Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Please run again Mr. Cain

House and Senate Democratic leaders held a press conference on June 16 to announce their bold, new policy initiatives in a plan called New Direction. Their accompanying press statement promises, “Democrats are ready with a New Direction, with policies to address the real challenges Americans face every day.” Their idea of the “real challenges Americans face every day” does not include fighting and winning the global war on terrorism, restructuring the Social Security and Medicare programs, rewriting the income tax code or cutting federal spending, because none of those issues are included in New Direction. Instead, they proposed more obstruction, more pandering and more deception with new rhetoric.

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I will give that a big Whaah Whaah. I will be more than happy to paint SW Atlanta with Herman Cain signs.

I think we talked about this before, but I'll take the Northside while you cover the Southside. Granted that doesn't sound like equal risk, but I am in Cynthia McKinney's district (or will be soon actually).
Yeah we covered it, but damn this country needs a Herman Cain. I would have to learn to deal with him being a Baptist Minister, but I can swing it.

Don't sweat the "risk" you have traffic to contend with.
Hey, what have you guys read or seen about this new WMD's revelation? Has Anything of substance come out about it yet or just talk? Kind of late in the day for a news conference I thought from the PA Senator for a story like this.

Pres Bush did well today over at the EU, he didn't looks or say anything stupid, which is always good. I actually have to give him credit, when he answer questions he sounded, you know smart, was not condescending and did not trying to piss anyone off with his remarks.

You certainly hold the President to a high standard, don't you?

I haven't heard any details about the WMD story, but the left at ml's place is already saying that if anything was found it was planted. There's a shock!
"We need Congress to enact the solutions we already know will work to slow rising energy prices, fix the dysfunctional Social Security and Medicare programs and replace the out-of-date income tax code."

Ok let's do that...Dems don't do that ok let's elect a Republican a minute! We have that now, and you guys don't do it!

I like how he ended thought:

"That doesn’t require a new direction. It requires leadership"

Dean sucks but he's not running the Congress thank God, but Rep have the numbers/votes to do what they talk about and yet, all I hear is Dem have no vision!....BUT we do! But apparently they don't have the balls or the drive to actually DO anything. All They do is Iraq and talk about "1 man and 1 woman" other than that. It's the trusty: Dems don't have a real plan. But do Reps do? Then why are they not implementing it?

As much as you watch the Senate you know darn well the Republicans can't just do it. Believe me I wish they had the balls to do it. For forty years the Dems were in power and the Republicans were treated like yesterdays garbage.

I say steamroll 'em and get 'er done!

In case you hadn't noticed we are in Iraq implementing a plan. It may not be the one some people want, but we aren't contemplating which camel to sacrifice with a cruise missile.
RW- Truthfully if they had "The" Newt as leader Reps would have gotten something done by now, It would have gotten UGLY, but they would have gotten something done for which they were elected for. Dean is a joke but Frist is right behind him as Senate leader, and Boehner is just errelevent it seems.

Frist seems to just want to be President, so he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. I blame it mostly on him. I like some of the idea the Right talks about but, personally I think they have spent too much time battling for or 'discussing' things that are almost impossible to pass (plus they are issues I don't support or really care about) like a Marriage Amendment. And neglect to use the power they have in controlling all level of Gov't. When they focus on a amendment they lose their leverage. Tackle Social Security, Tackle welfare, shit just tackle something HERE! in the US.

"we aren't contemplating which camel to sacrifice with a cruise missile."

I may not agree on going to Iraq, but I do agree on the progress being made there, plus we can't just leave. So yeah Progress is great in Iraq. But I live in the US, and truthfully I don't feel like moving to the desert to see some progress.
I should add that I'm not saying Dem leaders are any better, I think if they actually replaced the leaders of both sides with real live Donkeys and Elephants more would get done.

I agree completely that Frist is a far bigger clown than Dean. Frist is supposed to be doing something, Dean is supposed to just run around and bitch.

I swear I think the Dems somehow were allowed to elect our majority leader, I'm surprised we didn't end up with Lincoln Chafey.
Lincoln Chafee....LOL...You mean the Dem from Rhode Island? I love him! LOL

Dean takes bitching to a new level thought. He just makes it too damn easy for the right.

I keep hearing that Dem have all this money in the "war chest", you would think they'd use some of that money to hire like 5 people, that on days when Dean HAS TO! talk to the media they could first have him tell them what he's going to say and then they could answer with "Damn, who did you sleep with to get this job, that was just stupid!" I think it would really help the Party. 3-5 people to say: "No, that makes the party look retarded, how about you say this instead" or just drug him and say he can't talk because he's sleeping. Just him missing "meet the Press" 2 times a year because he was 'sleeping', would automatically win the Dems 2 districts at the very least...easy!

Regarding your: "I say steamroll 'em and get 'er done!" Truthfully, I'd welcome that.
DavidU said; " I think if they actually replaced the leaders of both sides with real live Donkeys and Elephants more would get done.". Seriously brother that is funny as hell.

However, let's be honest and give republicrats credit for further screwing the taxpayers with their prescription drug entitlement. Also, let us criticize the sore loosers for fillibustering any vestige of liberty in Social Security. The domocrat's only plan is to increase dependence on government, thereby giving it more power over its subjects.

The FiarTax would give the people back so much power and leave politicians semi impotent, just the way I like them... flacid. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to discuss the FairTax, but please feel free to hit me up if you have any thoughts on it.

Can a man be truly free and dependent? Scooter
Scooter- I actually did have a question though I have not finished the book, what can I say the World Cup only comes every 4 years, so it may be answered later in the book.

The book talks about how the Gov't will still collect the same amount of taxes with the Fair Tax as it does now with the current system, and that more money will go to the low income earners from the Gov't (making it so that they don't pay any taxes). How is that possible while still having enough tax revenue to run the day to day of the US gov't?

If this is explained in the book, just tell me "reading is fundamental", so I can look for it.

Here's a bit from Captain's Quarters about the WMD. I may through together a post with everybody's take on this later tonight, but I knew that were parts of the cartoon Ed runs that you would like.
Ever hear the saying "there's no there there"? It applies to this part of my last comment: ...that were parts...
RW- I was told the Cryptkeeper (Hume), and either Blitzer or Dobbs talked about it.

Hope it's true, I'm all for info that makes the US look good. Though if it's the stuff that Joint Forces Command talked about from the Gulf War then, no wonder no one is talking about it.
DavidU, in my opinion the book misrepresents that an individual will recieve their entire gross pay and prices will be reduced to pre tax levels. That part bothered me too, as it seemed to not give the government any money. The savings cannot go to both causes. It would more likely be we get our net pay and prices stay the same, or we get our gross pay but prices increse a little less than the tax rate. I believe Dr. Jorgenson has clarified that point if you want to google it. Perhaps that will help you see the revenue neutral aspect.

In addition, you must take into account the fact that the tax base will be drastically increased, because every retail purchaser contributes to the country's tax revenue.

Hopefully that helps, if not hit me back. I'm out for the night but will check back.
Also DavidU, I have not read the book. I have just been critically studying the idea for some six years now.

You mentioned a quote from Matt Stone of South Park fame the other day. I stumbled on this looking up something for Nicole.
RW, don't tell Midori but Wikipedia is a good enough source for this lad. Thanks RW.
Okay, Furious Five is up and running. Get your ass over here.

Hi, RW! :)

Did you read the post above this one? Your site hates me which seems to confirm the note in my profile.
nice -a new name for an old plan that will suck us farther down the shitter than we are. when will the libs stop handing our country over to the "down trodden"?

off the topic. what happened to getalife joe? his site is gone. did he start a new one?

He was gone for a few days, but has started commenting again. He's just a big a smartass as usual so I think he's doing OK.

He has a habit of trashing his blog ans starting over. So I would guess he'll have one back up soon.
My question was gonna be mcg's question which verifies that RW can do two things at once. I'm not fortunate enough to be a multi-tasker.

That reminds me, I need to practice linking and get a avitar.

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