Thursday, June 22, 2006

Paging Nicole

Dear Nicole-I don't know what's going on with your site, but nothing I post comes through. Kind of makes it hard to participate in the FF. Please advise. Sincerely RW

***UPDATE*** Nicole has released me from the clutches of her spam folder so that I may contribute to her latest endeavor. Join us! Hopefully she won't get all pissy and ban you too.

Wait, the problem was so extreme that you posted on YOUR blog about it?? Boy do I rank!

I'll get on that ASAP...

Let me know when to try it.
RW has been banned from Nicole's. Get the news over to the Kossacks. It's the kind of stuff they live for. I'm returning with a question after taking a quick look-see.
Okay RW, we haven't figured out WHAT the hell is going on with the spam filter but until we get it figured out I'm just gonna hawk the moderation/spam folder every other second. But keep alerting me when your comments get bumped.

And continue posting Furious Five comments. I'm gonna do my absolute bestest to work them into the story so help me!!!!
And hey, I didn't see any OO entries!!!

Exactly how am I supposed to alert you, since the alert won't post either?????????


I think Nicole is jerking my chain, she's banned me but doesn't want to fess up.

There's no way Nicole would ban the "Adorable Duo", you and DavidU.

I've left you a GREAT QUOTE.

I got your quote. Thanks!
I'm not banning ANYBODY!!!!

And I still get your alerts when I check my spam folder. It just doesn't show up on the site right away.

Yeah, I know it sucks. Sorry. :(

But I'm back now!!! I paid off my account at nicoleMART and was magically allowed out of the penalty box.

If I post and it's in spam and an alert would go to spam, why bother to alert since you would see the post anyway when you looked at the spam? Consider that rhetorical and don't answer, unless there's a good answer like a panic sensing spam box or something.

What's really hard to believe is a double digit comment count on a post called "Paging Nicole".
wow, what went wrong (r)w?
It happened to me too! on the Bush is the Devil Post, My comment did not show up until the next day. On that note:

OO- "Adorable Duo" ???

Is that like a step below Civil Unions or something? LOL, Sorry it reminded me of the Duo from SNL.

Man Law!
Strip Clubs!

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