull commentary. I'm curious though - what issues do you think are winners for the Dems?
Dusty- I stand corrected, Actually they gained a vote from the July 2004 vote. Support increased from 48 to 49 in 2 years, while opposition dropped from 50 to 48.
Buy Danish,

I thought this was a colorful paragraph:

Both words are nothing more or less than a general statement of liberal approval, having nothing to do with either science or the Constitution. (Thus, for example, the following sentence makes sense to liberals: President Clinton saved the Constitution by repeatedly ejaculating on a fat Jewish girl in the Oval Office.) The core of the Judeo-Christian tradition says that we are utterly and distinctly apart from other species. We have dominion over the plants and the animals on Earth. God gave it to us, it’s ours—as stated succinctly in the book of Genesis. Liberals would sooner trust the stewardship of the Earth to Shetland ponies and dung beetles. All their pseudoscience supports an alternative religion that says we are an insignificant part of nature.


Since you can get all the Senate debates at work, can't you do the same with World Cup?
RW- I WISH! C-span, I can get from their Web site. The World Cup I'd have to install programs and mess with setting and then get a call from IT telling me that I am compromising the network.And who wants to get that call, since they will say:
"Sure you are watching the world cup...who watches that?...NO PORN AT WORK!"

if davdu is going to stand corrected, I am going to sit down. He is obviously keeping up with congress while I am deciding whether I want ham or salami in my sandwich.

And RW sounds like he is quoting crazy Clem, the lost liberal or did I read wrong?

Maybe Buy Danish can get me on the road to great thought like "Why were native Americans NOT doing the hula-hula when I worked with them?" It is a tough question that will probably arise in Congress. ( I think I will take ham.)

I'm going with chicken fingers. That was just a paragraph from chapter one of Ann Coulter's new book and not a Clem knockoff. What are the odds we would find dueling Clems anywhere, much less at ml's blog?


Maybe if you requested the Spice channel from IT they would chastise you for awhile and then you could agree that you should do something extremely boring to curb your impulses. They would give you the World Cup in a heartbeat then!
"crazy Clem, the lost liberal"


ok, I should begin...I mean get back to work.
Ohhh RW,
That part about the fat Jewish girl was a bit errr flamboyant. I haven't read Coulter's new book. Evidently she is somewhat fiery. She does make libs jump up and down quite a bit (sorry, davidu). That sounds kinda nice when I think of Goldie and a few others.
(Chicken fingers are greasy.)

There are so many colorful passages to choose from!

You have obviously not had my chicken fingers.

Buy Danish,

And these are only from chapter 1. Can you imagine what a tizzy she would have the moonbats in if they gave her the Kitty Kelly treatment and had her on these shows for three day engagements?
Zarqarwi Dead! Yes! Yes! Yes!
[Clap, Clap, Clap]

Speaking of putting libs in a tizzy, did you catch Ann on H&C last night? I tivoed the 2 a.m rerun.

The whole thing was a masterpiece, but I particularly liked it when she said something to the effect of, "Does one have to have experienced the Irish potato famine to be permitted to comment on it?".

I'll remember that the next time Midori and company insist that we must enlist in the military before we dare support the Iraq War.
Buy Danish,

In a fit of extremely poor planning I got rid of Comcast altogether before I got DSL and DTV, so I'm operating on dial-up and rabbit ears for a few days. I feel like a Flintstone relative which, now that you bring it up, gives me carte blanche to comment on stone age societies like most of the Middle East.

Yes! You are qualified! Go for it. Do you know anything about the Druids too?

I got rid of Comcast too, but I kept it going until my Bellsouth DSL was safely working. Which took a month, since I kept losing my signal.

After 8 hour days on the phone with "Tech experts" and numerous visits from techies, they finally figured out that I needed a dedicated line for my DSL because it was being split by phone lines and other stuff to technical for me to understand.

The good news is that I have not had a problem since then, and I'm saving some money by "bundling" my services.

Err, make that "their" services. I don't want to be mistaken for a hooker.
Buy Danish,

I guess it's a good thing I know someone in the phone business. It's a shame you added the last paragraph about whose services were being bundled.

I'm sure you and others would have had a field day had I not caught that.

Sorry to spoil you fun!
I'm a "religious liberal" so what does that do for ya?

You love it when I come around.
Buy Danish,

We could just do what they do at ml's and just quote the parts we like anyway.


Then you should definitely read Ann's book. It's all about the religion of liberalism.
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